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Real Estate Social Media Automation: Top 7 Tools for 2023

Social media management can be a total time-suck. That’s where real estate social media automation comes in.

Colleen Christison June 27, 2023
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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could wave a magic wand and have your social media marketing done for you? You can! Well, kind of. Realtors just need to invest in real estate social media automation to make it happen.

Granted, you have to do a tiny bit of work, but we can help. In this blog, we’ll cover the benefits of social media automation for real estate agents. We’ll also explore the seven best tools to help you automate your social media marketing.

Bonus: Get a free social media strategy template designed specifically for real estate agents, brokers, and marketers. Use it to easily plan your own strategy, track results, and keep your team in the loop.

Benefits of ​social media automation for real estate

Let’s face it: social media management can be a time-suck. That’s where real estate social media automation comes in.

Here are the top reasons why social media automation is great for real estate.

Save time creating posts and responding to messages or comments

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit. When you’re a busy realtor, every minute counts. By automating your social media, you can free up precious hours to focus on what you do best.

Improve your strategy with better data collection

Do you know which platforms drive the most business for you? Which post types does your audience like best? Do you get more engagement on Sunday mornings or Wednesday afternoons?

If you’re not using an automation tool that helps you gather analytics, you can still find the answers to these questions. The process is just a lot more tedious.

When you automate the manual parts of social media marketing, you can gather data and improve your strategy faster.

Increase engagement and brand awareness

Wouldn’t it be great if you could respond to DMs from prospective clients without even having to check your phone? What if you could post about a hot new listing while running an open house?

Automation tools allow you to have a consistent and professional online presence without constantly being glued to your phone or computer.

So go ahead, set up those auto-replies and scheduled posts, and take a well-deserved break. Your followers (and your sanity) will thank you.

7 top automated social media tools for real estate agents

Staying on top of your real estate game means saving time and effort where possible, so you can reallocate your focus on other critical matters. To do so, you need automated social media marketing for real estate.

You’re running your own business, so you need all the tips and tricks small businesses use to thrive. And, of course, tools to help you succeed. Here are 7 of the top social media tools for real estate agents.

1. Hootsuite

Sure, we’re a little biased, but if you want to automate your social media, we really believe the best thing you can do is get Hootsuite.

Here are a few ways Hootsuite can help you with social media automation.

Create and schedule content

Hootsuite’s Publisher tool can take a lot of work off your shoulders. You can pre-schedule posts to go live when your audience is most likely to engage and can bulk schedule up to 350 posts at a time.

Hootsuite Visual Planner

Source: Hootsuite

The publishing tool uses AI learning to suggest relevant hashtags and the Best Time to Publish for your unique audience.

Want to save time while repurposing content? You can edit a single post to work on multiple social media accounts and platforms. This allows you to rinse and repeat your content without looking spammy.

And if you’re done with writing social media captions, OwlyWriter AI is your new best friend.

It writes captions for any platform, generates great real estate post ideas, and can even help you re-work your best content. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use. Just insert a prompt, choose your voice, and hit generate.

Analyze your results

We can safely assume all realtors (yourself included) don’t love spending time and effort pulling data from each of your social platforms to analyze.

Hootsuite Analytics pulls your social data, analyzes it, and presents you with custom reports. It’s top-tier data automation.

You can use these custom, automated reports to guide your social media strategy. See what’s working for you and what’s just a waste of your time with the click of a button.

Hootsuite Analytics mixed overview

Source: Hootsuite Analytics

Psst: Check out our full list of general Social Media Marketing tools, too.

Auto-respond to DMs

Hootsuite Inbox allows you to manage conversations on your various social pages. You can create automated message responses to commonly asked questions. And you’ll be able to see everything in one place, allowing you to spot trends without switching between apps.

If you’re part of a larger team or brokerage, you can even assign incoming messages to different departments.

Hootsuite Inbox unassigned messages

Source: Hootsuite

Improve your social listening

Want to use social listening to improve your strategy? Hootsuite Insights powered by Brandwatch is your ticket to automating competitor research and keeping an eye on your own brand’s sentiment.

You can set up alerts for your name or business name and immediately jump into important conversations — even if no one has tagged your account.

You can also keep an eye on what your competitors are up to and get ahead of any trends.

Plus, Insights helps you track industry news and see what your audience is engaging in. This will allow you to create content your audience is already interested in.

Create and analyze paid campaigns

If you’re advertising on social (and you really should be), you need a dashboard showing all your results in one place.

Hootsuite Social Advertising can present your paid and organic advertising results in one place from all of your social channels. You’ll be able to plan and publish ads directly from your dashboard. You can also automatically pull all your analytical insights into one place.

2. Airtable Automation

Do you love Airtable? Us, too. Its capabilities are off the charts, so no shade if it’s your favorite social media calendar.

But guess what? You can absolutely combine it with your favorite social media tool (Hootsuite) for more automation capabilities.

With Airtable Automations, you can schedule content through Hootsuite to be posted directly from your Airtable base. You can also use the tool to schedule messages to send as soon as specified conditions are met.

Airtable automation content marketing pipeline

Source: Airtable for Hootsuite

3. Facebook Business Suite and Creator Studio

Automatic Facebook posts for realtors can be a big time-saver. While you can schedule and edit content for your Facebook Page (and for Instagram posts and Stories, too) within Facebook Business Suite, it does have some limitations.

The tool’s editing capabilities are pretty basic, but the scheduling software works for lower-volume accounts.

4. Peech

Peech can help you to automate your video editing. This tool is especially helpful for realtors doing walk-through videos — adding a watermark or talking head segment is super easy. Peech can also automatically transcribe and repurpose your video content so you can use it in other areas of your marketing, like blogs or for social captions.

For larger real estate businesses that create content with their teams, you can automate title cards for your team members, giving your videos a polished look.

Peech content and visual editor for videos

Source: Peech

5. Grammarly

There’s nothing more embarrassing than finding a glaring typo in your caption after you post.

Use Grammarly to automate your spelling and grammar checks. The pro account can tell you whether or not your tone is right and if you’re misusing passive voice. Plus, it automates suggestions on how to shorten your writing, not repeat yourself, and generally write for an audience.

Grammarly can integrate into your existing software, like your email, Google Docs, and Hootsuite.

Grammarly real estate social media automation paragraph

Source: Grammarly

6. Pictory

Successful realtors know it’s (almost) all about marketing. You need to be able to find new, quality prospects on social media to keep your sales funnel full. To do that, you have to create, post, and engage regularly.

Pictory helps you automate your branded video creations, taking the pressure off of producing video assets.

With Pictory, you can copy and paste your text into the tool, and AI will automatically generate a custom video for you. If you’re the kind of real estate agent who creates thought-leadership-style blogs, you can easily convert these into video assets. It’s also great for agents focused on building personal brand assets.

Plus, Pictory integrates with Hootsuite! You can easily schedule your videos for publication within your dashboard.

Source: Pictory

7. Coffee & Contracts

Coffee & Contracts is another brand offering real estate social media posts designed on Canva. This service is better than your average Canva-template-business due to its realtor-specific community and wide breadth of pre-created assets.

They offer a Facebook group, plenty of guides for new realtors, and pre-made monthly social media content calendars. Coffee & Contracts also provides a wide range of templated digital assets, like email marketing, blogs, and other printable materials.

Coffee & Contracts realtor-specific Canva templates

Source: Coffee & Contracts

Just a note on limitations: Pre-made monthly content calendars can be a little tricky since you risk posting the same thing as your competitors or following a strategy that isn’t tailored to your goals and audience. Custom posts and strategies will always be your best bet. But, for an easy-to-customize pre-made post template, Coffee & Contracts can offer automated content creation to busy realtors.

Real estate automation DOs and DONTs

As with any tool, there are dos and don’ts when using automation for real estate. Here are some best practices to keep in mind as you automate your social media.

Do maintain authenticity

Automating your social media can be a big help. But your followers will notice if you let the robots take over your account.

Maintain a personal, authentic tone in your social media posts. Avoid sounding robotic or spamming followers with excessive content.

Don’t rely entirely on automation

Automation should complement, not replace, your personal touch on social media. Take the time to engage with others, respond to comments and questions, and add a human vibe to your online presence.

Shauna Gold Instagram page

Source: Shauna Gold on Instagram

Do invest time in planning

Take the time to plan out your posts ahead of time, using metrics to guide your decision-making.

This can help ensure you post content that resonates with your audience and achieves your desired engagement.

You can use AI tools to help you plan, but don’t let them do the entire planning themselves. They’re smart, but you still know your audience and business better.

Don’t use bots

While some companies may offer “bot” services that automate likes and comments, these can damage your reputation and risk being flagged as spam. We’ve tried to buy followers before (several times, in fact), and the experiments always flop.

Stick to legitimate automation tools that don’t violate the social networks’ terms of services.

Do schedule posts

Pre-scheduling your social media calendar makes for stress-free publishing. We love Hootsuite for this, for obvious reasons.

Maybe you already use a third-party app like Airtable to organize your calendar. No problem! Hootsuite can integrate with it so you can publish your posts directly from your Airtable calendar.

Hootsuite social media publishing tool — Calendar overview of scheduled content

Source: Hootsuite

Don’t ignore the numbers

Posting on a regular schedule is great, but if you want to take your social media marketing to the next level, you need to understand the impact of your posts.

Don’t just post content blindly. Use SMART goals and social media metrics to guide your content strategy and review your results regularly.

Do keep tabs on your competitors (and the industry)

You don’t want to copy your competitors, but you do want to keep an eye on what they’re up to.

Stay on top of the conversation by automating your competitive research. Set up alerts for relevant news to see what’s good in the world of real estate social media.

You don’t want to miss out on trending news or the opportunity to weigh in on relevant issues.

Don’t trust automation software for critical business decisions

While automation software can be helpful in several aspects of your business, you shouldn’t rely on it to make important business decisions.

Automation has come a long way, but not quite far enough to replace a human’s strategic mind.

The data you get from automation software should be used as a reference point, but not as the only requirement for decision-making.

Do understand your target audience before automating communication

Your tool will only be as smart as the person using it (that’s you). An excellent automation tool caters to its user’s demands, but those demands should be backed by data and insights.

That means you need to start with an understanding of who your audience is on social media.

Understanding your target audience will help you customize your automations to improve relevancy and effectiveness.

Looking for an automated social media tool for real estate? Hootsuite has you covered with all the content scheduling, publishing, and analytics tools you need. Reach more people, attract high-value leads, and protect your brand from negative reviews — all in one place.

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