Few of us have the time to be on Twitter all the time. In this post, we explain how to make the most of a well-known HootSuite feature: scheduled tweets.

Improving visibility
If you send more tweets, your Twitter handle and your content become more more visible. Scheduling your content to come out at regular intervals during the day translates to improved visibility, and has the additional benefit of being less interruptive. Many business and power users have told us that scheduling content in advance allows them to focus on other Twitter experiences such as retweeting, sourcing new content streams or having conversations.

Sending time-sensitive tweets
Some tweets need to go out at specific times: announcements, promotions, and customer service responses. This is especially true when your target audience lives in a different time zone than you. In Los Angeles, if you’re starting your workday, someone in London is finishing theirs. With scheduled tweets, you’re able to ensure your followers are reached at the appropriate time.

Controlling content flow
Nobody likes to be inundated with a torrent of tweets. Many Twitter users have a lot to say but do not want to come across as spammy. Instead of sending 20 tweets in the span of 5 minutes, why not send 20 tweets over the course of 10 hours? By staggering your tweets, your messages reach the world in a more cohesive, less obtrusive manner.

Optimizing for traffic
If you know that your links are more likely to be clicked at a particular time, HootSuite lets you schedule accordingly, to maximize the penetration of your content. Public relations people or media workers familiar with Jack Shafer’s news cycle theory will see the benefit of this feature immediately.

These are all good reason to schedule your tweets. But everyone has their own reason for using this HootSuite feature. What is yours?

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DPG 5pts

Half of my scheduled tweets did not send. I had one scheduled for every hour and already 4 of them disappeared. This is unbelievable disappointing. What is the point of having this feature if it doesn't always work?!

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@DPG Hi there, 

Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite Team via our Blog. My apologies for the troubles with the scheduled messages, 

Please reach out to us on Twitter, @Hootsuite_help or via Private Message on our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/hootsuite and one of our Support Agents would be happy to investigate further and help resolve this issue. 

You can also reach out to us via Live Chat at hootsuite.com/help. When a Support Agent is available, you will see a Live Chat widget in the lower corner to initiate a chat. 

Looking forward to your reply so we can get this sorted out!

Kind regards, 

Gary | @HootSuite_Help | HootSuite Help Desk - http://ow.ly/dBnBz

dpesantes 5pts

Once the messages are scheduled, do I need to leave the session logged in? If I logout the messages still will be sent? 

evanlepage moderator 5pts

@dpesantes Hi there. Yes even if you log out your messages should still send.

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

Hello Carrie,

Thanks for reaching out to us! My name is Paige from the Vancouver Team.

For us to best help, I'd like to get more information regarding this inquiry. Can you kindly send us a Tweet at @HootSuite_Help for us to get back to promptly? We look forward to hearing from you there.

Best regards Carrie,

Paige @HootSuite_Help - http://hootsuite.com/help

Carrie 5pts


I love Hootsuite but I've noticed that I can't seem to schedule original tweets, only retweets. 

I've made numerous attempts to create a tweet and schedule it and it says that it's been scheduled but doesn't show up in the "scheduled tweets" tab...like the scheduled retweets do. I could have sworn I was able to do it before but perhaps I'm remembering that wrong. I'm encouraging clients to use Hootsuite as well just for this purpose but if it isn't working when I'm doing it then I'm not sure how to advise them.

I can't seem to find anything on this anywhere. I'm using the free version (not Pro). 

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

HootSuite_Help moderator 5pts

@ColbyMcGeachyPC Hi there! As a first step, I'd suggest checking the Publisher > Past Scheduled view. Any messages that display there as red will have encountered an error and failed to send. You can click on the message to see a short description of the error.
Hope that helps, you can always reach us @HootSuite_Help if you have any further questions! ^NW

Patricia 5pts

Can I schedule tweet to run every hour over a 24 hour period, 7 days a week for a year?

Jeff Tippett
Jeff Tippett 5pts

Love scheduled Tweets. I'd be lost without the feature. Especially helpful since I run multiple client accounts.

Aaron 5pts

Yes! I am having the same issue. I manage many pages and would love the ability to see and edit pending facebook updates in the same way I can for twitter.

Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones 5pts

I love being able to schedule my tweets! I have an upcoming free 28 day soul coaching class on my blog, and I'll be on a cruise, so I am thrilled I can continue to remind my followers about my daily blog posts.

Question: does HootSuite have to be open on my desktop in order for my scheduled tweets to post? I can't find anything referencing this online. I can leave my computer on, as my family will be home while I'm on my vacation, but do I need to make sure they don't close the browser with my HootSuite account opened. I did test this today and the scheduled tweet did not post when I didn't have HootSuite on, was this a fluke or the rule?

Thanks to anyone who can answer this!!!

Have a happy day, Lisa

Tiffany 5pts

I figured out that if I set a tweet to post to both Hootsuite and Facebook I have to go to my Facebook pending messages panel to delete it from there if I don't want it to show up.

So Jeanne if you decide to delete it you have to delete it from teh pending tweets column, go to your Facebook tab and delete it from the pending Facebook posts column.

Jeanne 5pts

I love Hootsuite, but this is a problem for me, too. Very annoying.

Gina Saenz
Gina Saenz 5pts

All of the brands I manage for Facebook are not showing pending posts in the feed.

Thank you.

- Gina

Dog-E-Minder 5pts

I know this post is a bit old but I was searching for the topic and found it. I think it's such a neat idea for certain types of tweets. Personal stuff is not a big deal to me but I love to talk about products and review them. Sometimes I have one to sell on ebay after I'm done reviewing it and many local news casts are now reviewing products on their 6 and 11 o'clock news shows. I'm talking about As Seen On TV products which I like to use.

I realized a long time ago that when these products get scheduled press, the searches go up for the item. So know that a new product like dog-e-minder is being featured as a "try it before you buy it" type segments, I can set my tweet to go when I think real time search volume will be up.

It might only be a theory, but I think I'm right.

Phil Simon
Phil Simon 5pts

Anyone know if you can cancel a scheduled Tweet?

Emery 5pts

I left a comment in the the wrong spot for this post. I use twitter just when it hits me to do it. I really appreciate the help I have gotten from this great blog. For marketing I see so many benefits to scheduling tweets. Thanks again!

Emery 5pts

Really cool I never thought about scheduled tweets I always thought about using twitter as a spontaneous tool. I like the post and the comments very informative.

PLKlos 5pts

A question on many student's mind each day is "what's for lunch (substitute brfsk, dinner, etc.) Tweets are a great way to publish the menu highlights for the upcoming meal. Scheduling these Tweets enables us to post the info at the most opportune time for our customer - about 15 minutes prior to the start of the next meal period (as suggested by our customers.) Scheduling enables us to load days of info in advance, then let Owly to it's thing. Great feature.

New Hiker
New Hiker 5pts

How can you see posts that you've scheduled, or remove future scheduled posts before they're live?

JNFerree 5pts

Readers of my Blog span the Globe, so I have multiple time zones to consider. Scheduling a "one-off" Tweet is a handy feature. Being able to schedule a Tweet for 1PM California time and 3 PM in London is another issue I have to tackle. I suspect I will use a combination of Twitter tools to handle my information disbursement needs and HootSuite is one them, along with Tycoon Scheduler and LabTweets.

Thor 5pts

I'll try this one..

camp-chairs 5pts

As with any automation tool, you still have to be smart about how often you have it send tweets. I think this is a nice tool when used correctly and responsibly

April Chapple
April Chapple 5pts

Now I can schedule volleyball press releases intermittently without overwhelming my readers. I was looking for alternatives and luckily Hootsuite was a referral.

Teasastips 5pts

Before I didn't see any need to schedule tweets, now I'm learning that tweet scheduling is the greatest invention since social media took flight.

Mindy 5pts

Love the automatic features and the scheduled tweets are the best time saver of all times. It would be a great add on if you could find a way to do recurring tweets in a way that doesn't violate TOS. Good luck with that challenge:)

Ben 5pts


Would be great to be able to schedule the same tweet sveral time without having to create a new tweet again and again

ex : I create a tweet, hit the send later button and schedule one tomorow, one in a week, one a month later...


Justin 5pts

Does twitter have any restrictions against recurring tweets? How do we prevent from having accounts suspended? TweetLater shut down their recurring tweet option b/c of this.

Ian - Marketing Difference
Ian - Marketing Difference 5pts

This an excellent feature for business Twitter users and avoids you flooding the timeline. Just be careful thought that you don't overdo it as you'll appear to be a spambot.

Sahid 5pts

Waw This site i Excellence!!!

first when i schedule my tweets , then I see waw if this is true then mi live is not only easy I can do a lot of more Business !


Pierre DeBois
Pierre DeBois 5pts

This feature is why I signed up for Hootsuite. It is critical to schedule certain updates so that businesses can focus on servicing clients, customers, and other needs essential to the business. Citibank did a survey that indicated that most small businesses are not using social media thoroughly, yet Staples in a separate survey indicated that 62% of businesses were online and experimenting. So there is a disconnect of efficiency that needs to be addressed. Features such as a scheduled tweet reduce the disconnect if used effectively.

Nick Name
Nick Name 5pts

It's a really great tool. I've scheduled tweets with a link to my book for 100 years in advance.

Yep, I'm a tech-absurdist.

Michael (Cannes or Bust)
Michael (Cannes or Bust) 5pts

I really wish more people used this. It's very invasive to receive over five Tweets in a row, no matter who they come from.

CJ 5pts


When someone clicks on a ow.ly, does the page linked get credit for a page view? I ask because of the ow.ly frame. How does that work? I wouldn't want to use the ow.ly unless I see actual traffic results. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Allison 5pts

Once I schedule a Tweet, can I go back in to edit it before it goes out?

John Webster
John Webster 5pts

How do I use Hootsuite without having "From Hootsuite" appear at the bottom of scheduled tweets?

ValueDining 5pts

Our site has restaurant and dining coupons with expiration dates. Scheduled tweets is important to remind followers to use the coupons before they expire.

Twitter is a perfect venue - and Hootsuite makes it seamless.

It would help us if you could have a repetitive schedule option for a tweet!

Thanks for all the great work.

Blaine Bullman
Blaine Bullman 5pts

Im going to use scheduled tweets for a marketing campaign, it'll be hands free once I set it up so it'll save me time and having tweets sent out when im in bed.

Jeff 5pts

@peterdcox Send a tweet to @hootsuite_help with the specific tweet taht went out at the wrong time and we can look into the issue.

Jeff 5pts

@todd Repeating tweets are something we've considered. This may be something we build in the future.

Manoj Jasra
Manoj Jasra 5pts

Good post. Not useful if goal is to have meaningful conversations with audience and if one want's to engage one's audience.

Adam 5pts

Great point and great feature.

It would be interesting to see a chart or some stats on views, RT's, clicks etc for an actual account using scheduled tweets as opposed to one that does not.

Does anyone know of any case studies etc that might compare the two?

peterdcox 5pts

This feature is not working - tweets are sent regardless of setting

Andrew Williams Jr
Andrew Williams Jr 5pts

I signed up to this site months ago, because I immediately recognized its application as the ONLY way to maximize twitter benefits. Somehow, I forgot the name of the site, and was able to find it only because of a Facebook posting. . . . I look forward to using the updated version. Tweet on!!!!!

YrHelper 5pts

I can't wait to get started! I think people must get tired of reading tweets all about one topic at the same time. This way I can still use Twitter to gather research and not blast people with tweets from my soapbox.