HootSuite5 Arrives with HTML5 Including Geo-search, Themes, Google Analytics and Native Re-Tweets

By Dave Olson | 5 years ago | 217 Comments

HTML5 HootSuiteHootSuite5

HootSuite users will see significant changes to the social media dashboard today beginning with a completely refreshed HTML5 user interface, plus geo-located search, native Twitter ReTweets, and integrated Google Analytics.


With the recent announcement of Google’s HTML5 site and many other brands like Apple on-board, HootSuite has made a substantial investment in this new technology standard. HTML5 allows us to release unique features like geo-search and drag & drop, plus improve performance with quicker tabs and streams.


HootSuite and Geo-SearchNow, search for tweets by proximity based on geo-location information sent by some (not all) users. Using this HTML 5 powered feature, you can narrow down results to messages sent from your area, wherever you are. This feature will help you learn about local resources, get tips while traveling, and find new customers or followers.

Choose your Theme

HootSuite DesignsMost noticeable is a fully re-imagined dashboard, with more space for updates and an intuitive arrangement for HootSuite’s many features. Additionally, you can now choose a design theme which suits your tastes.

Options include the familiar green & blue “Classic,” the sleek & stunning “Blue Steel,” or the darkly cool “Magnum.” Which one will you choose? Switch at your leisure to find your favorite.

Faces in your Book

Include a photo when you upload a link to Facebook, and then add titles and descriptions to make your update more meaningful and inviting. BTW, this media preview functionality was one of the most requested features on the Feedback Channel.

Another popular request? More keyboard shortcuts. We delivered: SHIFT+ENTER now sends your message to save you another mouse click. Stay tuned for more keyboard shortcuts to come.

New or Ol’school RTs

Native and automatical retweets on HootSuiteWhen Twitter launched, early users created shorthand to define actions and attributes, including @replies for addressing, #hashtags for context, and RT for Re-Tweeting or quoting a message. RT-ing became a powerful way to spread messages beyond users’ local networks.

To standardize the process, Twitter.com added an auto-Re-Tweet functionality, which HootSuite has now integrated. HootSuite users can choose whether to Re-Tweet with initials “RT” or to use the Twitter native auto-Re-Tweet tool.

We can now check this one off the feature request list too.

Google Analytics in Dashboard

Google Analytics users no longer need to switch screens to analyze site traffic and performance because all the data is now available in HootSuite’s dashboard. Using OAuth secure login functionality, you can track conversion to sales, lead generation, or other metrics from your Google Analytics, using advanced URL functions.

HootSuite with Google Analytics

Drag it, Drop it, Send it

Quickly attach an image or other file to your social update by dragging directly from the desktop and dropping into the message box — this simple act will auto-upload the file to Ow.ly file sharing and add a pre-shortened link to your message. Then you are ready to send your enhanced note to any of your social networks.


Geolocalization at HootSuiteThis release also features interface localization in Japanese, allowing more users to enjoy HootSuite in their native language. More linguistic choices are coming soon, to spread the international enjoyment.

Even Faster

The social conversation happens in real-time, so you don’t want to wait for pages and messages to load. Using HTML5 technology, HootSuite engineers tuned performance to make the web application more responsive — including caching to eliminate reloading when a user switches tabs.

This performance upgrade is especially useful for companies managing dozens of social network profiles with large teams of users.

Handier Help

Listening and learning from HootSuite’s userbase is an important part of making decisions which meet the needs of social media marketers and enthusiasts. HootSuite offers assistance via a Help Desk and and gathers opinions via a Feedback Channel. With the new release, these channels are easier to access directly right from the HootSuite dashboard. We invite you to share your ideas, and to enjoy a sense of pride when your requested feature is added to a future release.

Twitter Status

The World Cup football/soccer tournament in South Africa has shown the worldwide popularity of Twitter as fans everywhere document their opinions and the nuances of each match. This popularity is also evidenced in the massive demand on Twitter’s systems especially at gametime. Keep tabs on uptime and performance via Twitter’s status blog and API Status on dev.twitter.com.


Press release with more info about the release and related features and benefits
Media Kit with company descriptions, logos, executive bios and media contact info
News articles social bookmarks of media and blog articles referencing HootSuite

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yumiiwah 5pts

hi ! where can I download hootsuite 5 ? thank you !

Wesley Tingey
Wesley Tingey 5pts

My favorite part of this is definitely the Konnichiwa! section. On a slightly more serious note, I see there are a few themes listed in the article. How many themes total are available?

Sourav Pal
Sourav Pal 5pts

Does HS5 has app for Symbian platform, I like HS5, anyone please let me know about the symbian version app

Herberts 5pts

Excellent stuff. We love the current version, let's hope that it adds to the experience rather than removing good features. It certainly sounds good!

Nexus DMS
Nexus DMS 5pts

Woohoo! Goot love a shiny new version of Hooty!

shoaib 5pts

As hootsuite is a Social media Management. I have been using Social Networking site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and Google + would be closely watich if we an get an API.


Sagar 5pts

Great! Hootsuite is my favorite Facebook app.

Abhi 5pts

HootSuite has great features. No doubt. Can it be used for Klout analysis?

I want to use HootSuite to improve my site tweetdynamics(http://www.tweetdynamics.com) Can Hootsuite help me with getting the klout score of a twitter user?


Designbysoap 5pts

Nice! This is a quality little feature, love the stuff that HTML5 does! Good job Hoot-ers!

skinny fiber
skinny fiber 5pts

Hoot really is superior as a social dashboard and (as above) is upgrading and evolving all the time. Being cloubased is also hugely important, allowing you to have multiple, collaborating users across your organization.

cuddle comfort
cuddle comfort 5pts

I love that HTML is upgraded. Now HTML5 is having lots of new features which can be implemented. The best example is the SIMILAR IMAGES feature of google search.

Sean Ragsdale
Sean Ragsdale 5pts

Will Google+ be on your radars as a profile for us. I speak for the masses when I say that Hootsuite for Social Media is like the Kayak of destination travel. "_____ one and done!" I will be throwing every penny I have at you guys should you go public. Much love for the owls.

Tracy 5pts

Just wondering if there's any update on the horizon that will include this feature. I see this first post / request was over 6 months ago. Thx!

reco engineer
reco engineer 5pts

Is there a way to make a re-tweet be "pending" or "in the queue"? I want to be able to save up a re-tweet just like a normal message.

Carol 5pts

i'm the admin for a business acct on hootsuite and can't quite believe that this app does not let me (as the admin) see who sent what tweet in my sent items (there are 3+ people tweeting from the one acct). is there something i'm missing? surely for business accts this feature is a 'must'?

Rajesh 5pts

Any way to not have hootsuite lose my place in the time line when it refreshes? This is the one biggest irritant in using it till now - other features are great but everytime I am reviewing the time line and am a hundred tweets in the past, the refresh causes the entire timeline to scroll up to the first tweet. Thanks!

Ben Miller
Ben Miller 5pts

I'm having a problem since the upgrade: I can no longer post photos. The icon for this function is now missing (or hidden) from my hootsuite dashboard and there's a empty box between the calendar and floppy disc icons.

Could this be Flash related?

Thank you

brad 5pts

still very slow to type in the client, I googled and saw someone else complained about it on facebook.

thanks for submitting the help ticket for me.

4 days later and still awaiting assignment


Hector Lee
Hector Lee 5pts

Its really great that you're supporting HTML5 but what's with the occasional Flash around the app like analytics? Couldn't javascript be used and making it faster? Campaign Monitor recently used HighCharts to update their charts. http://www.highcharts.com/

Olivir 5pts

When i try to use analytics it says Spinner Loading ...

Robert Klein
Robert Klein 5pts

I scheduled a tweet and received confirmation that it was scheduled, however, it didn't appear under my "Pending Tweets" column. Why not?

John 5pts

I like the new Hootsuite. But... there are a couple problems. Like I said before, scheduled tweets are not going out.

Why can't you make a button for native RTs and old style RTs?? That only makes sense. I don't want just one kind. Sometimes I want to do a native and sometimes I don't. By the time I switch between them in the settings I could just go to Twitter.com and do it.

Craig Vitello
Craig Vitello 5pts

Overall, GREAT UPDATE! Google analytics isn't working, when I grant access in the browser it says "spinner loading" and the page data says "done". I'd love to get this feature working, known issue?

Dan 5pts

Love the upgrades but now when I hit the up or down arrow button at the top or bottom of the scroll bar of a given feed, it scrolls VERY slowly where it used to scroll pretty quickly. Is this a bug?

Effects Bay
Effects Bay 5pts

Is there a way to reply to multiple people? I use to just copy/paste multiple user names in my streams into my status window for #FF mentions for example. Now, when highlighting names, I also get their tweet times included... so now it's a super pain. I'm hoping I'm missing something super obvious to do this.



George 5pts

Hi, I love the new HootSuite redesign, that's my favorite part. And I would take advantage of Google Analytics but for some reason it's not working for me. Every time I try to access it it says "Unable to fetch data from Google Analytics" and please try again.

Kate Clemmer
Kate Clemmer 5pts

Our hootsuite account is no longer working since the upgrade!! When I log in, all I see are a few hootsuite items at the top of the page and nothing is functioning. The rest is just a big white blank screen below. Help please!

kip 5pts

How about sending Geo-tagged tweets using HTML5 geolocation?

alamperti | MelaPolis.com
alamperti | MelaPolis.com 5pts

Let me tell you that the updated HootSuite is awesome, far better than the original Twitter interface. Love the iPhone app, too. Keep up the good works folks!

Larva Tecnologica
Larva Tecnologica 5pts

Good app! I use for Android and the web. Congratulations.

From Spain.

Takaya 5pts

HootSuite is so useful to use plural SNS !!!!! I think SNS is chsnged by HootSuite all of the world .Especially in Japan it will be commonplace quickly for SNS users.

John 5pts

Scheduling isn't working. They don't show up in Pending and they aren't going out.

Michael Tyler
Michael Tyler 5pts

Reading all the great info with the updates, can't find how to have it. Help. Thx. M

Aaron 5pts

Like the new geo-locaton search. But is there a way to do it to restrict it to say 1 km (the smallest possible option using advanced twitter) ?

John Vasko
John Vasko 5pts

As usual, Hootsuite has knocked it out of the park. It's always a nice surprise when I get an e-mail from you. I LOVE the interface now. I often thought that the top bar took up way too much space but now it's really ideal. And you added my Facebook image feature so I don't have to go all the way to my FB page to update it and include the image.

Adele 5pts

Love it, thank hoot!!

brad 5pts

I really like the enhancements but I'm experiencing a couple of major problems. First, on two different computers/IP providers, but both using firefox, the typing is EXTREMELY slow to respond so I generally have to wait for it to catch up with me.

Second, on this computer in particular, it's not auto-refreshing for me. I have to manually do it.

Rob Bell
Rob Bell 5pts

As always, you Hootsuite gents outdo yourselves with another great set of upgrades - and as a bonus, the new version works great on my iPad too.

Fantastic, you rock!

Thanks for your continued efforts.


actvservidor 5pts

More shortcuts, please.

[I'm sorry, i don't speak english]

Greetings from Perú.

Ashley 5pts

HootSuites new updates are so wonderful! Esp the thumbnail / Facebook integration.

It would be great to also be able to customize the messages for Facebook and for Twitter - as I don't like the Twitter jargon to be displayed on Facebook, so right now I have to schedule two separate posts.

Ashley 5pts

Wondering how I link different client google analytics accounts to their twitter accounts . . .

dina 5pts

Can you let me know where I can learn how to access the analytics? Thanks!

Linda 5pts

I second that Vanessa. I added 'My Tweets Retweeted' but can't see who RT my messages either. Maybe I'm missing something too.

Vanessa 5pts

Love the upgrades except "My Tweets, Retweeted" doesn't show who RTed or how many times it was RTed like it does on Twitter... am I just missing this?

Laura 5pts

Love the new Hootsuite! I use it for work and it's really helped us with our Twitter/Facebook accounts.


Using the Hootlet for Facebook now causes the schedule/send bar to disappear when it tries to add the additional info for a link. I have to copy/paste everything over to the regular Hootsuite dashboard or else get rid of the additional info section on the hootlet window. Please fix!

Fabian Pattberg
Fabian Pattberg 5pts

Great work. I am now switching back to Hootsuite! Well done.

Attila 5pts

Wonderful! Hootsuite gets better, almost perfect: the only feature missing is the ability to measure, count and display RETWEETS from our links. That's the only reason why I still use migre.me instead of ow.ly

But, the rest, great job, guys!