Mobile Fest! Free Social Media Apps for Blackberry, iPad, Keitai and More

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 41 Comments

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It’s a big week here at HootSuite with a gaggle of new mobiles releases coming down that will have Hoot fans rather giddy. You already heard that all HootSuite mobile apps are free and now the nest is filling up with a bevy of FIVE flavors of mobile apps. Some are completely new to the group, while others are familiar favorites with an update for your social media enjoyment. We think you’ll find each a welcome addition to the family.

With all these new owls hatching, it just *feels* like a festival – so get out your party hats to celebrate new mobile apps. We’ve also added a contest to help you get your fingers on new owls stickers featuring these new flying feathered friends.

For mobile fest, we’ll have a new mobile platform flying out each day this weekit is a fest after all! Get a sneak peek at what’s coming and visit daily for the owl du jour.

Meet the Owls

HootSuite for BlackberryBlackberry

First up, meet the long awaited, much anticipated, HootSuite BlackBerry. Loyal BlackBerry fans have eagerly been testing the private beta version for over a month now, and  now, the public beta drops for all to enjoy. Worth the wait with Twitter and Facebook plus a backwards and forwards compatibility to fit your ‘berry.

HootSuite for AndroidAndroid

Next on our list is HootSuite Android. Since learning that “robots need love too,” we’ve gathered feedback from heaps of handsets and tinkered to make this owl even better. This new and improved app now includes Facebook integration and refinements to make your experience friendlier and more reliable.

HootSuite for iPhoneiPhone

Please give a hand to the veteran leader of the mobile group, HootSuite iPhone. Building on the remarkable recent geo-search and check-in tools, this wise owl can now intelligently auto-complete usernames and has a new “Friendship Status” button.

HootSuite for KeitaiKeitai

Say “konnichiwa” to HootSuite Keitai, an unique new owl for Japan’s “galapa-phones.” HootSuite has evolved a mobile version specifically for the capabilities of Japanese feature phones. More (big) announcements coming for HootSuite fans in Japan – but you have to wait a couple of days.

HootSuite for iPadiPad

Rounding out the line-up, get ready for HootSuite iPad. Created specifically for the iPad’s layout and form, this owl makes the most of the features that you would typically use on the tablet. All your fave tools are in there in a shiny interface you will eagerly click.

Owls For You

We want send some owls to your lands – plus we enjoy notes from around the world. So we have a plan to get a “Hootkit” in your hands:

1) Write a postcard that starts off with “HootSuite helps me…” then continue the sentence with your reasons for using HootSuite
2) Mail that postcard to the address below – be sure to include your return address (cards, aerogrammes, letters and drawings also accepted)

HootSuite Postcard

3) HootSuite will pick 20 entries which make us smile and we’ll mail the winners Hootkits with limited edition stickers and goodies

These owls are gonna go fast so your postcard must be postmarked by Oct. 30 to be eligible (but we’ll wait 4 weeks to give time for all to arrive).

Fine print: Sending a postcard as an entry is not a guarantee of a receiving a prize. All prizes are awarded solely on the discretion of HootSuite. Prizes have no cash value. By entering you give HootSuite permission to use your postcards in any manner.

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Thanks for sharing this article.Have shared the link on my social networks.Thanks.

Fmstrat 5pts


I've recently switched from Android to Windows Phone 7. Are there plans for WP7 support, or even a mobile friendly web version of Hootsuite?


Edwards 5pts

Anything for Symbian phones?

Landon 5pts

When will the iPad app release? Very excited to put it to the test!

CLF 5pts

I've sent mine~! do check out a Mt. Fuji postcard from Japan soon!! ;)

andrew 5pts

Just looking for a way to watch videos on my bb8330 on can't seem to get it out of my files

GingerWench 5pts

There isn't a Hootsuite listed for the iPad in the iTunes store.

RandallW 5pts

Oi, it's a little sluggish on my BlackBerry Curve (8530). Sadness ensued.

Jeff Jacobs
Jeff Jacobs 5pts

Argh. For those of us stuck with WinMo, when can you get an Owl to rescue us????

Philana Crouch
Philana Crouch 5pts

I cannot wait for the iPad version, I bought the pro version for the iPhone and have been running it on my iPad, but I would love to have one that takes advantage of all of the extra screen space on my iPad! Thank you for creating the app, when does it come out this week?

Steve Rubel
Steve Rubel 5pts

Would also be great to see full landscape support on the iPhone.

chris 5pts

Is there a link that will be released for the BlackBerry? I've been waiting forever for it to release.

Deb 5pts

Looks great but I can't find the link for the one for the Blackberry.

Björn Walther
Björn Walther 5pts


I can't wait to get my hands on the Blacberry version. Good times!