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The Best Pinterest Schedulers to Make Your Job Easier

A Pinterest scheduler is the best way to plan long-term content for your social media content calendar, keep organized, and save time.

Michelle Martin March 22, 2023
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Pinterest users love to shop: 75% of weekly Pinners say they’re “always shopping” and 85% use the social platform to plan new projects. These users can shop your business on Pinterest in ways they can’t anywhere else, including with augmented reality try-ons and visual search, which grew 126% in 2022.

Whether you sell products or services online or in person, there’s something for all types of businesses on Pinterest, from integrated ecommerce catalogs, to ads boasting a 2.3x lower CPC than other social platforms, and sponsored content opportunities.

What’s the secret to Pinterest success? Posting a lot.

You can keep up with the Pinterest algorithm’s demanding — yet rewarding — pace by using a Pinterest scheduler to manage your content calendar. Here’s how to use the best scheduling tools for 2024.

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What is a Pinterest scheduler?

A Pinterest scheduler is a tool that allows you to create Pins in advance and schedule them to automatically go live at a specific time in the future, helping you reach your audience when they’re online and efficiently batch your work.

Using a Pinterest scheduler is the best way to plan and automate your social media content calendar, post consistently, and save time.

You’re probably thinking, “How often should I post on Pinterest?” You’ll find people throwing out all kinds of estimates around the web, but the truth straight from Pinterest is, “Quality and relevance matter more than frequency.” Focus on quality first, even if that’s only a few Pins per week.

The best Pinterest schedulers for 2024


Yep, you can schedule content right from the Pinterest app or website as long as you have a free Business account. You can schedule up to 100 Pins in your queue and plan up to 30 days in advance on mobile and 14 days on the website.

It’s free to use Pinterest’s built-in scheduling but there are drawbacks that may be dealbreakers, depending on your needs:

  • No batch scheduling: You can only schedule one Pin at a time.
  • Can’t schedule other platforms: Obviously, Pinterest’s native scheduling solution is only for Pins. You’ll still need another tool to manage your other social platforms, and jumping between two schedulers can make it difficult to manage a cohesive content calendar.
  • Short-term planning: You can only schedule a maximum of 30 days in advance so it’s hard to visualize larger campaigns, and you’ll need to log in more often.


If your company is on more platforms than just Pinterest, Hootsuite is the best Pinterest scheduler for you. The visual content Planner makes creating, scheduling, and automatic publishing across all your social profiles easy, with a birds-eye view of your entire content calendar in one place. You can also filter it by profile, or save and view draft content and ideas.

Besides offering convenient, all-in-one social media management, using Hootsuite as your Pinterest scheduler also gets you:

  • Built-in media library to easily import Pin graphics or video, or an image editor to create Pins on the fly.
  • Schedule unlimited Pins as far into the future as you want.
  • AI-powered hashtag suggestions to optimize your reach.
  • Team collaboration tools, including approval workflows.
  • Advanced Pinterest performance measurement with Hootsuite Analytics to get the big picture across all your profiles, or dive deep into each platform’s metrics.

Everything you need to do for Pinterest — and all your other channels — is right at your fingertips inside Hootsuite.

Check out more about Pinterest scheduling with Hootsuite:

How to schedule posts on Pinterest

Scheduling Pins in the Pinterest dashboard

On the Pinterest website, click Create at the top, then Create Pin.

create Pin option from drop down menu

Upload your images or video and fill in your Pin’s title, description, link, and alt text. Then click Publish at a later date.

add Pin title, description, alt text and select publish at a later date

Choose a day and time and click Publish. Scheduling with Pinterest is straightforward, but lacks advanced functionality to really help you grow your audience and results.

You can also schedule Pins in the mobile app. Tap the plus sign, then Pin.

select plus sign to schedule Pin on mobile

Choose your Pin image or video, tap Next, and fill out the Pin details. (Don’t forget the ALT text!) Tap the pencil icon next to Schedule date and choose a date and time.

select pencil icon to schedule pin

Tap Next and choose a Board. Your Pin will be scheduled as soon as you tap a Pinterest Board name, so choose wisely.

Scheduling Pins with Hootsuite

After connecting your Pinterest account to Hootsuite, click Create, then Pin.

click create to schedule pins with Hootsuite

Choose which Boards to post to and enter your Pin details.

new pin website and content details on Hootsuite

You can schedule a Pinterest post to multiple Boards at the same time and work even faster by using the free Dropbox integration to quickly import your Pin’s images or video.

use Dropbox integration schedule Pinterest post to multiple boards

Click Schedule for later and choose a day and time. Clicking Schedule does the trick, or for a speedier workflow, click the arrow on the right of the button and choose either Schedule and reuse accounts, or Schedule and duplicate.

Schedule and reuse accounts launches a new Composer window with your Pinterest account already selected, making it quick to continue scheduling Pins. Schedule and duplicate does exactly what it says. Why? So you can repurpose those Pins again by scheduling them for a later date. Don’t be afraid to reuse your Pins.

option to schedule and reuse or duplicate post using Hootsuite

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How to find scheduled Pins on Pinterest

To see your scheduled Pins on the Pinterest website, go to your profile then click the Created tab. Your scheduled pins will appear first, followed by your previously published ones.

Created tab scheduled pins

In the Pinterest app, you’ll see scheduled Pins in your profile tab under the Created section.

But it’s way easier to see all your upcoming scheduled content — Pins and everything else — with Hootsuite. See upcoming posts by week or month, or switch to list view. Additionally, see posts across all your channels at once — my favorite — or filter by specific channels.

Go to Planner to see the default calendar view. You’ll see scheduled Pins alongside all your other content, making it easy to identify any gaps in your content calendar or shuffle things around as needed.

Hootsuite Planner content calendar

Use the filters at the top to change from week to month, or view by post status or profile.

Hootsuite calendar filter options

Click on Content at the top to see a compact list view of all your scheduled posts and access the bulk import and Dropbox integration features.

content tab with scheduled posts and Dropbox integration

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Pinterest scheduler FAQs

Does Pinterest have a scheduler?

Yes, you can schedule Pins in the Pinterest iOS or Android app, or via the Pinterest website, with a Pinterest Business account. However, you can only schedule up to 30 days in advance and pin to one Board at a time.

Is there a free Pinterest scheduler?

Yes, you can schedule Pins for free on the Pinterest website or in the Pinterest app. While affordable, this method means you still need another social media scheduling tool for your other social profiles.

Can you use Hootsuite for Pinterest?

Abso-hoot-ly, Hootsuite can manage all your Pinterest planning and scheduling — and all your other social media, too. You’ll save a ton of time having all your social media content, ads, analytics, and more in one place.

How often should I post on Pinterest?

Answers online to how often you should post on Pinterest range anywhere from 25 Pins per day to only a few Pins per week. The truth is you should post as much great content as you can.

Don’t be afraid to set your content calendar goals small at first with just a few Pins, and work up from there. Scheduling Pins in advance will keep you on track, no matter what frequency you’re aiming for.

Save time managing your Pinterest presence using Hootsuite. From a single dashboard, you can compose, schedule, and publish Pins, create new boards, Pin to multiple boards at once, and run all your other social media profiles. Try it free today.

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