#HootSuite Launches New #HappyOwls Game For Web And Mobile

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 21 Comments

Game with Social Media

Today we’re thrilled to announce a new release specifically designed for our fun-loving Hoot-fans — all your favorite Owls are now starring in an action-packed, in-dash game for both web and mobile HootSuite accounts.

Give a big hoot for Happy Owls!

HootSuite Happy Owls for iPhone

The folks at HootSuite HQ know that staring at streams all day is tough, so what better way to pass the time than an in-dash game built specifically for HootSuite users? This game will bring you hours of high-flying Owl action. And it’s available for you to try today.

How it Works

The Happy Owls are waiting to take off, but they need your help! Set their flight plan so they can reach new limits and hit bigger targets. Fling these feathered flyers through multiple levels with challenging obstacles and tricky targets.

Unlock new Owls as you go, and use their specific skills at every level. Each Owl is different, take a look:

Classic Owly
This Owl is your go-to for straight-shooting target-busting action. Classic Owly is with you from start to finish, and will help you unlock the other Owls in the parliament.

HootSuite Happy Owl Game
Classic Owly in Happy Owls Level 1

Santa Owly
Happy Owls wouldn’t be complete without Jolly old Santa Owly! This seasonal secret Owl can be unlocked in snowy levels for chimney targets and holiday hooting.

HootSuite Happy Owls
Unlock Santa Owly in Level 6

Pirate Owly
This is one tough Owl — gamers beware! But if you master the flight plan for Pirate Owly you’ll earn big points. Be careful! This Owl only has one eye, so depth manoeuvres are tough.

HootSuite Happy Owl
Arrrrrgh You Skilled Enough For Pirate Owly?

3D Owly
If you upgrade to Happy Owls Pro you’ll get amazing 3D action. And it goes great with our 3D Tweets functionality.

HootSuite Happy Owls
Three Dimensions of Owly Fun

And there’s more! Including internation-owls and Karate Owly.

Get Started With HootSuite Now

Multi-Platform Playability

HootSuite for iPhone OwlHappy Owls is built to live in-dash alongside your streams so you can play anywhere, any time. And it’s made for mobile, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Kindle, Android, Zune and most flip phones too!

Plus, it’s got lots of great features to keep you playing all day:

  • Addictive owl-launching action
  • Share scores with friends and team members
  • Over 48 levels of fowl play
  • Boss mode button to pretend you’re actually working
  • Analytics tools in-dash to track total hours of play, average flight time and aggregated Owl scores

Download Happy Owls today.

Happy Tweeting

Tweet #HappyOwls today and we’ll upgrade you to the 3D Happy Owls functionality for free! (and you might just get a #HootKit too).

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Primeval Dad
Primeval Dad 5pts

Hahaha! Very nice aviary humor. What a hoot! ;)

I read this email a few days late, but I still LOL'd.

LJP 5pts

Hahaha!! Nice April Fools joke!! Funny thing is, I think the game would be very popular if it was actually real...

p.s. I'm installing the HootBar (I presume that is a real one!!)

Tim 5pts

And here I thought it was just an email marketing mishap.

Jessica 5pts

April fools? Oh man, I just thought: "That game can not be a good idea!"...:-)

Emily 5pts

Is this an April fools joke! It is an Angry Birds knock off.

Mathew Batarse
Mathew Batarse 5pts

I Love HootSuit, and Happy Owls just may take off.

OwlSaysHoot 5pts


i knew it when i got that so-called "confidential email"!!!

but you should really do it for reals!!!!!

lol lol lol

Brian Teeter
Brian Teeter 5pts

Well, I got burned by a classic April Fool's Day joke! I got the two emails from your CEO, one of which included the retraction of the first. When someone else who got the emails told me they were an elaborate viral marketing prank, I felt totally pwnd.

Well played, gentlemen!

Scott Harvey
Scott Harvey 5pts

Nicely done for April Fool's!

I didn't even notice the "Confidential and Internal" part of the first message's subject line, but thought it was shocking when I first started reading it.

But by the time I got to the end, and then got the retraction email later in the day I was laughing pretty hard.

Good job...


JerseyTechGuy 5pts

Nice rip off of that disgruntled birds game. Very creative.

Claire Wagner
Claire Wagner 5pts

I'm puzzled as to why you have published this - and programmed a pop-up to appear when I logged onto HootSuite this morning - because I just received an email from your CEO saying to keep this confidential until Monday. Are you in the games business now - and should I return to TweetDeck? I would be very sad!!

AdamVonWillis 5pts

Very clever, indeed. Owls are much better than birds. That's a fact!

jefnogueira 5pts

your game happy owls not exist an itunes store