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26 Ideas for a Twitter Bio That Makes a Great First Impression

Discover how to create a Twitter bio that makes an incredible first impression with examples from some of the absolute best on the platform.

Katie Sehl September 15, 2022
26 Ideas for a Twitter Bio That Makes a Great First Impression

A Twitter bio is where your brand gets to introduce itself, offer an elevator pitch, and set the mood—all in 160 characters or less.

What do all of the best Twitter bios have in common? They’re original.

Some brands can do this with a single emoji. Others push it to the character limit. But the worst thing you can do is look like everybody else.

The words (or emojis!) you choose, and the hashtags or handles you include on your Twitter bio, communicate volumes about your brand.

Of course, being creative with your Twitter bio (or Instagram bio or any other social media bio, tbh) is easier said than done. So, to make sure you stick the landing, we’ve rounded up tips, tricks, and examples to get the juices flowing.

Bonus: Unlock 28 inspiring social media bio templates to create your own in seconds and stand out from the crowd.

What is a Twitter bio?

A Twitter bio is a short ‘about me’ summary, publicly displayed beneath your Twitter profile picture.

You can use up to 160 characters to write up a blurb that shares what you or your brand are all about.

You can include emojis, hashtags or the Twitter handles of other profiles in your Twitter bio.

AfterChef Junior

Are you funny, or professional and polished? Are you modest or braggy? What’s the most important thing about yourself you want people to know?

Sure, it may be only a few lines of text, but having a ‘Twitter’ bio absolutely matters: it’s how you tell the world just who you are.

15 Twitter bio ideas to inspire your own

There are a lot of different directions you can take your brand’s Twitter bio.

Are you playful or professional? Is information more important than brand voice, or vice-versa?

There is no single template for good Twitter bios, so take a look at these varied examples to see what feels right to you.

Pro tip: try our free social media bio generator for infinite ideas!

Helpful Twitter bio examples

innocent drinks bio healthy drinks and rewilding communities across Britain

London juice maker Innocent Drinks kicks off its bio by plainly explaining what the company does (“make healthy drinks”). Then they share some info about their current big campaign.

A great mix of “what we’re always about” and “what we’re doing right now” — does this plant (get it?) a seed for your own bio?

OREO cookie favorite cookie filling your world with playful moments

Oreo tells us exactly what to expect from its Twitter account. Only follow if you want playful moments, not political hot takes.

Black Girl Sunscreen revolutionary SPF made for all people of color

Tons of info is available here on the Black Girl Sunscreen Twitter bio, punctuated by emojis to showcase a little bit of ‘tude.

eBay authenticity guarantee with emojis

Ebay can get away with a few colorful characters. They use emojis to communicate some important information about its product offerings and a new feature.

It’s a big enough brand that it doesn’t need to say flat-out that it’s an online auction and sales platform, but smaller companies might want to be more specific.

Also good to note here: the help account is specifically tagged right in the bio.

Las Culturistas podcast ding dong catchphrase

The Las Culturistas podcast Twitter account kicks off with the pod’s signature catchphrase and shares links to the broadcaster, as well as the hosts’ own personal accounts.

Not a great bio for discovery — no keywords or hashtags here — but for existing fans, it keeps things simple and exclusive: if you know, you know. (Or… if you ding, you dong?)

Friendly Twitter bio examples

NASA there's space for everyone bio

Nasa is a powerful government organization with access to the galaxy at large. But whoever is in charge of the social here still has time for a little wordplay.

The nerdy pun broadcasts that you can expect lighthearted content that is full of fun. Looking for in-depth conversations about the intergalactic travel? You’re better off searching elsewhere.

Bonus points for emoji flair, and for setting the location as ‘pale blue planet.’

Art Gallery of Ontario we've got art!

The Art Gallery of Ontario is friendly and fun in its bio. We have not fact-checked this, but we’re assuming the Louvre would not be game for putting a cheery “We’ve got art!” in its own bio.

Bill Gates sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and world-class philanthropist, keeps it humble with his super-simple Twitter bio.

Hootsuite social media tools, tips, news and a shoulder to cry on for social pros

Not to toot our own horn but: what’s friendlier than a shoulder to cry on? (Wait… do owls have shoulders?)

Professional Twitter bio examples

Careers Insider what you want to know about careers

Like any strong newsroom would, Careers Insider hits the “who what where when why” quickly and concisely in 160 characters.

Western Living inspiring homes, design tips, amazing recipes, wine picks, etc

The warm, welcoming, and professional voice is to here to indicate the Tweets will likely be the same. We can prettttty much guarantee you’re not going to find any Reddit links or memes here

Strong brand voice Twitter bio examples

Mejuri the new luxury

Ecommerce jewellery company Mejuri communicates sophistication and class with a short, elegant bio. Much like their jewellery designs, this blurb shows that less can be more.

Yeti gear that helps you stay out longer, travel farther, and live harder

Yeti shares not just what it makes (coolers) but paints a picture of a fantasy lifestyle you can enjoy with those products in just a few words. Don’t tell me you don’t see the appeal in being ruggedly hot while you reach for a brewski in a cooler at the top of a mountain.

The bio even takes time out from subtly encouraging you to run through the forest to shout out its brand hashtag. You know, in case you want to connect with other pro-camping hotties.

Funny Twitter bios examples

Twitter what's happening!?

Of course, for a truly great bio, we need to look no further than Twitter itself. Hilarious, delightful, we love.

Brian O’Brien Masterchef contestant not a chef but I play one on TV

MasterChef contestant Brian O’Brien summarizes his television accomplishments with winky humor. The perfect execution of the humblebrag. Bravo, good sir.

Lyft from the streets to the tweets

I dare you not to prefer Lyft to Uber after seeing this cute little emoji-emblazoned rhyming bio.

Burger King if you're reading this you need a whopper

Burger King gets a little silly with its bio, but also reminds people that they’re the brand behind one of the world’s most famous hamburgers.

The lowercase typing indicates they’ll be keeping it ultra-casual on this channel. Even if it is the blue-check-mark official voice of the brand.

8 examples of creative Twitter bios

It turns out, 160 characters actually offers a ton of room for creativity. Here are a few of our favorite ways Twitter users have played with the format.

Tabitha Brown actress vegan foodie world's favorite mom

Influencer Tabitha Brown’s bio lists two of her actual professions and one silly accomplishment.

Wendy's bio tweets like fries hot crispy and better than

Wendy’s coming in hot and spicy with the brags!

Doritos triangle page only squares get cut out

Congrats, Doritos: we lol’d.

webster you know me I'm the duck on Drake’s package

This Twitter bio for Drake’s packaged baked goods indicates that it’s being run by the duck on the box. Color us intrigued!

Stephen Colbert Evie's husband

TV host Stephen Colbert plays it cool with his 19-million-plus followers, coyly defining himself as just “Evie’s husband.”

Calm take a deep breath

Meditation app Calm starts its Twitter bio with a call to action that’s very much on-brand, then digs into the housekeeping of its company mission.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

The RuPaul’s Drag Race Twitter ran out of room in its bio and cleverly just used the “location” portion of the profile to say that All Stars 7 is now streaming. The takeaway: use every field available when you’re editing your profile.

Truly Hard Seltzer do it for the story, the dare, the memory

Truly Hard Seltzer communicates all of its flavor options with just a few fruity emojis. Fresh!

How to write a good Twitter bio

There’s really no exact science for writing a winning bio, but these tips should at least help get you off to a good start.

Introduce yourself

Kind of obvious, we know, but an essential part of a successful Twitter bio is introducing yourself.

  • What do you do?
  • Who are you?
  • Add a brief description of your products or services or activities,
  • Let people know what they can expect if they decide to follow you.

Show some personality

Whether your brand voice is funny, kind, intense, youthful, grave, or packed full of internet slang, give people a taste of your content in your bio.

Show off that personality and let ‘em know what they’re in for.

Max out those characters

You’ve only got 160 characters to use here, so make every one of them count. Take the space you need to share important information — there’s no good reason to be brief.

Every word or hashtag you tuck in there is an opportunity for a search term that might just nab you a new follower. (Pssst: here are some other tricks for snagging Twitter followers.)

Include strong keywords

See above. Twitter bios are searchable, so put your SEO skills to work.

Pack those keywords in to make sure your account is indexed correctly by search engines like Google.

Toot your horn, tactfully

This is a space for mastering the humble brag. Awards, rankings, or recognition can act as important social proof, especially if you’re brand isn’t well known. Just don’t overdo it.

If you can get verified on Twitter, that little blue checkmark certainly doesn’t hurt your bio, either.

Call followers to action

Want followers to tweet with a certain hashtag, visit a specific website, or sign up for a particular newsletter? Then be sure to include a call-to-action in your bio.

Throw in an emoji

An emoji is worth a thousand words. They can save you characters and convey a rich meaning. Emojis might also help show you’re part of a particular community (we see you with your little rockets, investor bros!) or add some flavor and humor to an otherwise straightforward statement.

Hashtag (within reason)

Hashtagging too many keywords can make your account look spammy. A few well-chosen, hyper-relevant hashtags can aid in reach, or reinforce a brand or campaign hashtag.

Need a primer on Twitter hashtags? We gotchu. Bonus points if you can weave your hashtags right into your sentence.

Tag other accounts

If your brand operates multiple Twitter accounts, consider tagging them in your bio.

This works sort of like a directory to help followers find the specific sub-account that might be most helpful or relevant.

For instance, if you have a specific account for customer service, or for international audiences.

Save the disclaimers for the end

If you feel obliged to include legalese or disclaimers (e.g. “Opinions are my own”), save those ‘til last. It’s much more compelling to start off your bio with something fun, informative, or funny; the fine print can wait.

Of course, a successful Twitter presence goes beyond just crafting the perfect bio. You’ve gotta create great content and engage with your community, too. Dig into our guide to using Twitter for business here to up your game.

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By Katie Sehl

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