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HootSuite’s link sharing extension, Hootlet, has made the front page of the Google Chrome Web Store. Since July, we’ve seen the Chrome browser extension installed by over 70,000 users.

Whether you’re sharing a link, quote or image, save time and clicks with Hootlet for Chrome:

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After installing, Hootlet will inform you that it can “Access your data on all websites” and “Access your tabs and browsing activity.” Rest assured, HootSuite doesn’t store any of this information.

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With one click, Hootlet automatically copies the webpage url you’re browsing and places it in your Hootlet’s Compose Box, ready to send to your favorite social networks. With another click, Hootlet can AutoSchedule your message – selecting an optimal time to send.

Need to share a quote or an image? Custom Content Sharing adds highlighted text or selected images to your Compose Box with just a few clicks.

Hootlet Preferences
Click the Tools icon to change Hootlet preferences

You can edit Hootlet preferences by clicking the tools icon in your Chrome browser.

Hootlet make sharing quick and easy. Learn how to use each feature:

Not using Chrome? Hootlet is also available as a Bookmarklet and for Firefox.

To access as a Bookmarklet: Open your HootSuite dashboard, select Tools, then drag “Get the HootSuite Hootlet” icon into your browser toolbar.

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Ben Rachinger
Ben Rachinger 5pts

Really excited about this great new product from the awesome team @hootsuite !

Internet Marketing Up Blog
Internet Marketing Up Blog 5pts

I hope this all works out for me. I'm trying to save my time any where I can to do more tasks in order to get more accomplished. Hootsuite is a real time saver already and to be able to schedule my work is a real benefit. Thanks!

Fred Tappan

Virginia Palyka
Virginia Palyka 5pts


I'm looking for a program like this that all six of us can use remotely to check up on our social media campaigns. I use the same computer for work as I do for personal use. How can I be sure that my coworkers don't see my personal stuff meshed in?

Rsmart 5pts

It seems like this only schedules posts "today" how far into the future will is schedule things?

Michael 5pts

Thanks for posting about this, i didn't know it existed til now but it's super helpful. Now I can post/schedule tweets as I'm surfing from the actual page instead of having to switch between tabs all the time.