Social Media Scheduling and Profile Protection Tools from #HootSuite

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 4 years ago | 133 Comments

Social Media Management

Reach the next level of social media management with HootSuite’s newest publishing tools: Publisher views, Limited Permissions and Profile Picker.

Social Media Scheduling

HootSuite was the first social media tool to offer message scheduling, now with the new publisher tool, you can plan your updates with greater ease. Slice and dice the destination profiles for each message and drag-and-drop your updates into timeslots to match your editorial plans.

While the whole power of daily/weekly/monthly calendar view is available with Pro and Enterprise plans, everyone can take the advanced scheduling functionality for a spin to see how calendar views can manage complex campaigns.

social media management tool tools for facebook
HootSuite Publisher Calendar View

This publisher tool takes the place of the former Pending Tweets column – to get started, click the paper airplane in the Launch Bar and plan (and edit) your posts across networks.

Limited for Control

Have an intern who’s not quite ready to take the reins to your corporate social profiles? With new Limited Profiles, Enterprise teams can prevent gaffes and stay on course with a “read & draft” account.

With this designation, your collaborating interns, contractors and new recruits can share search streams and compose messages, but are limited from broadcasting directly to valuable corporate profiles. Instead, drafts are held for approval in the calendar view until a qualified Team Member pushes to the send queue. It’s ideal for ensuring accurate and appropriate updates. This feature is the latest in a swath of social media security features added to the dashboard.

facebook tools social media tool social media management

Smarter Selections

HootSuite Social Network Profile Picker Increase your publishing IQ by selecting profiles – one, several or all – in the new Publisher view with a convenient auto-complete text field for broadcasting messages.

Save time by creating a list of favorite profiles which are ready at a single click plus select your frequently updated account as a default. You’ll feel like a genius with all the time you save.

Articles with Answers

The diligent Support Owls have updated the Help Desk with operational articles about these tools. Wing by for screenshots and step-by-steps about your new tools. Have more ideas? Share your thoughts or vote up other suggestions on the HootSuite  Feedback Channel.

For additional information and screenshots, please visit the HootSuite Smart Publishing press release, available in both English and Spanish.

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Kim Landolfi
Kim Landolfi 5pts

That is a very good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere. Simple but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this one. A must read article!

loventine 5pts

Really great! I love your tools Hootsuite. Always trying to make us our lives a little easier.

Josh Topten
Josh Topten 5pts

Great update guys, this has been a long time coming. Sometimes the wrong tweet at the wrong time can cause disasters - permissions are a must!

Read More
Read More 5pts

Well done Hootsuite. Useful tools you got there, keep it up and greetings from Macedonia. :)

Avioes a Venda
Avioes a Venda 5pts

Good Work ! This little treat! Scheduling updates just got a bit easier.

Kristina | Online Printing
Kristina | Online Printing 5pts

I love these features! Keep ‘em coming! You’ve been making my life a lot easier with the scheduling. It’s nice to sit down and get it all done at once.

Jim Hicks
Jim Hicks 5pts

Brand new to HootSuite and have several scheduling questions. Is pist possible to create a message and have is repeat automatically in a determined interval, like x hours, days, weeks, etc. I am comparing this to a feature in socialoomph. Thanks.

Liz 5pts

I'd also like to see the return of the "pending tweets" column. As great as the publisher feature is, the pending tweets column allows a quick glance at what's happening on the dashboard without having to navigate between multiple pages. This is really key for us where we have multiple teams working across a number of accounts.

Judith Austin
Judith Austin 5pts

This new publisher tool is not working for me. I have a post scheduled for a work account at 7 am tomorrow that I wan't to delete but can't. There us a button to "delete" and "edit" on the right but when I click on them nothing happens...

Kevin 5pts

Hootsuite- we love the new publisher feature but we still want to have the "pending tweets" column next to the "sent tweets" column in the main dashboard. Can you bring back that option?

Banfi Social Media
Banfi Social Media 5pts

This new change is adding such high amounts of increased time in managing our 10+ brands & 20+ profiles. Can you please add the pending stream back as an option so we can use both?

I'm considering changing services due to this ... just not time efficient anymore.

nelly 5pts

The new “publisher” function is not very helpful. I can't see my pending stream post and I waste my time to go back and forth between two pages... How can I come back in the old version?

Thank you

Mel 5pts

I have to agree with those who are against the new Publisher feature for all of the reasons already stated. But if Publisher is here to stay, I do hope we will be able to reincorporate the Pending Stream as an option. Thank you!

erin p
erin p 5pts

and now all scheduled posts are showing up on the calendar view, but not the list view...

Debi 5pts

When will this feature be fixed?!?! I scheduled a week's worth of tweets/updates last night and I usually print them for my boss to approve but they are STILL not appearing in the "scheduled" section of your new publisher view. They are MIA until they actually publish.. and some DON'T. My clients are very upset... do you have an estimated date it will be working?

erin p
erin p 5pts

over the weekend, i scheduled a half a month of individual daily tweets & FB posts yesterday (not csv uploading as i have the free acct)…the one post scheduled for today went out, but i see NONE of my hard work showing up in the publisher “scheduled messages” section, nor are

they in my individual pending post streams…i don’t even get a continuously spinning arrow, which might indicate my posts are just not loading on the screen properly.


Justin 5pts

Please fix bulk scheduling feature... this is causing problems

Jennie 5pts

So does this feature remove the need for the pending posts column? I've noticed things showing in my scheduled section as shown here on the calendar but not in the pending column. Also, I've noticed that I don't have the option for unlimited scheduling - it's limiting me to 100 tweets scheduled at a time. Do I have to pay 14k for the enterprise just to have unlimited scheduling now?

Khang Tran
Khang Tran 5pts

We're a paid user of Hootsuite, and a new customer, too. Originally we signed up for your service because of your original bulk scheduling function. We schedule our Social Media campaign 6 months in advance, and Hootsuite had the capability to handle what we need. With your new Publisher, the 100 scheduled tweet limit is not going to work for us. We don't mind paying for what we need, but with this new Publisher, Hootsuite no longer meets what we need. The new design is great, we love the new design. It's easy to navigate. However, as a small business, our core need is the ability to schedule large amount of messages ahead of time. We are seriously evaluating other competing tweet-scheduling services that cost many times what we're paying you.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Our pardons Jeff. We've pushed out some refinements and are back on track.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

We are working on refinements and just pushed out some bug fixes. Please let us know if you are still having problems.

Diddybears 5pts

It's broken, it's fixed, it's broken, it's fixed, it's broken again....

Never seen such a buggy beta - please switch back to the old scheduler so people can resume their business tweeting while you fix everything that's broken!

Dina 5pts

Our team is REALLY not liking the new user interface for Publisher. I schedule a tweet and the home screen says "you have no pending tweets" so I schedule again and then it posts twice. Please give us an option to have the old way. This new tool is clunky and not user friendly.


Dina Light-McNeely

EVP Digital Strategy Rosie Pope Maternity

Bethany 5pts

Thank You Hootsuite, it has been fixed today... I love the new look.

Adrienne Romano
Adrienne Romano 5pts

I also agree with Jennifer.

In addition, the list view for pending posts is not working for us. Any recommendations? I can only view it in the calendar format.


E.G. 5pts

The Publisher view is a nice addition. But I hope you’re making using it optional, and will respect how individual users prefer to work. I see this checkbox in my regular view that says “Remove all existing Pending Streams” and I can’t get it to go away. I want to keep my Pending Streams; for me it’s more convenient to see pending tweets alongside my other streams.

tania 5pts

would it import or sync with ical? outlook? that would be amazing!

tania 5pts


Bram Scolnick
Bram Scolnick 5pts

I miss the pending tweets columns, but can live without them if I must. What I cannot live without is a clear message for each stream indicating where there are unsent messages. Can the calendar views be updated to show postings in red indicating a posting did not go out? that would be great.

Denis Oakley
Denis Oakley 5pts

The new publisher seems great but it has one big flaw. The limit of 100 messages per SM network.

This has probably been done to stop spammers but it is a bad idea for the following reasons.

We run about 5 - 10 separate campaigns targetting our audience on twitter. These include music, books, specific event information. All of these we know up to a year ahead how and when we are going to do them. So we can use the bulk upload to fire and forget them. That then enables us to spend our SM time engaging with customers and their individual responses to these campaigns. This is one of the reasons why @beyondt2 has a klout of 64.

We currently have something over 1000 tweets queued on the system and now need to spend the 5 - 6 seconds required to delete each one, abandon a years campaign planning and then have the added complexity of spending time each day of managing multiple campaigns.

It would be great if there can be some dispensation on this

Rob 5pts

Bring back the pending messages column!!!

Tony Michael
Tony Michael 5pts

Dear Hootsuite,

I've been a long time fan, and happily paying customer since you rolled out your subscription model.

Your new publisher is a great tool, HOWEVER it is NOT a replacement for a pending stream!

It would be a great ADDITION, and great TOOL, but NOT a substitute ! ! !

It makes NO sense to take away the pending stream, now if I want to see what is coming up and/or make edits, instead of all of that info being right there, where my open browser window sits (literally ALL day) I will have to leave that page, and go to another page where I will also NOT be able to see my sent, mentions, DM's, etc. My "Main Hub".

What on earth were you thinking?

I've seen the endless stream of unhappy customers like myself going at you.

We will see if you listen or not.

There can NOT be one good reason to remove the pending stream... EXCEPT

for who ever came up with the Publisher concept deciding that their idea is

more important than what your customers want.

Why can you not have both???

If you don't have the pending stream back within the week.

I would kindly like instructions on how to cancel my account.


Your Future Former Customer - @TonyMichael

PJ 5pts

Is there some way I can have pending tweets column and click to new Publisher if needs be. Going back and forth from dashboard to Publisher to dashboard to publisher is not time efficient. Thanks

Ron Burley
Ron Burley 5pts

Hey... scheduling via Hootlet doesn't appear to be working with your new Publisher. Really like the Hootlet functionality. In fact, it's the main reason I'm using Hootsuite rather than that other deck thing.

Cindy 5pts

Where I am sure there is good new functionality, I like how I can easily scroll over to my pending column to see what I have scheduled. I am extremely frustrated to not have this ability now!!!! I hope I am just not seeing how I can have both.

Mike 5pts

really like the old "style" much better... how bout a choice?

maybe we can work into the new one, but the old one works best for our company-

Heather 5pts

Please give people the option to decide if they want pending streams or not. I don't understand why it has to be one way or another - if you want to be the best dashboard service, give people more flexibility and control rather than taking features away.

Robert 5pts

This seems like it might be helpful for some, but by and large the response to losing the pending posts column had been hugely negative. Why take it away? Let us have both. It breaks workflow terribly to have to load a separate page, be unable to test links by clicking on them, etc. I've moved to Seesmic until the column is restored.

TaylorPond 5pts

The new Publisher with no option to keep the Pending stream is truly messing up our workflows and from what we are reading all over the net is certainly nto a positive move. While this might be nice for some people it takes away from the dashboard and makes it virtually impossible to manage the dozens of Clients that we do. Whatever with the new Publisher but bring back the streams or we will have to look for another tool which we really would rather not do.

nick sampson
nick sampson 5pts

can you not schedule posting of images on Hootsuite?

Dave Asprey,
Dave Asprey, 5pts

This is awesome - it's exactly what I'd have designed if I had the time. The calendar views are so much more helpful than a list of pending tweets. The visual layout is intuitive and easy. What a big improvement! Why would I ever log in to Twitter directly again?

Jennifer Moline, PsPrint
Jennifer Moline, PsPrint 5pts

Is it possible to make the Publisher tool a column in my Stream? I really liked having all my columns -- including Pending Tweets -- lined up for easy viewing and managing.

Kevin Marston
Kevin Marston 5pts

First up I dislike the new Scheduling Publisher with a passion.

As a paid subscriber using multiple accounts why can I not be given the option to use the 'upgrade' or continue to use the Pending Stream as before?

Also why after using Publisher must I return to the Home page ie my first account and I then have to click again to another account.

As a multiple account user it was more convenient to see all mentions/dm's/sent/pending etc at the same time on one screen now I cannot.

I previously had all my facebook pending accounts on one stream which I can no longer do!

The changes appear to be useful and attractive for single account users but not for multiple account users.

I look forward to your response.

Kevin Marston

E.G. 5pts

The Publisher view is a nice addition. But I hope you're making using it optional, and will respect how individual users prefer to work. I see this checkbox in my regular view that says "Remove all existing Pending Streams" and I can't get it to go away. I want to keep my Pending Streams; for me it's more convenient to see pending tweets alongside my other streams.

KarenLeePA 5pts

I think the new publisher is going to be fantastic, once we're all used to it. BUT...there was an advantage to having the pending as a stream for easy viewing of what needed to be scheduled compared to what already was.

Is there a way to make that easier to do?

Steve Lunceford
Steve Lunceford 5pts

Is there a way to retain the old Pending columns/views vs using the new Publisher tools?

It's difficult to determine which pending message is for which network in the new format - there's no channel logo delineation in the List view by message and no logo at all in the calendar view.

I like being able to look at all channels for a particular org at the same time, which worked well using columns, but not so well in new view.

Same goes for calendar views -- daily/weekly require scrolling vs at a glance, and monthly seems handy, but no way to tell which scheduled messages are FB vs Twitter vs LI or other channel.

Ray 5pts

Great update! Thank you so much for this little treat! Scheduling updates just got a bit easier.