Ever seen a trendy TikTok username that you wished was yours? Coming up with creative and catchy TikTok username ideas can be a brain-breaker. You want to be funny, cute, witty, smart, daring, cool, and edgy all at the same time.

Lucky for you, our new TikTok username generator is here to help you conjure the perfect username for your TikTok account. It will suggest tons of creative combinations and generate amazing username ideas in seconds.

Still, if you prefer the manual route, we’ve put together some great tips for that, too. Here are our top TikTok username ideas to get you started.

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What is my TikTok username?

Your TikTok username is the handle associated with your TikTok account. It starts with an “@” symbol and appears below your profile name on the app. For example, entertainer Selena Gomez has the username “@selenagomez” on TikTok.


My pride and joy

♬ original sound – Selena Gomez

Usernames help people find your account in TikTok search. Catchy usernames are also great for creating an identity on the platform.

All TikTok usernames are limited to 24 characters and can only contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. You can also change your TikTok username once every 30 days.


day in the life of a #socialmediamanager 🤪

♬ original sound – Spinning seal cult

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87 TikTok username ideas

Need a catchy TikTok username idea fast? We’ve got the formula you need to come up with an awesome, memorable handle.

TikTok usernames ideas with your name

Looking for a simple and easy-to-recognize TikTok username? Start with what you know–your name.

  1. Use a combination of your first and last name – “@selenagomez” or “@selena_gomez”
  2. Mix and match your name with an adjective – “@curious_jill” or “@playful_paul”
  3. Match it with a hobby or passion – “@runningjames” or “@bookishruth”
  4. Mention something you love – “@danielle_lovesart” or “@margot_loves_math”
  5. Get creative with rhymes – “@amandathepanda” or “@chill_bill”
  6. Flip it and reverse it – “@zemog_aneles” or “@ecnoyeb”
  7. Include your birth year – “@jessica1996” or “@deoindre2004”
  8. Use a word that describes you – “@adventurousanna” or “@climbingkate”
  9. Create a pun with your name – “@justin__time” or ”@emmagination”
  10. Think about your favorite color – “@orangeamir” or “@paula_in_pink”
  11. Choose a word that reflects your goals – “@entrepreneurbrian” or “@soccer_sam”
  12. Tell users what kind of content you’ll be posting – “@poojamakesbread” or “@benny_eats”
  13. Pick a keyword associated with your profession – “@teachingtammy” or “@tailoring_with_tim”

Aesthetic TikTok username ideas

Are you all about witchy vibes, ethereal aesthetics, pastel themes, and soft visuals? Get creative with your TikTok username to show off your aesthetic.

  1. Use a word to describe your vibe – “@etherealeva” or “@dark_dan”
  2. Add a second word to make it unique – “@moonlitwhispers” or “@sunbeam_serenade”
  3. Include a feeling you want to evoke – “@serenedreamer” or “@harmonyinmotion”
  4. Pick a color or object for inspiration – “@velvetdusk” or “@pastelwhimsy”
  5. Get creative with alliteration – “@ephemeral_eve” or “@lovelylily”
  6. Use words like “enigmatic” or “echo” – “@echoingdreams” or “@enigmaticmystery”
  7. Merge mystical and melodious terms – “@mysticalwonder” or “@harmonic_goddess”
  8. Include your zodiac sign – “@capricorn_queen” or “@aquarius_star”
  9. Come up with something dreamy – “@celestialstarlight” or “@shadowdancerz”
  10. Reference your unique style – “@gothicgrace” or “@cottagecorecathy”
  11. Speak to a hobby you enjoy – “@tarot.astra” or “@crystal.cove”
  12. Use plant or flower words – “@lavenderdaydream” or “@dark.orchid”

Funny TikTok usernames

Funny TikTok username ideas are a great way to stand out on the app. Whether you’re looking for something light and silly or clever and punny, use these examples to get started.

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  1. Get creative with puns – “@letmegooglethat” or “@classclown”
  2. Express your sarcasm – “@seriousjokes” or “@alientestsubject0001”
  3. Mispell words on purpose – “@dontbelievme” or “@welkomme”
  4. Brainstorm some silly words – “@captainbananawings” or “@gobbledegobble”
  5. Think of funny food combos – “@twoeggzontoast” or “@spaghettibolognese”
  6. Add a humorous touch to a name – “@justintruetho” or “@harry_smiles”
  7. Make a celebrity parody account – “@thereallynotlizzo” or “@orlandobloomingonion”
  8. Get creative with pop culture references – “@fiftyshadesofneigh” or “@champagnenappy”
  9. Reference myths and legends – “@ladyoflochness” or “@bigfootexists”
  10. Pay homage to a favorite show or movie – “@realmichaelscott” or “@wolfofhallstreet”
  11. Make a joke about your job or education – “@highschoolknockout” or “@professionaloser”
  12. Use numbers in place of letters – “@l0ng_sh0t” or “@d33pfak3n1ne”
  13. Try a play on words – “@cereal_killer” or “@anita.bath”

Branded TikTok username ideas

Brands are smashing it on TikTok, and the best part is that you don’t have to be a huge company with deep pockets to get in on the fun. Try one of these clever username ideas if you’re using TikTok for business.

  1. Use your full brand name – “@clarascloset” or “@peterspizzapalace”
  2. Include a keyword related to your business – “@chicagofoodies” or “@couture_connoisseur”
  3. Add periods, numbers, and underscores for emphasis – “@the.better.burger_22” or “@stylist__888”
  4. Use the location of your business in the name – “@east_london_laundry” or “@torontotutors”
  5. Think of a creative way to describe your business – “@sneakerprincess” or “@thecakedocta”
  6. Include an emotion in the username – “@happyhomeservices” or “@confidentbeauty_boutique”
  7. Create a pun related to your business – “@pawsomegrooming” or “@sofa_king”
  8. Use motivational words – “@moneymindsetinvesting” or “@millionairerealtor”
  9. Include the year you started your business – “@thepawtique_2020” or “@cafelavie_2015”
  10. Make it memorable by adding humor – “@bibimbapthatslapsback” or “@the_hairapist”
  11. Combine your business name with an adjective – “@whiskeddelights” or “@radianthair”
  12. Incorporate your specialty or niche – “@savvysneakerheads” or “@craftbeerhere”
  13. Use a memorable catchphrase or slogan – “@revampandrenewskin” or “@grilltownUSA”
  14. Try a playful reference to your product or service – “@doughliciouscakes” or “@sipandsplatter”
  15. Reflect your brand’s values or mission – “@ecocleaningcalgary” or “@greenbeautyparlour”
  16. Showcase your expertise or credentials – “@queenofinteriordesign” or “@nutritionist_sally”

Travel TikTok username ideas

Got a travel bug and a knack for adventure-inspired TikTok? Use these inspiring ideas to come up with a username that’s perfect for sharing your travels on the app.

  1. Tell your followers what they can expect from your channel – “@tina_travels,” “@globetrottergabe”
  2. Reference a foreign language – “@journey_amor” or “@reisefreude”
  3. Combine multiple words related to travel – “@wanderlust_life” or “@world_wide_wanders”
  4. Inspire others with your username – “@nomadfairies” or “@thejetsettertraveler”
  5. Include a memorable location in the name – ”@londoncallingmike” or “@paris.passion.nicole”
  6. Let followers know your preferred way to travel – “@vanlifemadness” or “@flyhighwithryan”
  7. Include something playful – “@trendy_traveller” or “@go_far_with_gigi”
  8. Pay homage to a favorite spot – “@beachyjin” or “@char_travels_canada”
  9. Make a pun with your name – “@wanderinliu” or ”@sailorsammy”
  10. Add your travel buddy’s name and run a joint account – “@romaandmarcus” or “@lexieandlaura”
  11. Use a funny travel pun – “@bucketsinphucket” or “@globetrotting_granny”

BookTok TikTok username ideas

BookTok is one of the most popular trends on TikTok at the moment, with millions of users sharing book reviews and reading challenges. Here are some great username ideas to get you started.

  1. Include your name – “@emmasbookblog” or “@dansbookworld”
  2. Reference a favorite book – “@wherethewildbooksare” or “@harry_potter_fangirl”
  3. Combine the words “book” and something else – “@bookexplorer” or ”@bookmagic”
  4. Pick an adjective that describes you – “@bookishbelle” or “@literarylucie”
  5. Think of a clever pun – “@foreverjung” or “@tequila_mockingbird”
  6. Include your age or year of birth – “@21bookbee” or “bookworm1999″
  7. Create a fun portmanteau – “@booktuber” or ”@bibliophilia”
  8. Reference famous authors – “@janeaustenfan” or “@tolkienite_tales”
  9. Include literary terms – “@bibliophile_bliss” or “@novelnovice”
  10. Make a play on words – “@bookwormersinc” or “@page_turnerz”
  11. Describe your book tastes – “@classicsbycheslea” or “@thrillerswithsanju”

Performer TikTok usernames

Are you a singer, dancer, actor, or any other kind of performer? Try these creative username ideas to use on your TikTok account.

  1. Include your stage name or alter ego – “@superstarjazz” or “@dj_sugarspinz”
  2. Show off the type of performance you do – “@jay_moves” or “@fire.dance.flow”
  3. Combine your name with a performing word – “@funkmasterfelix” or “@vocalvalerie”
  4. Incorporate your signature move – “@bboyboogie” or “@magicalmelodymia”
  5. Be creative with puns related to performing – ”@deepen.dance” or “@whatsthepointe”
  6. Reference a movie title that’s related to performing – “@thegreatestshowman” or “@pitchperfect”
  7. Create a play on words with your name – “@supersingerray” or “@dancingdiva_di”
  8. Reference your city of origin – “@torontosongstress” or “@nycomedyjoe”
  9. Include a motivational keyword – “@beyourbestdancer” or “@thevoiceofvictory”
  10. Make a pun about your instrument – “@pianomaniacs” or ”@pluckysaxophone”
  11. Use your stage name – “@allegra_ambrosia” or “@bijou.bijou”

Why a unique TikTok username is important

Unique TikTok usernames help build a recognizable brand that lets you stand out on the platform. This is especially important if you want to grow a following and eventually monetize your account. It’s also a great way to make sure your content is attributed to you and not someone else.


Replying to @Everydayglammom may this do for your day what it has done for mine ❤️🫘🏖️😭❤️😭🫘😭🏖️

♬ original sound – Jonathan

It’s also a good idea to be consistent with your username across social media platforms. That way, when people search for you outside of TikTok, it’s easier to find your other accounts. Actress and singer Selena Gomez is “@selenagomez” on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

What to do if your TikTok username is taken

If your desired TikTok username has already been taken, we suggest using a variation with a slight spelling change. You can also add numbers or symbols to the username to make it more unique.

For example, if your original username idea for TikTok was “@cutecat,” you can try “@cutecat_12345” or “@cutec4t.”


Magic trick 😂 😈 #123gohouse #123go #trick #challenge #school #funnymoments

♬ original sound – 123GO HOUSE – 123GO HOUSE

If all else fails, it might be time to come up with a completely new username. Use our free TikTok username generator to find creative and catchy ideas for your next TikTok account! Good luck!

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