HootSuite Rocks! Demo Videos, Tutorials and more ~ News Round-up

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Sure, we think HootSuite rocks but of course, we’re a bit biased ;-). Fortunately others agree and created videos and tutorials to demonstrate their affection.

Here’s a selection of recent videos to check out … and there are plenty more now which we compiled into a fan videos playlist on Youtube which includes some which are a bit old (we change so fast!) but still enjoyable.

In this round-up post, we included the intro bits from the creators to set-up the clips, plus we’ve included a handful of other articles to inspire and educate. If you like ‘em, be sure to add a comment to let the vid-makers know you appreciate their diligent efforts.

As always, check HootSuite’s social bookmarks for the full firehose of news and/or drop a comment below if there is something remarkable we missed.

Nicole Yeary – Video: Why Hootsuite Rocks

A very quick video I put together in an hour based off a screenr I took on 5 things I like about Hootsuite;  Many more new @Hootsuite benefits to cover, including facebook pages, RSS and more

Music: Triple Chrome Dipped by Michna, Magic Monday 2008 Ghostly International

Tubetorial – How To Become A Twitter Power User, Part I: Using HootSuite

Hi everyone, and welcome to Tubetorial. I’m Lorraine Nepomuceno. This is the first in a series of video tutorials on becoming a Twitter power-user. Today, I want to show you how to start using HootSuite, a free service that will add a whole lot to the capabilities of your Twitter account. If, like me, you love Twitter, you’ll love HootSuite.

Dragon Bloggger – Ultimate HootSuite Tutorial

I have talked about some of the great features of HootSuite in one of my previous posts comparing TweetDeck to Hootsuite and if you are interested in knowing why you should be using the Twitter management client, you can read that post for more information on the features and benefits.

For those of you who are interested in checking out HootSuite I did a video presentation demonstrating how to use Hootsuite to manage multiple Twitter accounts, build custom tabs and columns, schedule tweets and more:

@KathleneHestir –  Four Big Hootsuite Updates You Should Know About

A great collection of what HootSuite has added recently including the Learning program, URL shortening, team collaboration tools, iPhone updates and more:

Hootsuite has been on a roll in the past few weeks making their site more friendly to marketers and heavy tweeters with tons of new features like: team collaboration tools, Hootsuite University, an additional URL shortener and a bunch of updates to their iPhone app like: translation, Facebook integration and geo-location data.

GROWMAP.COM – Twitter Tools: Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

Seeking comparisons? Growmap’s post has a stunning list of head-to-head showdowns between HootSuite and many other social tools to help you choose the best for your purposes:

Based on what I’ve seen so far, HootSuite is the clear winner (based on current popularity among power users),  a slightly less complicated but serious alternative is CoTweet, and I am still very interested in trying out Pluggio (formerly Tweetminer) which has some interesting features the others lack.

Configuring, setting up and learning tools takes valuable time so my best advice is to decide which tool you’re going to use and forget about the others.

Focus on learning to use it effectively and only change if there is a compelling reason. You will accomplish more that way and save yourself a lot of stress. Once you have mastered your first selection you can always learn another and use two as some of the comparisons below suggest.

Black Web 2.0 – How To Use Hootsuite to Coordinate Your Team and Manage Your Brand

Rahsheen wrote an in-depth review — including a detailed look at working with teams and assignments — geared towards brand managers:

With a few new feature additions, Hootsuite has filled in the gaps and taken your social media management to the next level. Most important is the Message Assignment feature. Use this to assign specific updates and messages to specific team members, including an optional note to give them a heads-up. This allows you to divide work among your team in an efficient and simple manner. For instance, customer complaints, technical support, blog posts, and kudos could all be handled by specific individuals. As the manager, you can see what your team is doing and ensure quality. Team members can also forward messages to each other in the case that another team member could better handle the situation.

To increase efficiency, reduce redundancy, and keep everyone on the same page, Hootsuite has shared columns and drafts. This means the whole team sees the same set of columns and messages. The shared drafts allow you to store pre-written responses to make sure there is a level of consistency in your communications. You can quickly see what messages have been taken care of, what is outstanding, and which have been transferred using the Assignment Tracking feature. Finally, use the Forward Updates by Email function to share messages outside of Hootsuite. This makes it easy to show off your hard work to upper management or handle special issues.

Greg de Lima – The Tools I Use

This emerging entrepreneur compiled a list of his favorite web tools to share with students:

My prime online web-base Twitter manager. The ability to control various profiles, set up columns, team management, and best of all the speed at which it runs is absolutely amazing. I have used other tools, AIR based like TweetDeck, and Seesmic (online also), but HootSuite by far has won my approval as my Twitter manager.

Associated Content – Using HootSuite to Keep You Organized with Your Social Networking Sites

Pat Bartels wrote a lengthy review of many tools in HootSuite including statistics, people browser, stream and Hootlet:

If you’re going to use Twitter and other social networking sites, this a must have tool. I never thought I would have a use for this, but as time progresses, I’m finding it invaluable. If you use several social networking sites, this will keep you connected and organized all at once. There is a lot more to HootSuite then I have indicated here. I’ve just highlighted some of the features that I use most. You can check out the other features at HootSuite.com.

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Dennis Cepero
Dennis Cepero

Awesome resources. I've been a HootSuite Pro user for about 6 months and I'll never look back. Something about the Chrome App is just so convenient.


this application is really awesome, but how can i know someone comment on my facebook?


What's about HootSuite for iPad? I'm still waiting ... ;-)

Nicole Yeary
Nicole Yeary

Thank you so much for sharing my video with other Hootsuite fans! Shouts from Chicago!

Kathlene Hestir
Kathlene Hestir

Thanks for including my post! Hootsuite is my favorite Twitter app - you guys have done a great job staying on top of creating new features to help marketers! Always enjoy seeing what you will add next:)

Dave Olson
Dave Olson

You rock! You are totally on our "awesome" list.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson

So glad you enjoyed! What's on your HootSuite wishlist next?

Kathlene Hestir
Kathlene Hestir

- Would love to have the "John Doe responded to this" and assignment feature for the Keyword and Search columns.

-Would love to be able to hit reply on different tweets and have all the handles aggregate in the response box.

-Really wish Hootsuite captured RTs when people hit the RT button on Twitter - right now they only seem to capture RTs when people manually type them out.

Oh and you should try the Disqus comment plugin for this blog - it's awesome.

You guys rock!

Kathlene Hestir
Kathlene Hestir

Oh I see now, you're right, didn't think to try that! Thanks for all your help!


Hi Kathleen! In answer to your question, you can indeed assign messages to a Search and Keyword Tracking column. Before you do this, however, you will need to share this column with the rest of your team members. We have an article on our Help Desk that will give you further insight on how to do this:


We hope we've answered your question to your satisfaction. If you have further questions, contact me at http://help.hootsuite.com


Ambassador of Happiness

Kathlene Hestir
Kathlene Hestir

RE: #1 - I see the “John Doe responded to this” for Assigned Messages in the Mentions column - but not in the Keyword and Search columns. Like when I (or someone from my team) hits reply to a tweet in a Keyword and Search columns - the blue “John Doe responded to this” box doesn't appear - but are you saying there is a way to enable that feature in those columns?

Dave Olson
Dave Olson

1) You should see the "John Doe responded to this" for Assigned Messages - it's in there

2) Hmm interesting ...

3) Working on adding Twitter native RTs

4) Definitely considering Disqus for the blog ... will add when we slow down a wee bit around here ;-)