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By Ashley Jane Brookes • 3 years ago • 7 Comments

HootSuite Info SheetHootUps – local meetups organized by HootSuite users – are popping up around the world for folks that want to get together and meet social media enthusiasts in their area to share tips, tactics, tools and experiences using HootSuite for social media fun and business.

The growing popularity of these HootUps inspired us to develop a number of handy resources to help you organize one of your own. You may have seen the recent blog post on HootUp hosting, and now we added an Info Sheet – ready for you to download or embed on your blog to help spread the word. Read it today!

Hometown HootUps

The latest Info Sheet in our Library of helpful docs and guides will help you plan a HootUp in your area. It includes useful tips and advice on everything to get you started – from scheduling tips to speaking notes.

Ready to HootUp?

Ready to rally with your local owls for a pint and conversation? There are dozens of events on the roster from Ecuador to Arkansas. Here’s how to track down local events:

International Versions

  • HootUps de HootSuite – Hoja Informativa (Español)
  • HootSuite HootUps – Informativo (Português)
  • HootSuite HootUps – Infoblatt (Deutsch)

And be sure to spread the news. Share your thoughts on Twitter with hashtag #HootSuite, to let your fans and followers know how you use the dashboard to broadcast messages and engage with your audience. We’re always tuned in, and appreciate your participation… Note: we often send a coveted #HootKit to folks who share their musings and HootSuite fanship with others.

Author: Ashley Jane Brookes

Ashley Jane Brookes has written 90 posts for the HootSource blog..

Ashley is the marketing lead for HootSuite’s brand and content strategy, with a focus on enterprise business and client success. Since 2010, Ashley has helped build the marketing efforts for the company which has seen growth in excess of 7 million users worldwide. Her speaking experience for HootSuite includes various presentations on Best Practices for Social Business as well as the World Summit Awards in Cairo where she spoke about social media’s role in the Egyptian Revolution.

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