Anatomy of a Tweet ~ A #HootSuite Case Study with MediaLeaders

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HootSuite Case StudyRecently, the MediaLeaders founder, Josh Ochs collaborated with the HootSuite Enterprise team to execute a social marketing campaign designed to track a customer’s path from tweet to transaction for the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

The objective? Tie room bookings and transactions to specific social media actions — like tweets or Facebook posts — gathering metrics to allow the team to optimize their messaging and outreach tactics.

Find out how the Las Vegas resort, known for its celebrity clientele, executed their social media strategy and which HootSuite features they used in the process.

From Tweet to Transaction

MediaLeaders are a social media strike team that manage Facebook and Twitter campaigns. Using HootSuite, the team sought to showcase how profitable social media could be for a business accustomed to traditional ROI methods. The Palm Hotel used a number of HootSuite tools including social analytics, monitoring, team collaboration and geo-location features to develop a campaign and contest to achieve their goals.

Check out the Case Study to find out how the Palms Hotel used the dashboard to accomplish their objective and how you can apply it to your business.

Advanced Study with HootSuite University

HootSuite University sat down with Josh for a thorough examination of the campaign in a 45 minute video available in its entirety to HootSuite University students. Focusing on analytics, Josh and the HootSuite University team explored the correlation between revenue and social media engagement.

Here is a quick teaser to highlight some of the key findings.


Not a HootSuite University Member yet? Head on over to to find out more about the benefits of this advanced social media certification program.

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Philip Buuck
Philip Buuck 5pts

It's research and studies like this that make me glad I use HootSuite to manage my Twitter accounts. Way to think outside the box everyone!

SixtyLP 5pts

Good very goood information

Kemp 5pts

Fantastic Case Study! Very valuable information. I hope we get to more ways that social media can drive direct revenue activities for organizations!