A #HootDog Photo Essay Vol. I

By Alyssa Kritsch | 2 years ago | 15 Comments


Coming back to the office on a Monday morning is often a less than enthusiastic affair. Good thing HootSuite’s K-9 community is just as diverse and loving as our owls around the globe. There is never a shortage of cute puppies to snuggle with before, during or after a long day in the office.

So, with out further ado, let HootSuite introduce you to some of our HootDogs!


Monty has his own little castle snuggled in behind his dad David Chan, HootSuite’s Senior Software Engineer. Monty works hard to cheer up everyone in the office and is a well known cure for the workday blues.

Be friends with Monty on Twitter by following @MontyPug.



Most of the time Link is stretched out cozy with his mum Sandy Pell, HootSuite’s Public Relations + Communications Manager. If not there, he’s hiding upstairs with dad Steve Pell, a Visual Designer on HootSuite’s development team.

Be friends with Link on Twitter by following @LinkPell.



Hudson hangs out with dad Thomas Shaw, a Web Application Developer at HootSuite. He may look shy, but don’t be fooled — these floppy ears will be trotting towards you before you turn the corner.



Tulley is probably the wisest and most patient creature in the HootSuite office. She chills out next to mum Katie Shindler, Regional Sales Manager on HootSuite’s Strategic Accounts team.



“I love sticks and naps and squirrels and naps and the food that you drop.”

Leelou is full of more love than she knows what to do with and will often be spreading it all over the office. She’s HootSuite’s smallest Customer Advocate and dad Stephen O’Grady‘s number one gal.

Be friends with LeeLou on Twitter by following @LeelouHoots.




Cash can always be found hot on the heels of mum Chandra Brun, HootSuite’s Corporate Account Manager. If she’s not curled up napping, she’s probably rolling around belly up waiting for a good rub.



Louis is learning that chewing his human’s knitted hats makes them sad– so he’s adopted a ‘look, but don’t touch’ policy for the little knitted Owly. Louis really loves walks, so dad Kurtis Wallis–HootSuite’s Corporate Account Executive– lets everyone in the office have a bit of one-on-one Louis time.



They say behind every great man is an even greater woman. For HootSuite’s CEO Ryan Holmes, that lady is Mika. Always close by, Mika makes sure dad takes the time to slow down during even the busiest days.



Find Gretta sitting curled up and cozy over in HootSuite’s Pro team. She may be a tad bit reluctant about getting out of bed, but aren’t we all? Either way, she will do just about anything for dad Jaxon Lam, Affiliate and Search Specialist.



Akira is never too far from Bocar Dia, HootSuite’s Corporate Sales Manager. ‘Little queen B (B for Bocar, of course) loves sitting right up next to dad on her computer chair throne, making sure he keeps smiling throughout the workday!



Ember would like to cuddle– all the time, everyday, every minute– if she could. She says hello in smooches and adores dad Conrad Chartrand-Houlden, HootSuite’s Manager of Strategic Account Services.


Don’t forget to comment below and vote for your favorite #HootDog!

Check back next monday for volume two of #HootDogs!

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JowiHerrera 5pts

I love the #HootDog community. I vote for Link and Louis! <3 But it was a really hard decision I could keep them all!

hootsuite moderator 5pts

Dear Louis' owner, i'm available for dog sitting...

josefernando1 5pts

me quedo con leelou me agrada su estampa y su mirada.

Georgina Wood
Georgina Wood 5pts

Thanks for this post, it is just lovely to see all these wonderful dogs, it really made me smile.  Sorry, no way I can pick a favourite - they are all gorgeous!

andersarah 5pts

Ahh so much cuteness. I'm torn between Leelou and Mika. The fact that Leelou looks like she's afraid, or she wants to eat me, makes me feel compelled to choose her. Mika needs some love though, so Mika it is.

Kate Barlow
Kate Barlow 5pts

Tricky choice but Tulley gets my vote

Sandra Reynaldo
Sandra Reynaldo 5pts

I can't pick just one.

Sorry, but I love the troubler-maker-look, so I can't choose between Hudson and Leelou. These two look like they are all full of mischief (in a good way, of course).

Congrats for the post. Loved it.

Caprice 5pts

They are all so cute-- but I like Akira the best!

Ramachandra 5pts

Nice Post, love to see animals in the same environment.

a2clicks 5pts

Doggies everywhere! Leelou is the cutest!

Georges 5pts

The presence of a dog on a workplace is a factor of peace, serenity and efficiency. signed : Bayard, the Atrium Center's dog (I'm a Tervuren belgian Sheperdog).

Ross 5pts

Ember... pick of the litter. Great post too!

Sandy Pell
Sandy Pell 5pts

Love this one, and so does @LinkPell! Awesome post Alyssa - and an amazing way to showcase our #Hootdogs.

Hamel Khakhria
Hamel Khakhria 5pts

What a great post for my mid-Monday pick-me-up! Thank you Alyssa!