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How to Get Verified on Facebook: A Step by Step Guide

Learn how to get verified on Facebook to build credibility and improve your Page’s discoverability.

Greg Sides, Dara Fontein October 27, 2021
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Getting verified on Facebook can be a daunting process, but you don’t have to go into it blind.

These tips on how to verify a Facebook Business Page, personal Page, or profile will help you put your best foot forward when you apply for that blue verification badge.

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What is Facebook verification?

Facebook verification is the process of getting an account or Page verified to show other users that it represents your authentic presence on the platform. A blue checkmark badge appears next to a verified account’s name:

The New Yorker Facebook verified

Source: @newyorker on Facebook

Verifying social media accounts began with Twitter in 2009 as a way to mark genuine accounts of public figures or notable organizations. Facebook followed suit with its own blue verification checkmark in 2013. The practice was then introduced to Instagram in 2014.

Facebook verification is usually voluntary, but some kinds of accounts must be verified. Verification for Pages with large audiences has been required since 2018. Currently, individuals’ profiles also undergo verification when their audience reaches a certain size.

What Facebook verification isn’t

Facebook has simplified its verification process in recent years. You may have heard about gray checkmarks or Facebook Marketplace verification. However, both of these programs have been discontinued.

A verification badge is distinct from other badges available on Facebook, such as top fan badges or seller badges.

Why verify your Facebook Page?

Getting verified on Facebook is a great way to establish brand credibility online. Both large brands and local businesses can be verified on the platform.

The verified badge lets your audience know you’re authentic. It also helps your Facebook Page show up higher in search results. This makes it easier for potential customers to find your business.

How to get verified on Facebook

Getting verified on Facebook is as easy as filling out a single form. But it pays to be prepared before you take that step.

Step 1: Choose what kind of account to verify

You can request verification for a Facebook profile or a Facebook Page.

request verification for a Facebook profile or a Facebook Page

Source: Facebook

As long as you’re logged in when you verify your Facebook account, the form will automatically display the Pages you can submit an application for.

To apply for profile verification, you only need the profile’s URL to get started.

Step 2: Confirm your authenticity

When you apply for verification, you’ll need a piece of identification to prove that you are who you say you are. This makes it impossible for fake accounts and imposters to get verified.

confirm authenticity using proof of identification

Source: Facebook

The accepted forms of identification are:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • National identification card
  • Tax filing
  • Recent utility bill
  • Articles of incorporation

The rules about which specific forms of ID are acceptable vary depending on who issued them. When in doubt, check out the complete list of rules regarding pieces of ID.

Whatever document you use, you will need a digitized version of your proof of identity to attach to the form, e.g. a scan.

Step 3: Confirm your notability

The second part of your profile or Page verification application asks you to show that your account is notable enough for the blue checkmark. Facebook wants to know that there’s a public interest in verifying your account.

confirm notability by selecting category

Source: Facebook

In this section, you’ll provide basic information. This includes the category your account falls under and the country or region where your account is most popular.

There are also several optional fields. Being as complete as possible will help your chances of getting verified.

optional fields including audience and also known as

Source: Facebook

The Audience section is where you tell Facebook what kinds of people follow you, their interests, and why they follow you.

Filling in the Also known as field isn’t always necessary. It helps Facebook see your reach if you or your organization goes by different names. This might be the case if your brand uses different names in different markets.

Finally, you can provide up to five links to articles or social media accounts that demonstrate your notoriety. These links must be independent. Paid or promotional content won’t be considered.

Step 4: Wait

Once Facebook receives your application, they will review your request and either confirm or deny it. This process can take anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days.

6 ways to increase your chances of getting verified on Facebook

When Facebook decides to verify a profile or Page, it looks for four qualities:

  • Authenticity. Does the profile or Page really represent who it says it represents?
  • Uniqueness. Is it the person or organization’s only presence on Facebook?
  • Completeness. Does it provide all the necessary information about the person or organization it represents?
  • Notability. Is the person or organization well known enough that it’s in the public interest to verify them?

In this section, we’ll look at ways to make sure that your account meets all the requirements for a blue checkmark.

1. Keep it professional

The image your Facebook Page presents should match the image your brand presents elsewhere. This helps Facebook recognize the connection between your Page and your business.

Ensure you are only sharing on-brand content to your Page. And don’t forget to remove anything that negatively affects your credibility, such as:

  • Off-brand logos, personal posts, or low-quality images
  • Posts containing incorrect grammar, spelling, capitalization, or other unprofessional-looking copy
  • Anything that doesn’t fit your brand voice

Take a look at your business’ page through the eyes of a potential customer and edit or remove anything that looks less-than-professional.

2. Make sure your company information is up to date

If your information isn’t kept up to date, it won’t matter how professional your Facebook Page looks. Facebook will review and validate your information before they grant you the verification badge, so you need to ensure it’s accurate.

You will need to check that the following is up to date:

  • Your website
  • Email address
  • Description
  • Bio

3. Provide details

The more details you can provide about your business, the better. Make sure you’ve filled out all applicable details in your Page’s About section. These details include:

  • Address or addresses (if you have multiple locations)
  • Phone numbers
  • Your mission statement
  • Your other social channel handles
  • A company overview

4. Link to official properties

The right links are important if you want to get verified on Facebook. For Facebook to approve your verification request, you must have an up-to-date link to your business’ official website. You must also link back to your Facebook Page from your website.

5. Create a Facebook Business Page

If you’re verifying a Page for a business, be sure that you’ve made a Facebook Business Page. The process for verifying a Facebook Business Page is the same as for any other, and making one is free.

Facebook Business Page set up

Source: Facebook

The information you include on your Facebook Business Page will make you appear more authentic, unique, and notable.

6. Cultivate your community

The best way to demonstrate your notoriety on Facebook is to have a large and active community of followers.

There are many ways to increase your Facebook engagement. These can include everything from curating content created by your followers to using Facebook analytics tools to know what your audience responds to.

How to stay verified on Facebook

Receiving verified status on Facebook isn’t like winning a Nobel Prize; it can still be taken away once you have it.

The following tips will help you keep your Facebook verified status.

Respect Community Standards

When you’re verified, it’s important to be familiar with the Facebook Community Standards.

In theory, once you’re verified, you have to follow the same rules as everyone else. In reality, accounts with large followings are often shielded from strict or automated moderation. But the recent exposure of Facebook’s “cross-check” practices means that a large following might not protect you as much as it once did.

Standards about harassment and illegal content are relevant to all Facebook accounts. Others are more applicable to a verified business or brand.

For example, if you’re curating content by other users (and you should be; re-posting user-generated content is a great way to build community engagement), make sure you’re doing so in a way that respects Facebook’s intellectual property and privacy standards.

Use two-factor authentication

Getting verified on Facebook can add value to your brand. Make sure to protect your account with two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication means you have a second way besides the log-in screen to prove who you say you are when you access your account. This second piece of proof can be:

  • A text sent to your phone number
  • A third-party authentication app
  • A physical security key

Having two-factor authentication makes it much harder for anyone else to get access to your verified Facebook account.

Develop and maintain a Facebook marketing strategy

Having a verified presence on Facebook is a recognition of your notoriety. It isn’t a guarantee that you’ll stay that way. Remain relevant on the platform by adopting savvy Facebook marketing practices that help you connect with your audience.

Facebook marketing can include everything from traditional ad buys to the strategic use of boosted posts.

Anything that gives your brand added credibility is worth pursuing. Follow the steps above to get verified on Facebook—and see your business grow.

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