Hello Hootsuite users,We’ve been busy since we opened up early upgrades to Hootsuite 2.0, responding to questions, listening to your ideas, working out kinks, and dealing with a major denial of service attack on Twitter.

Some of you have noticed some glitches with your columns for search terms and groups. We have implemented some improvements on our end, and Twitter has assured us that we can expect to have everything working on their end by Monday. Check out the Twitter Blog page for more info on the attack and Twitter’s response.

Also, a reminder: If you’re not one of the thousands that has already done so, you’re still invited to tweet for an optional early upgrade to Hootsuite 2.0. Soon, we’ll be opening Hootsuite 2.0 to everyone, with no upgrade tweet required. The choice is yours: tweet your love, and get all the features of HootSuite 2.0 today, or wait a little bit and get them later.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check out HootSuite 2.0 and provide us with your thoughts and ideas. Here’s one of our favourites.

Team HootSuite

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Chris 5pts

hootsuite rocks

Norma 5pts

That is why I like HootSuite more than Twitter

vCloud 5pts

I first heard of this on G4TV's Attack of the Show. I didn't experience any issues myself, but nice recovery anyway HootSuite.

Eimantas 5pts

no one has replied to spam in this way before. and got dugg!

Jetstar 5pts

Nice to hear it's back up, I was getting a "Twitter is being DDoS'd" today and was wondering what was up!