by Kate LeGresley

A flagging economy means sales. Take advantage! Now more than ever people should be saving money whenever they can. There’s always a good feeling that comes with purchasing a gorgeous new outfit at half price, or saving big bucks on a brand new television.

Here is a list of people to follow for money-saving promotions, coupons and advice. By following these bargain-savvy tweeple, you could save, uh, millions. Or at least a few pennies.

The list below represents twitter accounts dedicated to saving you money. A few of the profiles are by moms saving money on food and baby supplies. Plus a few digital bargain hunters. We’ve used to give the profiles a rating out of 100. Let us know if you have any to add!


A few insights to consider:
Bargainista – One of my favorites because she tweeted about the Apple one day sale, and Holts. Plus she’s in Canada.
5DollarDinners – Has some great tips and ideas for making $5 dinners.

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