Adding Tabs and Streams to your Hootsuite Dashboard

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Whether you’re a social media power user or new to social media, community manager or business owner, you understand the importance of organization.

When you first start adding and organizing your social media networks, apps and search terms within the HootSuite dashboard, things can get a little chaotic. Using tabs is the easiest way to keep your dashboard organized. Like folders in your computer, tabs help separate and categorize your business and personal social networks and apps into unique spaces for easier viewing.

In this #HootTip we’ll show you how to add tabs to your dashboard to help you organize your social.

2 Min How To: Add a Tab to your Dashboard

1. From the launch menu on the left, select the house or Streams icon.

Adding tabs









2. Click the plus (+) sign to add a tab.

Add button looks like this
3. A new tab will appear with “untitled” highlighted. Start typing to name the tab.

Name the tab




Unless you want a blank tab, click on the “Add a Stream” guide that automatically appeared in your new tab and follow the prompts.

*Note: Streams help further breakdown each tab according to social networks, apps, functionality, keyword searches, etc. Here’s a Social Media Coach post to learn more about tabs and streams.

Click and drag your tabs along the top of the dashboard to put them in an order that works best for you.

Add Streams to your Tab

Every stream inside your tab is self-contained. So you can monitor the Tweets, Facebook photos, and YouTube searches related to your Tab title.

dashboard screenshot

To add a social network: in the stream guide click “Networks”, scroll to find the network and its associated options menu will appear. From there, select the network’s functionality of your choice for that stream.

For example, let’s say you’re setting up a Twitter tab for your business. We recommend that you add different streams within that tab for your business’ Home Feed, Mentions, Direct Messages and ReTweets.

To add an app: in the stream guide click “Apps,” scroll to find your app of choice and follow the prompts from there for signing in and set-up.

For example, let’s say you’re setting up an “Instagram” tab for your business. We recommend that you add different streams for your Home Feed and Your Photos. Add another stream for the Statigram App to monitor your Instagram analytics.

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Adjust Streams

To help you adjust your stream width, use the handy toggle bar. adjuststreams

In the far right corner of your tab row you will find the toggle bar. Slide the toggle back and forth to adjust stream widths.

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NotreDame2 5pts

I'm so confused on the difference between a tab and a stream.  

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@NotreDame2 Hey there! I like to think of Tabs and Streams as somewhat like a filing cabinet - the Tab would be one of the drawers in a filing cabinet so you can label them with the name of the Social Profile like Facebook or Twitter; while the streams are the files in a drawer that show things in more detail.  Hope that helps!  


Sharin | @Hootsuite_Help |

chroiban 5pts

Great post, great features ! 

jonathanddownie 5pts

@hootsuite Can't seem to get a LinkedIn tab even though I can send updates to my LinkedIn account. Any ideas?