New release (beta v1.8): feeds, @replies, and more time zones

By HootSuite • 5 years ago • 6 Comments

Additions / fixes for current release (beta v1.8):

  • Added a “Feed” tab, which displays all of your incoming tweets
  • Added “@Replies” tab to view all of your @replies
  • Added the ability to reply to incoming tweets
  • When creating a new tweet: Send “Now” is selected by default, and Send “Later” is pre-populated with the current date/time+15mins
  • Additional time zones. We now have: Europe, Americas (North and South), Africa, Asia, Australia, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Antarctica
  • Fixed an issue where following @HootSuite auto-enabled device updates
  • Fixed an issue where some scheduled tweets were not sent out
  • Fixed minor issues with character counter
  • Updated the date picker
  • Improved integration with
  • Creating a new tweet: “Add Link” now says “Shrink It”
  • Identified which fields are required for signup process
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements


More great features on the way, including custom feeds, DM’s and more detailed stats!

Thanks to everyone for your feedback.


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