New User Requested Feature: Who Retweeted That?

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HootSuite wouldn’t be where it is today without our community of users. To stay on top of what our community needs, our Product team keeps a close eye on our Feedback Forum, where users are invited to suggest and vote on features they want to see.

During our recent 2-day Hackathon, one of our teams made it their goal to build three of the Feedback forum’s most-requested dashboard additions. Over the course of 48-hours they suggested workflows, coded and tested, dark-launched several products, and demo’d their finished products to a scrutinizing audience of 200 other HootSuite employees. Now, one of these features is ready for you to start using right away.


Retweets are one of the best indicators that your social content is resonating. But how can you know who is sharing your content? How can you thank them for sharing your messaging?

Now, it’s easy to view who has Retweeted your messaging. To view a list of the 20 most recent users who have Retweeted your post, simply click the indicative text at the bottom. A scrollable window will appear in your dashboard with a fully linked list of users.

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Whether your post has gotten three Retweets or 300, Retweet Visibility empowers your engagement strategy and lets you connect with users the web over. Jump in to your dashboard and try it today.

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We’ll be releasing more features over the course of the next several weeks, and we want you to tell us what you think. Got feedback on this feature? Let us know in the comments. Got an idea for us? Write in or vote in our User Feedback Forum. Your ideas help drive our innovation.

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Michelle 5pts

It would be amazing if you could export those retweets! (Like you can in Archives) 

roland 5pts

Great new feature! What I notice is the number of mentions when one specific tweet (with a #tag I'm searching on in a column) is being retweeted by a lot of people. Maybe this can be grouped? Not sure if I can make it clear in writing. I've made a screenshot:

anitahovey 5pts

Extremely happy to see this update. This was one of the big pieces missing that it was still easier to go to Twitter to deal with. Thank you.

higginbomb 5pts

I'd still love to see a "pause" feature in scheduled tweets; something that will just stop any scheduled tweet from going up until you un-pause. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I haven't seen any management platform take it on. 

It would be very helpful for social media teams during tragedies, crisis situations, and - especially relevant during the current government shutdown - any time your organization had to stay silent for an indefinite period of time..

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huston_jane 5pts

Really happy to see this update! I've always wondered if there was a way to see who was retweeting us and I just couldn't figure out how. Glad to see the ability is now there!

AndrewJStone 5pts

There was already an option to add a "stream" of "my tweets, retweeted", which this new feature in a way sort of mirrors but improves on -  I would love to see the same love for "Favorited" tweets!! They've got nothing in Hootsuite that i can find... 

pdstein007 5pts

Thanks for the progress on this. Could you improve it further and add @reply and DM links next to the username? Making it so we can copy and paste the list of retweeters would also be helpful. Thanks!

HootMatt moderator 5pts

@pdstein007 Those are interesting ideas, I'll pass them on to our developers and designers. Did you know you can click on the @names of the retweeters to bring up their profile windows, where you can reply or DM them? 

pdstein007 5pts

@HootMatt Yes, I saw that. That's helpful. Adding @reply and DM links next to the username would save 2 clicks for each person a user wants to DM or @reply. Making it so we can copy and paste from the list of retweeters would make it easy to @reply a thank you tweet to ~5 retweeters at a time. 

negriedwards 5pts

Nice. It would be - however - great if in addition to that scrollable window you come up with the same feature in the form of a stream. In such a way you would not need to scroll over every single tweet to see which one was retweeted and by whom. Thanks.

HootMatt moderator 5pts

@negriedwards Have you tried the "My Tweets, Retweeted" stream? That might be what you're looking for :)