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From Good To Great: Resources To Help You Become A Better Social Media Strategist

Social media strategy is no longer solely made up of concerns about getting a certain number of followers on your company’s account. It has entered the marketing ring to rival with the giants like email and content, thus creating the need for someone who can see how social media fits into the bigger picture. This change prompted the emergence of the role of an executive-level social media strategist, someone who can both promote brand awareness and monetize the company’s social media efforts. We’ve seen the change firsthand, from the new demands and challenges placed on people who are in charge of company’s social media. To reflect these changes, we’ve been busy developing new resources to anticipate the future requirements for a social media strategist. To save you the time browsing for each post individually, we’ve collected them all here.

Here are helpful resources for social media strategists

The challenge: “Very few people in my organization are social media savvy”

The solution: Create training sessions to scale smart social media use across all levels of the company.
How we can help: While social media used to be a bonus skill on a resume, now a basic grasp of social networks is mandatory for most positions. You, as a social media strategist, should no longer spend your time monitoring each employee’s social media presence. Instead, work to create a unified social media strategy that ensures a consistent skill level in all your colleagues. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we got your back.

The challenge: “There is no cohesive way to evaluate my company’s social media presence”

The solution: Familiarize yourself with analytics tools and generate regular reports
How we can help: Data and spreadsheets can be daunting, but there is no need to generate any social media reports manually, with so many tools available online to do it for you. Major social networks each have an analytics platform: Facebook Insights can give you information about your company’s Page, and Twitter has recently made its Analytics tool available to all users. As a social media strategist, it’s imperative that you familiarize yourself with these tools: they can give you insight into the effectiveness of your social messaging, your audience, and much more.

The challenge: “My company’s leadership is still not convinced social media can generate revenue”

The solution: Prove social media ROI by creating a social media report and show it to the executive team
How we can help: Social media is in the top five digital marketing tactics, which means that your company may actually lose money if they don’t invest enough resources in their social media presence. If your higher-ups are still skeptical about social media ROI, we have several resources that can help make your argument more convincing.

The challenge: “Our content is not getting enough clicks”

The solution: Synchronize your content marketing and social media strategies
How we can help: We recently published a post about the importance of your content marketing, SEO and social media strategies working together to achieve the same purpose—to expand your audience by sharing valuable information in the most efficient way. While the scope of a social media manager’s duties did not extend past the company’s social networks, the future of a social media strategist lies in the ability to collaborate with all content generation channels. If your company has a blog, take a few minutes every day to find out what is happening on the content marketing team’s end, and come up with a plan to tease or promote this content through social channels.

The challenge: “Social media is always evolving, and I can’t keep up with all the changes”

The solution: Set up a library of resources and stay up-to-date with the latest skill development for social media strategists
How we can help: In addition to keeping you informed with our daily blog content, we have a resource dedicated exclusively to social media skill development. Hootsuite’s Higher Education program is constantly updated to address the needs of social media management, whether you are a post-secondary student looking to gain essential digital skills, or a social media professional looking for career development.

The challenge: “I don’t have enough time to track all the conversations on social media”

The solution: Use a social media management tool to monitor your conversations on social media
How we can help: Not to toot our own horn, but, you know…

The future of a social media strategist calls for a more streamlined process. Try Hootsuite for free.

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