Twitter Tool Comparison Fest ~ News Round-up

By Jessica Wakeman | 5 years ago | 43 Comments

Indeed, there are a several other companies building tools for publishing to Twitter and other social media publishing platforms. And of course, each has a distinct focus, feature-set, and an audience of enthusiasts.

While we concentrate on building tools to help spread messages, monitor conversations and track results, several sites have put HootSuite head-to-head with other social tools to give the tale of the tape.

We’ve dug up a few recent (and one older) comparisons to share… kicking it off with a fun one which is a few months old, but worth the wait:

FlowTown: If Twitter Clients Were Action Stars

What would Chuck Norris do if he had to take down some chumps in a new and unfamiliar landscape? He would march in like he’s been there a million times and take care of the job. And then he’d tweet about it…undoubtedly via HootSuite. Similarly, HootSuite runs entirely online, allowing you to manage your networks with ease and style no matter where you happen to be and whatever Internet-connected operating system you are using.

ZDNet: CoTweet vs. HootSuite: Battle of the business Twitter apps

Who wins this battle? It’s really a tough call, as neither is a silver bullet in its current form. In the end, however, I need to recommend HootSuite as the free Twitter business application of choice. Its intuitive analytics, customizable dashboard, ability to integrate other social networks, and tweet management are overall superior to that of CoTweet.

Nate Bal: The Difference Between TweetDeck, HootSuite And Seesmic

Different programs = different features. Though all of these programs are real-time browsers that connect you with your contacts across multiple social networks they don’t necessarily have all the same features. See the graph below.

Nate Bal: The Difference Between TweetDeck, HootSuite And Seesmic

Articles Base: Social Oomph Or Hootsuite Is The Question!

After some in depth comparisons of Social Oomph and Hootsuite I decided that the following features were the best to bring  up on both programs: Social Oomph or Hootsuite will both do what you want them to manage your Twitter account and automate it for you.

Dragon Blogger: Comparing HootSuite to TweetDeck

Keep in mind that Tweetdeck is an Adobe Air application that installs on your desktop while Hootsuite is a completely web based application that doesn’t need to install so this leads to some difference from how the applications work. So without further chatter, I present to you the pros and cons of both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck and you can decide which works best for your needs.

Stephanie Burt: Product Review: Tweetdeck vs. Hootsuite

For me, the clear winner is Hootsuite. My multiple account management started in Tweetdeck, but I feel its more for users that have one or two account to manage. In Hootsuite, the ability to preschedule tweets/status updates alone is a lifesaver. Its an everything, but the kitchen sink type of product, which gets my 100% support. Now only if it really did the dishes.

Baby Boomer Entreprenuer: A Review of Hootsuite as compared with TweetDeck

I mostly like Hootsuite and will probably keep using it, but I don’t think I’ll give up Tweetdeck entirely, if for no other reason than to keep up with new followers. I think it’s easier to update my Facebook profile and page from Hootsuite and I really like the schedule later feature.

Need more? Explore past News Round-ups and, if there are others you think need to be shared, please let us know with a comment.

Daniel Blumen
Daniel Blumen 5pts

Nice comparison. Since I just started my social media internship I tested several Twitter tools in order to find out which one is the best for me and the company. I like the Hootsuite tool and wanted to leave some positive feedback here.

v7web 5pts

I have only just come across HootSuite and what a great blog. I just love your logo and the different expressions the owl has on each page.

Paul Profitt
Paul Profitt 5pts

I'm still trying to make up my mind whether or not to use these Twitter apps. I do most of my tweets direct from my blog. Or I tweet directly from the site that I've just visited.

Susan Byorick aka LILDAISY44
Susan Byorick aka LILDAISY44 5pts

will HootSuite ever make it so you can have more than 140 characters? It's kinda hard 2 get ur point across with so few. I do love this better than regular twitter though. I just started using HootSuite & LOVE the fact that you can have the different rows, that way ur able to keep each row designated 2 ur lists.

wish the pre had a set up like blackberry.


Julie D'Aloiso
Julie D'Aloiso 5pts

Sorry to correct you, but Tweetdeck can now schedule tweets.

It is hard to keep up. They just did an upgrade last week.

Nate Balcom
Nate Balcom 5pts

You guys keep changing things up so often it's hard to keep track. It's what prompted my initial post. Well that's progress for you. Thanks for the link love. Keep up the good work and happy blogging.

Francisco George
Francisco George 5pts

Since the new version 0.34.2 Tweetdeck does now support "scheduled tweets" plus it integrates FourSquare and you can even now record video messages with your webcam directly from within the app.

Olivier Coudert
Olivier Coudert 5pts

Wait a minute, TweetDeck *does* have tweet schedule.

Kees Romkes
Kees Romkes 5pts

Im to picky to actually pick one of those as perfect, but hootsuite comes pretty damn close (all I need now is a cheesy theme to convince my business clients to use it, they like CoTweet for that...)

Jason 5pts

Shouldn't CoTweet be shown on the chart as well, since they're the most direct competitor to HootSuite?

Web Axe
Web Axe 5pts

No matter how good these apps seem to be, none are web accessible, and thus exclude many people. If you have any type of special need, try Accessible Twitter at

Joe Brand
Joe Brand 5pts

Nice. But where is the Blackberry app?

Dennis 5pts

I use HootSuite occasionally and I like it. But the infographic above is wrong to me; I use Seesmic on the Blackberry and it supports multiple accounts. Also, Seesmic and Tweetdeck support many more URL shortening services than HootSuite (as the originating article mentions).

Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes 5pts

Is there a TweetDeck version for Android?, TweetDeck supports scheduling tweets and Google Buzz.

A web version is comming. I use both TweetDeck and Hootsuite.

Justin 5pts

Actually, the newest TweetDeck DOES support scheduling tweets. Look it up.

Michael Jones
Michael Jones 5pts

TweetDeck recently added scheduling tweets to their featureset, and they are planning a Web version that will work across multiple devices. HootSuite won't work on my wife's underpowered cell phone. That said, "Show conversation" and sharing social network accounts over multiple HootSuite accounts are pretty snazzy features!

Thelemic Waves
Thelemic Waves 5pts

TweetDeck is working on scheduled tweets. They already have all the features of it inside their browser, but it isn't working just yet (as of yesterday anyway, but they are working on their server to fix that). So... that takes care of that comparison maybe.


A TweetDeck lover who enjoys Hooting web pages I discover.