Learn How McDonalds Uses HootSuite for Social Media Management

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McDonalds logoHootSuite plays an integral role in social media management for McDonalds Corporation. Their social media manager told PRWeek how they put HootSuite’s tools to use during the London 2012 Games.

Lizzie Roscoe, social media manager at McDonald’s Corporation, is featured in the PR Week article, discussing how they coordinated team members and dealt with timezones through the HootSuite dashboard during the games.

“It’s an efficient organization platform that allows our team to execute our social media plan collaboratively in one dashboard,” says Roscoe. “We can do everything we need in Twitter and Facebook from HootSuite”

The real-time features of HootSuite and the ability to schedule messages helped Roscoe’s team achieve their mission. Though all team members share the accounts in the dashboard, each one can individualize streams, depending on their expertise or focus.

Lizzie Roscoe, McDonalds Social Media Manager

“Since some team members were in London, they were able to snap pictures of action at the games and upload them through the HootSuite mobile app to our Twitter page in real time, so there was no detriment due to the time difference, adds Roscoe. “We were also able to schedule proactive tweets we wanted to send out to audiences around the world. It was great that no one had to be up in the middle of the night in the US to do that.”

Roscoe shares more secrets in the full article. Read the PRWeek piece, and learn more about HootSuite Pro and Enterprise tools here.


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