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16 Snapchat Demographics for Marketers to Know in 2024

Use these Snapchat demographics stats to get a better understanding of your audience and build a data-driven marketing strategy.

Stacey McLachlan April 9, 2024
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While we appreciate that every Snapchatter is a unique and precious flower, getting intimately acquainted with the app’s 800 million monthly users is a lot to ask of your average social media manager. That’s where Snapchat demographic statistics come into play.

These handy numbers give us a broader understanding of the chat-and-photo-sharing app’s audience so we can skip the small talk.

Snapchat may not be the most-used app in the world—it’s the 10th most popular social media platform—but more than half of Snappchatters engage with the app each day. That’s a dedicated and passionate clientele (and young… did we mention they’re young?) worth getting to know.

If you’re curious about using Snapchat for business and want to really get to know your audience before you start dropping cash on Snapchat advertising or pushing your creative limits, this list of Snapchat demographics is the perfect place to start.

Time to snap to it.

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Snapchat age demographics

1. Most Snapchat users are between 18 and 24 years old

This is the information you really came here for, isn’t it? To find out how old the average Snapchat user is? Well, congrats. You’ve arrived.

The majority of people using Snapchat fall into the 18-to-24 age range. This demographic makes up 38.5% of the app’s user base.

2. People over 35 are extremely unlikely to use Snapchat

We don’t mean to be ageist. If you’re a Gen X Snapchatter, hey, good for you! Representation matters!

But the cold hard truth is that, according to Statista, people over 35 are “substantially less likely to use Snapchat.”

3. Teenagers account for one-fifth of Snapchat’s audience

A whopping 20% of Snapchat users are between 13 and 17. That’s an awful lot of teens hanging out on one app.

For brands eager to connect with a youth audience, this is a great place to do it. If we can offer a tip, though? Maybe brush up on your Snapchat skills before you embark on a master plan to blend in with your ‘fellow kids.’

4. In the U.S., 2.8 million Snapchat users are younger than 12

Though Snapchat is not specifically intended for users under 13 (it’s not Messenger Kids, after all), millions of them use the app.

In the United States alone, an estimated 2.8 million Snapchatters are between the ages of 0 and 12.

5. By 2025, Snapchat could reach nearly 50 million Gen Z users

Snapchat isn’t the biggest social media network in the world (heyyyy, Facebook), but it does have a huge fan base with Gen Z.

In fact, it’s been the preferred messaging and video-sharing platform of this age group since 2020, outranking even superstar social media platform TikTok.

6. 14% of U.S. teens report using Snapchat “almost constantly”

Like we just said, the kids love their Snap. According to Pew Research, 14% of teenagers in the United States report using Snapchat almost constantly.

In the same report, another 29% of these snappin’ teens say they use the app several times a day. That’s dedication.

7. In the U.S., 65% of adults under 30 use Snapchat

That’s a huge chunk of the population over 18 in one country. Social media marketers who want to reach Gen Z should keep Snapchat in mind, especially if the ever-looming TikTok ban actually goes through in the United States.

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Snapchat gender demographics

8. 49% of Snapchat’s audience identifies as female

The ladies love Snapchat! But, as it turns out, so do the boys. It’s a pretty even split between male and female users on Snapchat, with 49% of the global audience identifying as female and…

9. 49.2% of Snapchat users identify as male

This makes it one of the most gender-balanced social media platforms out there. (X/Twitter for example, skews heavily male, while Pinterest is favored by women.)

Distribution of Snapchat users worldwide January 2024 by gender
Source: Statista

Snapchat income demographics

10. Snapchat users have a range of income levels

Pew Research surveyed U.S. adults about their social media use and found that people of all income levels use Snapchat.

For example, 27% of adults who make $30,000 a year use Snapchat, and 30% of people who earn between $30K and $69K use the app. And of folks bringing home $70K or more, 51% identify as Snapchatters.

That means there’s a pretty even distribution of Snapchat fandom over the socio-economic spectrum.

Who uses each social media platform varies by factors such as age gender and level of formal educationSource: Pew Research

11. 23% of college grads use Snapchat

The distribution of Snapchat use across all levels of education is pretty even. According to Pew Research, 26% of U.S. adults with a high school education or less report using Snapchat.

For those who have done some college, 32% of this group are Snapchat users. Meanwhile, 23% of college graduates say they use Snapchat.

12. Gen Z and Millennials have a combined spending power of $5 trillion

Now that we know the age groups using Snapchat, we can make some good guesses about the kind of spending power these users have.

Snapchat itself reports that the combined demographics of Millennials and Gen Z (power users on the platform) are an audience with a $5 trillion spending potential.

Psst: If you want a piece of that coin, it might be time to get started with Snap ads.

13. Snapchatters are 34% more likely to buy items advertised here than on other platforms

Take this income-adjacent statistic with a grain of salt, as it comes directly from Snapchat HQ.

Still, social media users allegedly are 34% more likely to make a purchase inspired by a Snapchat ad than something they saw on other social media platforms.

We said it before, but we’ll say it again: brush up on those Snapchat advertising skills already!

Snapchat location demographics

14. India is the country with the most Snapchat users

Of course, this statistic constantly fluctuates as new users from all over the world join the platform. Still, as of January 2024, India has more Snapchat users than any other country—200.97 million, to be exact.

15. The U.S. has more than 106 million Snapchat users

According to a January 2024 Statista study, the country with the second-most Snapchat users is the United States, which falls far behind India with only 1068.8 million users.

However, Pakistan, the country with the third-largest audience, has an even smaller Snapchat user base: a measly 30.21 million. (The UK has 23.67 million Snapchat users, and Canada has just 12.25 million.)

Leading countries based on Snapchat audience size January 2024Source: Statista

16. Bahrain has the highest Snapchat penetration rate of any country

Is there any country that loves Snapchat as much as Bahrain? According to the numbers, nope.

Just about 80% of the population in Bahrain uses Snapchat, which makes it the country with the highest penetration rate for the app… at least according to a Statista study in 2022, the most recent study we could find).

Luxembourg is a close second for Snapchat penetration rate, with an audience reach of 76%. Coming up hot on Luxembourg’s tale is Saudi Arabia, with a usage penetration of 74.3%,

After reading all of these Snapchat demographics, we hope you’re confident that you understand the true essence of a Snapchatter. But if you need more info to help you paint an even more beautiful Portrait of a Snapchat user, here are more Snapchat stats that matter to marketers.

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