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185 TikTok Captions That Actually Work

Don’t let writer’s block get you down. We’ve got 185 TikTok caption ideas guaranteed to add a little spice to any video.

Laura Wong December 13, 2022
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Video may be the first thing you focus on when creating content for TikTok, but even the best video isn’t complete without a good caption. What can the best TikTok captions do?

Well, several things. A great caption can educate, entertain, inspire, or compel someone to do something (such as follow you, visit your link in bio, or decide to purchase something from you).

If you’re publishing regularly, it can be hard to come up with new caption ideas for TikTok, so we’ve compiled 185 of the best captions for TikTok to help you get started. Stay until the end for 4 tips to help you choose which TikTok captions to use and when!

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185 TikTok caption ideas

Short TikTok captions

You don’t have to say a lot to go viral or get engagement on TikTok. While it depends on your For You Page, I’d say most TikTok videos have short captions, usually less than a complete sentence. Here are some ideas.

1. Watch till the end!

2. This is not a drill

3. This cannot be real

4. I’m in shock

5. I’m shooketh

6. Not sure how I feel about this

7. Life hack

8. This is your sign

9. The moment you’ve been waiting for

10. When you can’t decide between ____ and _____

11. We’ve been waiting all year for this

12. Look what just dropped

13. I love this trend so much

14. Typical

15. Spill the tea

16. SMH (shaking my head)

17. The assignment was fully understood (or ___ understood the assignment)

18. You need to try this

19. Your wish is our command

20. _______ school is in session

21. Just trying to help

22. Thanks but no thanks

23. Run don’t walk to snatch this up

24. Choose your fighter, ______ edition

25. IYKYK (if you know you know)

26. You asked, we listened

27. We got you, besties

28. It’s serving _________

29. It’s a vibe


31. Take all my money

32. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it


The moment you’ve been waiting for 🐻⛄️🎄 #ACostaChristmas #Christmas #ChristmasCups

♬ True Jackson VP theme – Youalreadyknowbb

Question TikTok captions

Ah, the age-old social media marketing trick: ask a question to encourage comments. It’s a common tactic on TikTok within both in-video titles and captions.

33. Do you agree?

34. How do you think they did?

35. Who else does this?

36. Anyone else or just me?

37. Which one is your fave?

38. How do we feel about this?

39. What do you think?

40. But why?

41. 1, 2, or  3?

42. Which one would you choose?

43. A blessing or a curse?


A blessing or a curse? #lottery #money #finance

♬ original sound – Morning Brew

Funny TikTok captions

“Funny” can mean many different things on TikTok. Sometimes creators pair videos with completely contrasting captions or use hyperbole and exaggeration. Sometimes a rhetorical question will do the trick. Whether your video content is humorous or you want your caption to be clever, these captions should help elicit a “lol.”

44. We march at dawn

45. No apology necessary

46. [year] was absolutely wild

47. What just happened?

48. My whole life was a lie

49. Don’t let corporate find out

50. Don’t talk to me until I’ve had coffee

51. An Oscar-worthy performance

52. Well, what did you expect?

53. Oops 😬

54. I was today years old when I learned this

55. Really exposed me there

56. Happens to the best of us

57. My jaw is on the floor

58. Don’t try this at home

59. Did I stutter?

60. I’m doing great thanks for asking

61. You’re welcome

62. It’s a lifestyle tbh

63. Idk what you’re all so pressed?

64. They don’t know what’s about to hit them

65. I don’t see a problem with this

66. No ______s were harmed in the making of this

67. Like comment and subscribe

68. Don’t hate the player, hate the game

69. Name a better _____, we’ll wait

70. So many regrets

71. Sharing is caring

72. *laughs in corporate*

73. No thank you

74. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better/worse


Just dont let corporate find out 🤫 #coffee #starbucks #starbuckshack #freecoffee #viral

♬ Eraser – LYELL

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Aesthetic captions for TikTok

If you’re posting on behalf of a lifestyle brand, this list is for you. Pair these cool captions for TikTok with glamour shots of your products or service that embody your brand’s aesthetic.

75. Manifesting this

76. Right on time

77. Everything counts

78. Never settle

79. Be fearless

80. Worry less

81. Less is more

82. Icing on the cake

83. Some days are better than others

84. This time, this place

85. At peace

86. Know your worth

87. Don’t go back

88. Only looking forward

89. Escape the ordinary

90. Far off

91. Aim high

92. Stay hungry

93. Over it

94. What dreams are made of

95. It’s the little things

96. Welcome to my life


It’s the little things that make the biggest difference! Happy Earth Day! 🌍♻️💚 #Caudalie #TalkingTree #earthday #sustainablebeauty #sustainability #ecofriendly

♬ cruel summer sped up – bia (taylor’s version)

Travel TikTok captions

Whether you’re a travel brand, an aspiring influencer, or want to show off your latest trip, here’s a list of good captions for TikTok to complement your wanderlust-worthy content.

97. My happy place

98. I manifested this

99. No Frank, just ocean

100. Would you go here?

101. Where should I go next?

102. Nothing but blue skies

103. Is [destination] on your bucket list?

104. [Destination] is what dreams are made of

105. Skies for days

106. On cloud 9

107. Days like these

108. Vitamin Sea

109. Vacation mode

110. Sun, sand, sea

111. [Destination] is a dream

112. Vacation is calling

113. Fit for a fairytale

114. Adding to the bucketlist

115. [Destination] is calling

116. A perfect getaway

117. [Destination] is magical

118. Catch flights not feelings

119. An absolute dream 😍


Naxos is a dream. ☺️🌅 #naxos #naxosisland #naxosgreece #greece #greecetravel #tiktoktravel #traveltiktok #travelinspo #traveltok #expedia

♬ Synchronize (Instrumental) – Milky Chance

Cute TikTok captions

Here’s a list of short and simple captions for those videos of yourself or your friends being cute. Many of them could also work for beauty or fashion brands.

120. Sweet like honey

121. Postin while ghostin

122. Better off without you

123. Confidence level: No filter

124. Living my best life

125. Messy hair don’t care

126. Woke up like this

127. Ready for my closeup

128. City girl/boy

129. Take notes

130. I’ll do me

131. Too busy to care

132. Tell her about me

133. Bow down to the queen

134. Obsessed with this look

135. It’s not me it’s you

136. That’s so fetch

137. Guilty as charged

138. Why are you so obsessed with me

139. Vibing with this look/combo


OBSESSED with this eye look by @DAVID LOVRIC using the #NYXCosmeticsForAvatar Color Palette 💙 Available for a limited time at

♬ original sound – NYX Professional Makeup

TikTok captions for couples

Are you part of the seemingly endless stream of couple accounts on TikTok? I swear, more and more end up on my FYP every day. If that’s the case, here’s a list of TikTok caption ideas to save you from arguing with your partner.

140. Dream team

141. Cuddles, coffee, and you

142. Making plans for us

143. Couple goals

144. P.S. I love you

145. You’re my lobster

146. Always on your team

147. Wearing that smile you gave me

148. My favorite place is beside you

149. Let’s go somewhere only we know

150. Happiest when I’m with you

151. That’s my best friend

152. It’s [his/her] world and I’m just living in it


Das my best friend #mArRiED #couple #coupletok #fyp

♬ Originalton – thefunmaster3000

Wedding TikTok captions

Whether you’re getting married yourself or just in one of the (many!) associated industries, here are caption ideas for brides/grooms and the brands aspiring to reach them.

153. A real-life princess

154. Moments like this

155. Practice makes perfect

156. There’s dust in my eye

157. Bride/Groom POV

158. Tag a bride/groom

159. How to drop a hint

160. Taking matters into our own hands

161. Cue the sparkle

162. In sickness and in health

163. Who’s cutting onions?

164. Now that’s true love

165. We’re melting from the cuteness

166. Not a dry eye in sight

167. That ✨ married ✨ life

168. Proposal szn

169. I polish up real nice

170. I put a ring on it


Taking matters into our own hands 😉💍#dropahint #holidayengagement #proposaltok #brilliantearth

♬ original sound – Miketv623

Seasonal TikTok captions

Ah, the burden of filling a never-ending content calendar… luckily, with each month comes new seasonal pun opportunities. Don’t be shy, we know you want to use them — except “hot girl summer,” that one’s done now.

171. Pumpkin spice season

172. Back to school szn

173. Falling for you

174. Leaf me be

175. Stay cosy

176. Sweater weather

177. Girls just wanna have sun

178. Sun’s out, guns out

179. Just keep floating

180. Resting beach face

181. It’s gonna be May

182. Let it snow

183. Winter is coming

184. Tis the season

185. Take that, seasonal depression


leaf me be #candycrush #candytok #fyp #autumn #autumnleaves #autumnleaveschallenge

♬ 10 Things I Hate About You – Leah Kate

4 tips for writing your own TikTok captions

Now that you’ve got a long list of TikTok caption ideas, how do you know which ones to use and when?

That’s where your TikTok marketing strategy comes in. Your strategy provides guidelines for your target audience, tone of voice, content themes, and writing style, making it easier to know what type of caption will resonate with your followers.

We’ll dive further into 4 of these tips to help you write effective TikTok captions.

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1. Know your audience

When crafting captions for TikTok, you should always start with your audience in mind.

First, you should know the basics about your target market: Where do they live? What languages do they speak? What is the gender balance? How old are they?

By looking at your TikTok analytics, you can learn specific demographic details about who engages with your content.

Creating an audience persona can help you step into your followers’ shoes and understand questions like: What kinds of content do they enjoy? Which types of accounts do they follow? How do they speak? What humor resonates with them? Are we leaning into millennial cringe or Gen Z chaos?

Once you have a picture in mind of who you’re talking to, use these questions to guide you in writing your TikTok captions:

  • Will my audience understand this reference?
  • Are emojis appropriate to use?
  • If the caption is part of a trend, does it need more context?

team jacob got the last laugh tho #twilight

♬ original sound – Lionsgate

I think Lionsgate has an incredible grasp on their TikTok audience. They understand pop culture (the enduring popularity of Twilight, in this case) and use references that their audience will understand (as shown in the comments).

2. Develop a tone of voice

Defining your brand voice is a crucial step in building a TikTok strategy. A clear and consistent tone of voice can help your brand stand out and attract more engagement and followers on TikTok.

Here are some questions to help define your brand voice:

  • If my brand was a human, what would be its personality traits?
  • What are my brand’s values?
  • What level of humor resonates with my target audience?
  • How do other brands in my niche speak? (consider both competitors and non-competitive peers)

TikTok is one platform where users generally expect more informal tones from all accounts, professional or not. Many videos skew toward being funny and entertaining, hence the prevalence of short and witty captions seen in the list above.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t rely on humor in every post (unless that’s the essence of your brand voice). Aim to strike a balance between being relatable, participating in trends, and staying true to your tone of voice.


happens to the best of us (i.e. me) #candycrush #candytok #mobilegames #quietquitting #worklife

♬ original sound – Vidya

Candy Crush has embraced the irreverent, sassy, first-person TikTok voice made famous by other brands like Ryanair and Duolingo.

While I wouldn’t recommend this for most brands, I think it’s appropriate for Candy Crush’s product (a fun mobile game) and audience (Gen Z/younger players).

3. Use hashtags wisely

TikTok hashtags are essential to use for a couple of reasons. One: they help your content get discovered by non-followers. Two: they signal your video’s topic(s) to the TikTok algorithm and help it determine who to show it to (aka which For You Pages it ends up on).

Unlike on Instagram, there is no limit to how many hashtags you can add to your TikTok caption. However, we have a recommendation: aim for 3-5 hashtags max. Too many hashtags can make your description look crowded and make it harder to read the actual text of your caption. In terms of the algorithm, having more than 5 hashtags can confuse TikTok’s AI and make it harder to determine the relevancy and targeting of your video.

Choose a mix of popular and smaller hashtags that relate to your niche. Common hashtags with millions of views, like #travel and #beach, will give you higher reach and exposure (as users are more likely to search and follow popular hashtags). Conversely, smaller hashtags like #budgettraveldestinations will have less reach and competition but more interested viewers who will likely follow accounts using that hashtag.


WHAT’S UR FAV???💄💋 #nyxcosmetics #fallmakeup #liphaul

♬ original sound – NYX Professional Makeup

Here, Nyx uses a mix of big hashtags such as #fallmakeup, niche hashtags like #liphaul, and a branded hashtag.

4. Write with SEO in mind

Good news: TikTok recently increased the character limit for video descriptions from 300 to 2,200 characters. In the update announcement, TikTok specifically mentioned “generating more engagement while becoming more searchable and better recommended by TikTok to viewers” as a benefit, signaling a big opportunity to optimize your TikTok captions for SEO.

In a nutshell, TikTok SEO means optimizing your videos for searchability. You can do this through video titles, thumbnails, and, most powerfully, video captions and hashtags. Like standard website SEO, you should research keywords and insert relevant ones into your video caption.

Of course, optimizing for SEO doesn’t mean you can’t have fun/short/witty captions. With the increased character limit, you can start with a hook-worthy first line and expand more in the rest of the caption. Ideally, the first part of your caption will encourage people to tap “see more.”

Writing longer TikTok captions with keywords can benefit many types of videos, such as:

  • Educational (ex: writing out step-by-step instructions)
  • Informative or list-based (ex: adding full recipes in the descriptions for cooking videos)
  • Humorous/entertaining (ex: even if you want to grab attention with a funny or trending video, you can add information about your products in the caption)

Watch this video for a full guide to nailing SEO on TikTok:

With these 4 tips in mind, we have one last piece of advice: TikTok is constantly changing, so you should monitor what works and what doesn’t in your TikTok captions. The best way to do that is to regularly look at your TikTok analytics and learn from the posts that perform the best.

Keep an eye on trends, experiment with your captions and hashtags, and you’ll be a TikTok expert in no time!

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By Laura Wong

Laura Wong is a Canadian social media strategist based in Amsterdam. She is the founder of, an online platform that helps anyone land their dream social media job. Besides social media, Laura is passionate about travel, photography, entrepreneurship, and finding the best bubble tea in every city she visits.

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