Top 10 Ways to Improve Audience Engagement on Twitter ~ Webinar

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Ashley Brookes, Senior Brand and Content Manager at HootSuite

Want to improve your Twitter presence to help boost business? Learn best practices right from the source.

HootSuite and Twitter have come together for a 3-part webinar series to provide you with advanced social media advice. In this series, we’ll provide the best practices and tactical tips you need to develop effective campaigns, build a social community and engage with your audiences. Plus, learn how to promote your best performing messages using Twitter Promoted Products.

In the first webinar you will learn:

Anne Mercogliano, SMB Marketing lead at Twitter
  • Practical advice for developing and delivering successful messaging on Twitter

  • How to optimize your delivery for your specific audiences

  • How to properly build and engage your audience

  • How to effectively promote your best performing content

Watch Ashley Jane Brookes, HootSuite’s Senior Brand & Content Manager, and Anne Mercogliano, the SMB Marketing lead at Twitter, for part one of this series.


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"Good artists copy, great artists steal"


It's the idea that we are all influenced by the times that we live (directly or not) and when we see something AWESOME. We should really draw upon the elements and make it our own. 

Through that process of seeing and doing, great and unique works are produced! 

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