How to Schedule Tweets and Save Time

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Whether you manage your brand’s Twitter account or need help with your own, one of the best practices to learn is how to schedule Tweets. There are many situations where being able to schedule Twitter messages comes in handy: you could have too many Tweets to handle at once, you may be out of town on vacation, or just out of office for a quick bite. It’s also important not to overwhelm your audience with too much content. However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on interesting content; with Hootsuite, you can schedule Tweets to share that valuable content later.

How To Schedule Tweets with Hootsuite

Set some time aside once a week to schedule Twitter messages with Hootsuite for the times when you are out of the office or busy. Not only is this helpful for tweeting consistently, but it also allows you to track how often you are publishing content amongst your followers and make sure you aren’t flooding their feeds. Here are 3 ways to schedule Twitter messages with Hootsuite.

1) Manually Schedule Twitter Messages

Learning how to schedule tweets with Hootsuite couldn’t be easier. Follow these 7 steps and schedule your first tweet with Hootsuite in no time!

  1. Click “Compose Message”
  2. Type your message and include links if you have any
  3. Click to select a profile(s) from the profile picker
  4. Click the calendar icon
  5. From the calendar, select the date for the message to be sent
  6. Select the time for the message to be sent
  7. Click “Schedule”
how to schedule tweets with Hootsuite's Twitter scheduler
How to schedule tweets with HootSuite in action

When would I use this? If you are a real estate agent and are hosting an open house on the weekend and have limited time, take advantage of manually scheduling your Twitter messages. You can schedule tweets in advance so that your updates can be released while you are busy. Consider sharing content such as a link to a map to the location of your open house, photos of the property and more!

2) Schedule Twitter Messages In Bulk

When would I use this? Before heading out on the road, your events team can collaborate on and build out a schedule of Twitter messages that can be uploaded in bulk (up to 350 tweets at once). This way, social messaging and content sharing can continue to publish while the events team is on the ground at the event. This leaves you free to focus on the event and less on publishing messages while you’re on the ground. Learn more about how to schedule tweets in bulk with Hootsuite Pro here!

3) Schedule Your Tweets At Optimal Times

Don’t have time to sit around and plan each tweet individually? Let AutoSchedule do the work for you by choosing a time to schedule tweets based on when your tweets perform the best.

You can AutoSchedule from both the dashboard and the Hootlet; with AutoSchedule you can automatically schedule tweets throughout the day to maintain a consistent social media presence.

Review your Scheduled Tweets

Once all your tweets are scheduled, you can still review and revise scheduled tweets from the Hootsuite Publisher. Check out our quick two minute video from Hootsuite University on how to use the publisher like a pro.

Now that you know how to schedule Tweets, schedule your Tweets with Hootsuite Pro!

Schedule your Twitter messages

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JD 5pts

Scheduling tweets via the the Hootlet is a great way to share articles or info, with out bombarding followers with a bunch of tweets all at once.

JohnDeisher 5pts

I like the various ways of scheduling. It allows me to work in a variety of ways and still remain effective in getting my messages scheduled.

michelepapaleo 5pts

To schedule Tweet with Hootsuite is a very very beautiful feature. With Hootsuite, I can organize all my social profile

JB_sits 5pts

Love using the scheduling options but tend to only schedule a day in advance in case something pops up in the news I can capitalise on.

chris_greenf 5pts

The auto schedule feature on the Hootlet is a favourite tool, allowing you to share selected content and post at optimal times.

nambaruan 5pts

A great combination comes from using Socialbro with Hootsuite to generate a 'Best Time to Tweet' report that generates a .csv file to upload to Hootsuite as Bulk Schedule.

giubertinik 5pts

Brilliant tips. Great article explained in a very cleare way for your key activities in Hootsuite

cagedgolightly 5pts

Great article. One of my favourite features of Hootsuite. 

BiancaJSmith 5pts

I love this, and use it for nearly half my twitter feed (and the same for my clients). Just remember if there's a major event, good or bad, to review everything scheduled and make changes if needed.

SWrightBoucher 5pts

I used to think scheduling tweets was cheating. It seemed like I was pretending to be online when I wasn't. But here's what I've learned. It's kinder and more useful to your followers if you spread out updates throughout the day. No one wants to be bombarded with 14 link shares when you're in the mood to curate content.

bberg1010 5pts

The combination of Hootlet + Autoschedule is amazing! Reading something and being able to share it right there saves so much time.

EmmaCunningham 5pts

I only schedule on the day of a post. That way, if something happens that makes a post wildly inappropriate, it's fresh enough in my mind that I'll remember to take it down.

AlexandreSouzaS 5pts

Programar os tweets faz com que o tempo seja realmente usado melhor. Em alguns minutos já dá para salvar um dia inteiro de trabalho. Amo essa ferramenta!

cassandrajowett 5pts

As someone whose attention is split between social media and content marketing (the latter being my primary role), scheduling must-send posts in advance using HootSuite is a huge help. It gives me more time to focus on everything else I need to do, and when I am actively wearing my Social Media Manager hat, I can use that time to actually engage with people rather than just posting marketing messages.

MontseSummum 5pts

The ability to schedule (and manage announcements scheduled) is one of the most loved features my clients. If you make a good publication schedule, track and organize your time is much easier if you have a tool that allows you to program and display (and edit) your posts. Nice!

AndiMattuju 5pts

This is Great! Be everywhere and everytime with this features. :)

mamamamiah 5pts

Very useful feature of Hootsuite ^_^