What is Your Opinion on Social Media Automation? Question of the Week

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By Hannah Clark | 1 year ago | No Comments

These days, it can sometimes feel like you are just trying to keep your head above water when it comes to social media tasks.  You need to be able to give your followers awesome content, while also fielding comments and questions, across multiple networks.

Luckily for us there are a ton of tools out that that we can use to help with our social media efforts. Social media automation is a hot topic in the industry, so last week we asked our followers: What is your opinion on social media automation?

We got a ton of really great answers, some even questioned whether our Tweet was scheduled (all i can say is… it’ll always be a mystery). The answers were across the board: some people don’t agree with automation and some really do. One interesting thing stood out however. Let’s look at your answers to see:

Automation can be a really great thing. Having tools to help us schedule and find quality content can save us tons of time and effort. The time you once wasted on researching content and setting alarms for when you should be posting can now be spent on getting into conversations with your followers. Automation can also help you stay consistent when there is a lack of manpower.

Sometimes it can be tough to find the balance of using automation tools to ensure your success, and just using it too much. Nobody wants to turn their social media presence into a robot. It’s also important to remember that automation works better with human oversight. This point is reinforced by a history of inappropriate Tweets by businesses. For example, a few brands sent out ill-timed Tweets after the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

The overall picture we found with your answers was that as long as there was a person somewhere along the line, automation works. There are a couple rules however, like not automating when it comes to engagement and approving all the content you are promoting. The right balance of automation and human interaction is a great way to get your message out there on all of your networks.

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dashkitten 5pts

It is all very well for your respondent to say 'If its not human it's a PA system' but the world is a big place and we are not awake 24/7. Without a degree of scheduling my audience (and buyers) would be limited to New Zealand (tiny) and Australia (slightly larger ;-) Sorry but I need that automation. I catch up with customers when I see them on Twitter and FB - give them a warm welcome and a lot of interaction but without scheduling my new little business would die.

BrianMulawka 5pts

If automation means that technology helps people finds things to talk about and schedule/post it in an effective way then it is great. If you mean the bots that scour the web to find content that you don't see and post it on your behalf - it's one of the things that is worst about social media.

kylemjones 5pts


I think your final paragraph says it all - there must be a person involved. COMPLETE automation doesn't work because it creates the (potential) assumption of an uncaring entity (the business/individual posting).  We must all remember that the medium carries the name SOCIAL media for a reason.