Future of Twitter in San Fran with CEO Ryan Holmes

By Dave Olson | 6 years ago | 8 Comments

Photo: Ryan Holmes speaking at BCAIM eventHootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes is San Francisco-bound to speak on a panel at OMMA Social event at the Nikko Hotel on January 26.

Here’s the blurb about the event:

All in all, OMMA Social San Francisco will lay the groundwork for what looks to be the biggest year yet in social media, a medium that’s already seen some very big years. We hope to see you there!

OMMA Social is designed to guide marketing and media professionals through the constantly-shifting terrain of social media. This one-day conference will address social marketing challenges and provide insights into how to make social networking work for companies now, and in the future.

He’ll participate in a panel called: “The Twitter Clients Speak: Where Third-Party Twitter Developers Think the Platform Is Going” along with Somrat Niyogi, CEO & Founder, Bazaar Labs, Mathieu Thouvenin, Product Manager, Seesmic and moderated by Justin Thorp, Director of Community, Clearspring.

Here’s the gist of the panel:

As one of the most closely-watched social media platforms ever, what lies in Twitter’s future is the subject of constant speculation. How will it monetize itself? Has its growth maxed out? What new services are being developed both within Twitter, and among developers, to keep it on the cutting edge of social media? How will the addition of a geolocation tool change how Twitter is used? On this panel, we talk to some people with highly-educated opinions about the future of Twitter: developers of some of the service’s most popular applications.

Be sure to say hello when if see him and let him know what you think of HootSuite.

Photo credit: Ryan Holmes speaking at BCAIM event

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Ms Dynamics CRM
Ms Dynamics CRM 5pts

daveo, could you provide a link to Mr. Holmes talk from last year?

I believe that OMMA 2011 has come and gone, did HootSuite participate in any capacity this year? I would be interested and grateful to hear about the main takeaway from this year's conference.

It sure is an exciting and fast paced time in the mobile/tech/social sphere!

goldmon 5pts

I was hoping to attend last year's OMMA Social San Francisco to hear Ryan Holmes speak about hootsuite. I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak about the future of technology applications before. I love hootsuite and what it has to offer. I think that it is an amazing technology application that keeps up to date with the evolving social media trends.

Tiffany Odutoye
Tiffany Odutoye 5pts

Please publish the talk, either audio or text version of it in a "special report" or white paper. My clients always ask about the future of Twitter and I love providing insights from developers.

BTW - I LOOOOVE my hootsuite. It's the only platform I recommend in my workshops. Now, with the iPhone app, browser extensions and the desktop version, I have no need for different apps for differing platforms.

PS - Did I say how much I looooove the platform? Especially the integration with Ping.fm.

Totally rocks!


daveo 5pts

@Vany Laubé

HootSuite is huge in Brazil so we're very happy to hear from the Portuguese-speaking users. Thanks much for your thoughts and we'll keep on evolving to meet user's needs.

Vany Laubé
Vany Laubé 5pts

I am very much looking foward to knowing the results of this particular lecture - my bet is that in 2010, Twitter will rock - will turn from this little bird into a beautiful and strong blue eagle - and it will obviously depend on you guys, developers of the great app to the blue bird platform. (http://mosaicosocial.blogspot.com/2010/01/twitter-em-2010-remake-de-hans-cristian.html) Unfortunatelly I write my blog in Portuguese (I am from BrazilO, but I am pretty much confident that this is the big hint for 2010! Counting on you ;D

Vany Laubé, from Mosaico Social

Kathleen Sullivan
Kathleen Sullivan 5pts

Hootsuite just keeps getting better and better. With the ability to update a variety of social media sites, I barely have to leave Hootsuite.

I'm looking forward to being able to do a quick post on my WordPress self hosted site via Hootsuite.

Keep on rocking the social media world.

daveo 5pts

There are a few blog reports from the event - keep an eye on the blog for the next news roundup. We will be producing more white papers and guides about using social media and evolving trends in the coming weeks. Thanks for the love - we love it!