HootSuite Enterprise Customer Success: Social Media for Financial Services

HootSuite Case StudyHootSuite Enterprise Customer Success is a weekly series featuring case studies from leading global organizations, validated by independent research firm, TechValidate. View all TechValidate research on HootSuite Enterprise in the HootSuite Enterprise Research Library.

How important is social media for financial services? We asked a large bank about their use of HootSuite. Their responses offer a snapshot of how social media is being put to use within large banks and financial institutions, and in particular the value they get from our enterprise social media product.

“HootSuite Enterprise enables us to actively and holistically monitor and respond to customer requests, and deliver a seamless customer experience,” said the survey respondent, who requested to kept anonymous. “It satisfies our compliance and risk needs by providing a secure, audit-able data repository.”

Customer Evidence verified by TechValidate.

HootSuite Enterprise powers the social strategy of Financial Services leaders around the world. Whether you’re a local credit union or a multinational financial services firm, HootSuite Enterprise has the tools, training, and services you need to embrace social media and drive real, measurable results.

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