#HootTip: Forward Tweet by Email in #HootSuite

By Jessica Wakeman | 4 years ago | 9 Comments

Hoot Tip of the DayThe HootSuite dashboard is loaded with features and tools to help you make the most of your social media management… and we’re always adding more.

With so many ways to use HootSuite, even advanced Owls may need a refresher, so here’s a new #HootTip all about a handy HootSuite feature.

Send to Email

Are some of your co-workers not using Twitter? Want to forward an interesting Tweet to a friend or colleague? Or perhaps get your relatives excited about social web.

Use HootSuite’s “Send to Email” button for a handy way to bring them into the conversation. This “Send to Email” button will automatically paste the selected Tweet into the body of your email, plus you can also add notes before sending.

Here’s How:

1) Hover over a status update in one of your streams and click on the drop down menu.

Send an email with your favorite message straight from HootSuite

2) Click the “Send to Email” button – The dashboard will then access your default e-mail program and add the selected Tweet into the message along with the “Sent from HootSuite” signature to provide context.

3) Add email recipient – plus add notes as needed for your thoughts – and send away

Send an email with your favorite message straight from HootSuite

These buttons couldn’t be easier to use! Give these shortcuts a try the next time you’re responding to or sharing Tweets.

Stay tuned for more #HootTips – they’re short, sweet and re-Tweetable so you can share your HootSuite expertise with your friends and followers. Some lucky RTers may just find themselves with a #HootKit… It’s our way of saying “Thanks for spreading the word.”

ChristianBase 5pts

This doesn't appear to work if I use Gmail as my default email app.  Is that correct?  All I get is a new blank Chrome tab that opens and then closes after a few seconds.

Melanie 5pts

Hello Dave,

sorry if my question seems dumb but where exactly can I find this setting? I'm using google app email as well.

Thank you :)

Art 5pts


Taking this a step further, a great feature request would be the ability to create a "HootSuite Network" that was a default email account to which to send a message.

For example, I routinely forward about half my tweets to a specific email list. I'd love to be able to select that as a Network from the dashboard so I didn't have to do half a dozen manual steps for each forward.



Michael 5pts

Please provide a direct email or phone number for HootSuite technical support.

The community help pages do not provide answers to the several account issues I am having.

For purposes of full disclosure, I will have no choice but to leave Hootsuite if the account issues are not resolved.

Tony Waldop
Tony Waldop 5pts

I do not have time to look for nettle in a hay stack and try and find where

might have a solution to the problem written somewhere. I have

already wasted 3 hours on that!!! Hootsuite will not let me connect to my

DominionNW twitter account. Says it is owned by tony72662@ which is me as

well. When looking around to try and figure it out I notice that this is a

very common problem that people in counter when using Hootsuite, but I

could not find a workable solution.

This link here that I'm responding this email from doesn't was well. I

belive you have I great product that could be helpful to me, I do not have

20, 50 or ....... hours to try and figure it all out. I post a tick at your

desk the other day and have heard nothing.

I just need to know if hootsuite is going to work for me and if there are

simple solutions, and if so what are they?????

Thank you,


I don't even know if this is email to hootsuite, I'm finding it impossible

to email hootsuite, Wasting time I do not have with hootsuite!!!

Lawrence Evans
Lawrence Evans 5pts

How can I have the email function go to my gmail account as opposed to outlook? Thank you.