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Schedule Tweets & Save Time with HootSuite Publisher

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Schedule Tweets with Hootsuite

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There are tons of reasons why being able to schedule tweets is useful: you could have too many tweets to handle at once, you may be out of town on business, or even eating lunch. And now, here is another great reason to schedule tweets: To prevent overwhelming your audience with content. That’s right, you can schedule tweets to save that valuable content for later!

Update: we have created an updated (and more comprehensive) version of this post that you can view on Slideshare at this link

Schedule Tweets with HootSuite

Set some time aside once a week to schedule tweets with HootSuite for the times when you are out of the office or busy. Not only is this helpful for tweeting consistently, but it also allows you to track how often you are publishing content amongst your followers and make sure you aren’t flooding their feeds.

Schedule Tweets with Hootsuite - Publisher

Schedule Tweets: 3 Types of HootSuite Scheduling

There are three different and handy ways to schedule tweets using the HootSuite dashboard:

1) Manual Schedule
2) Bulk Scheduling
3) AutoSchedule

1) Schedule Tweets with HootSuite: Manual Schedule

Learning how to schedule tweets with HootSuite couldn’t be easier. Follow these 7 steps and schedule your first tweet with HootSuite in no time!

1.  Click “Compose Message”
2.  Type your message and include links if you have any
3.  Click to select a profile(s) from the profile picker
4.  Click the calendar icon
5.  From the calendar, select the date for the message to be sent
6.  Select the time for the message to be sent
7.  Click “Schedule”

How to schedule tweets with HootSuite in action

Example: When would I use this?
Real Estate Agent – If you are hosting an open house on the weekend and have limited time, take advantage of scheduling. You can schedule tweets in advance so that your updates can be released while you are busy. Consider sharing content such as a link to a map to the location of your open house, photos of the property and more!

2) Schedule Tweets with Hootsuite: Bulk Scheduling (Pro feature)

Example: When would I use this?
Events Team – Before heading out on the road, the Events Team can collaborate on and build out a schedule of messages that can be uploaded in bulk (up to 350 tweets at once). This way, social messaging and content sharing can continue to publish while the Events Team is on the ground at the event. This leaves you free to focus on the event and less on publishing messages while you’re on the ground. Learn more about Bulk Scheduling with HootSuite here!

3) Schedule Tweets with HootSuite: AutoSchedule

Don’t have time to sit around and plan each tweet individually? Let AutoSchedule do the work for you by choosing a time to schedule tweets based on when your tweets perform the best.

You can AutoSchedule from both the dashboard and the Hootlet; with AutoSchedule you can automatically schedule tweets throughout the day to maintain a consistent social media presence.

*Top Secret HootSuite Trick: Hootlet (with AutoSchedule)

We call this our secret weapon because it allows you to easily share content. As an extension in the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers, the Hootlet automatically takes content you want to share and pops it into a message, ready to go. With one click, you still have all the same schedule options available to you as in your HootSuite dashboard. To download it, just click the link beneath, or watch the video for more information.

download now button

Review your Scheduled Tweets with HootSuite Publisher

Once all your tweets are scheduled, you can still review and revise them from the HootSuite Publisher. Check out our quick two minute video from HootSuite University on how to use the publisher like a pro.

Sign up for a HootSuite Webinar Today!

To learn more about how to Schedule Tweets, as well as other key features of the HootSuite dashboard, make sure to register for one of our Webinars held by our highly educated Social Media Coaches.


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Whats the difference with the Publisher and the Bulk Feature. It appears that the Bulk feature just allows you to put everything in an "excel" format, while the publisher does the same thing but you have to go through all the steps over for each one - but overall same scheduled output function? 

HootSuite_Help_Desk moderator

Hello Melissa,

Thanks for reaching out to us here on our blog! My name is Paige and I am happy to assist you.

Auto-Schedule will pick the most optimal time within 24 hours to post your scheduled message. This is based off of your activity along with your Followers.

I hope this helps clarify Melissa! Should you have any further questions, please reach out to us over Twitter at @HootSuite_Help.

We look forward to hearing more from you there if you need help!

Best regards,

Paige @HootSuite_Help -


When you post using auto-schedule, do I have to schedule the day-of or could I say auto-schedule this tweet to go out on this given day?


What are the limits in a PRO account?

1. Is it correct that I can have up to 50 social profiles in one PRO account?

2. In this post I read that bulk uploads can consist of up to 350 messages in one bulk, is this correctly understod?

3. Is there a total limit on the number of scheduled messages?


I have 25 social profiles

Each profile is scheduled for 90 messages pr. month

This gives a total of 2250 scheduled messages

Is this possible in Hootsuite PRO?

If not, what alternative solution will you suggest?



@HootSuite_Help_Desk Are you considering changing Auto Schedule so we can use this function beyond the 24 hour period? I haven't been able to find this as a suggestion in the Feedback Forum.

HootSuite_Help_Desk moderator

@PeterHansen Hi Peter,

I'm happy to share that what you're looking to do is definitely possible through HootSuite Pro.

For your first two questions, you are correct though the specifications of how the 350 messages are counted in a bulk upload is a little tricky at times. For your third question, there is no limit to the pure number of messages that you can have scheduled.

The trickiness with the bulk scheduling limit is that it counts not only the messages in the .csv file but also the messages that have already been scheduled to that social network. So if you're uploading a file of 50 messages to your Twitter account that already has 325 messages scheduled, the total is more than 350 and it won't work. Also note that if your .csv file has 50 messages but you're uploading it to three social networks at once, this would be counted as 150 messages.

I hope that helps to answer some of your questions but if you'd like some further details, please send us a tweet @HootSuite_Help and we'd be more than happy to expand on the subject.


Nicole @HootSuite_Help -

HootSuite_Help_Desk moderator

@cameo_edwards @HootSuite_Help_Desk

Hi Cameo,

Thank you for reaching out to us, we're happy to help!

Currently, this is not on our product roadmap. That being said, our Developers are constantly working on ways to improve our user's workflow, we appreciate your feedback!

As suggestions on our Feedback forum are created by our users, it appears that this suggestion has not yet been made. Please feel free to make this suggestion!

Thanks, Cameo!

Kind Regards,

Amy @HootSuite_Help -

HootSuite_Help_Desk moderator

@cameo_edwards @HootSuite_Help_Desk

Hi Cameo,

Thank you for your contacting us, we're happy to help!

This is currently not on our product roadmap, however our Developers are constantly looking at new ways to improve our user's work flow. 

As the suggestions on our feedback forum  are submitted by Hootsuite users, it appears that it has not yet been suggested. Please feel free to make this suggestion!

Thank you for your feedback!

Kind Regards,

Amy  @HootSuite_Help -