Brands Having Awesome Conversations on Twitter

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Is it possible for a company to have a personality? Now more than ever. Social media has transformed into a digital world full of opportunities for brands to voice their opinion and show off their personality.

There is no denying it, these brands are not above a good conversation. They are clever, witty, helpful and are sometimes just straight up funny. They have discovered a great way to interact and connect with customers — by showing charisma and charm. This gives big brands a human-like quality that can’t be ignored. I mean, how could you not want to follow an account that you would want to be friends with in real life? Here are some brands having awesome conversations on Twitter:


tacobell awesome

@TacoBell consistently proves that fast food can be funny. From their Hot Sauce Packets (if you check out their Twitter page, you’ll see a hot sauce packet bikini) to their Twitter account, TacoBell is great at making people laugh. Scrolling through their feed means seeing pictures of people enjoying tacos, celebrity shout-outs and love (from celebs like Dillon Francis and Christine Teigen), retweets, and replies to customers and haters alike.


oreo awesome convo

@Oreo throws in some sass and gets a little flirtatious from time to time. Conversations like this create loyal customers, and are shared widely across the web. This kind of sassy attitude shows the brands playfulness and syncs with the rest of their strategy (you must have seen their ad that went up on Twitter when the lights went off at Super Bowl XLVII). Three words: expanding brand loyalty.

 @VirginAmericavirginamerica awesome convo

Oh, @VirginAmerica… always classy, always cool. This brand is attentive and appreciative of their customers; they view each conversation as an opportunity to expand their brand and strengthen their customer relationships. Who knows, the little guy in the image above might be a Virgin customer for life.


jetblue awesome convo
Click here to see where that “Oh and remember…” link went to.

@JetBlue has one thing figured out: conversations with your customer are some of the most meaningful ways to enhance your brand reputation. JetBlue never passes up an opportunity to help one of their customers or to just be playful. Scrolling through their Twitter feed, it’s easy to see that they are having fun. Their personal and enthusiastic responses are shared more than branded messages, giving them a wider audience to spread their cheerful perspective.


tescomobile awesome convo
They made my day when they replied to my tweet (and called me a honeybee).

If you have been on social media in the past few months, then you must have seen or heard of @TescoMobile. @TescoMobile has made a name for itself on Twitter with it’s witty banter with it’s customers- and has taken it one step further by being brave enough to troll their own trolls. While their quips can seem controversial to some, their conversations with customers, non-customers and even other brands have recently captured the attention of the social media world. By doing so, they have made themselves relevant, snarky and just that much more human.


bestbuy awesome convo

@BestBuy‘s feed is full of great customer service and good natured tweets. While they also like to advertise products sold in their stores, they do it in a thoughtful way in which customers can connect with.


oldspice awesome convo

Much like their TV advertisements, @OldSpice is downright hilarious. This Twitter account gives helpful advice to young men, such as “Instead of a snowball fight, try holding a snowball peace summit to impress that one girl who likes that sort of thing.” Their feed is full of funny Vine videos and great one-liners. Even though I’m not a guy and would most likely never use their products… this female-20-something was won over and will be a loyal follower from here on out.

So, what can we learn from these awesome Twitter conversations? These brands have extended their reach and expanded their customer base by becoming more human and showing their personality. It doesn’t even seem that hard, now does it?

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George V Tucker
George V Tucker 5pts

"Everything that is great about their brands is easier to communicate in a funny, conversational way."

I agree completely! Why do so many companies force their social media personality to be as bland as a blank sheet of office paper? Or as prolix as the instruction manual that comes with a photocopier?

Giving your social media a personality really helps position your brand. And humor, oh man, being funny is SO much better than just about anything else you can do. Humor is high risk and high reward -- even when it's done right, you're going to lost at least 25% of people (due to a congenital humor deficit) but the enthusiasm you get from the remainder, who GET IT, is priceless!

I wish #nomoreboringtweets was a thing...

Samantha Berry
Samantha Berry 5pts

This post is great and other brands can seriously learn from these guys. These mentioned brands fully understand the use of Twitter to engage their customers. It's refreshing to see the directions brands are taking to be more conversational with their audience, rather than shouting in our face their promotions. Everything that is great about their brands is easier to communicate in a funny, conversational way. I only hope to see other big name brands capitalize on their unique characteristics on a more comfortable platform such as Twitter as opposed to only pursuing a fully launched campaign.

factsheresies 5pts

This is a great piece and is so true.  Can't wait to retweet it!

KC 5pts

because it's all about marketing.

buy this, buy that, buy something else....

buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy

I'm old enough to remember the internet when it was about free information, etc.

There's SO much more to life than purchasing, selling, buying.... thank whoever for AdBlock at least.

mpellet771 5pts

The latest Old Spice commercial is hysterical. I agree about their being human. I also love the web page for Expensify, an app: "Managing expenses that doesn't suck!" Gotta love that directness.

BerenGoguen 5pts

Cool post. Whoever tweets for Old Spice is hilarious. Seems like more brands are realizing the benefits of hiring clever/talented social media people.