Re-branding the Art of Skateboarding, Community Events Spotlight

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Image courtesy of Jamcouver

The art of skateboarding has, for a long time now, fallen under the radar of mainstream cultural and arts agendas. But that’s about to change, as a handful of social media savvy millennials are taking the initiative to re-brand the sport.

Even though social media is breaking down the barriers to getting a story told, how you manage your social accounts still matters. The Jamcouver Cultural Society uses a variety of social mediums to tell their story, managing these accounts on the HootSuite dashboard.

Social media management has allowed Jamcouver’s organizers to scale the process by providing direct access to niche online communities.


HootSuite is proud to sponsor the Jamcouver Cultural Society’s highly anticipated skateboarding event tomorrow, August 3, in Vancouver, BC.

The event aims to promote arts and culture by bringing the creativity back to skateboarding. Jamcouver society is a non-profit group that aims to raise money to fund a sustainable indoor skateboard facility for the City of Vancouver.

Interested in attending? Find out more at the Jamcouver website.

Photo courtesy of Jamcouver.
Photo courtesy of Jamcouver.

Hoo’s Hooting Skateboarding

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Katherine Tattersfield
Katherine Tattersfield 5pts

It's awesome that you guys are supporting skateboarding, but I'm a bit surprised by the article's premise. Maybe I'm biased because I skate, but I see a lot of interest in skateboarding in mainstream society, at least in the US. In the last few years there have been a few movies that focused on skateboarding and Penny skateboards are extremely popular here in Los Angeles with teens, younger adults, and collectors. I go by my old high school frequently, and there were almost no skaters when I attended. Now there are tons of kids cruising around on all types of boards.

Alyssa Kritsch
Alyssa Kritsch moderator 5pts

@Katherine Tattersfield Katherine, I agree. It's so great to see skateboarding becoming more mainstream as well as so many skaters out there!

The article aims to recognize that very fact and see what opportunities we have to expand the impact of the sport even further -- into media, arts and beyond! 

Thanks so much for comment.