12 Days of Content, Day 8: Eight Tips for Social Business


On the eighth day of content, HootSuite shares with you…

8 tips for social business!

As social media is now an inherent part of business interactions, brands that are taking advantage of social networks gain significant advantages over their competition. Becoming a social business means placing yourself in the position of the consumer, using the tools they use to engage and understand them. These eight tips provide a road map to help you evaluate and adapt your social media efforts for the best business results.

You can view each of these tips in more detail in HootSuite’s 8 Tips for Social Business Whitepaper.


What are your social media goals? How close are you to reaching them? Do they fit into your broader business goals? What departments can benefit from increased use of social? Look at the tools you have in place and consider what you’re going to need in order to scale. Can you continue simply using native platforms or should you begin using a social relationship platform?

Ask yourself these and other questions to establish a picture of the state of social media at your business. Find out where your are and where you want to be. Only then can you begin to build an effective social media strategy.


Mobilize your organization's workforce with a scalable platform for collaboration.
Mobilize your organization’s workforce with a scalable platform.

Though control over your social media tools should be centralized, all of your employees should be empowered to take advantage of and engage on social media. Transfer knowledge and best practices to all your team members so they can make the most of social media. Once they’re trained, organize your efforts to facilitate future growth.

Listen & Learn

People are on social media talking about your organization. If they’re not, then they’re definitely talking about your competitors. With a tool like HootSuite start monitoring for mentions of your brand (the good, the bad, the misspelled and the ugly) and mentions of competitors. Gather that feedback and analyze the conversations as social media provides an incredible consumer data pool. See what the public is saying and learn from it.

Engage to Build a Community

Business meeting
Make sure you’re engaging on a person to person level, in addition to a B2C level.

The most important thing you can do on social media is acknowledge the voice of the customer. Let them know you hear what they’re saying, even if it’s a complaint. When you engage, pick your moments. Not every mention is an opportunity to push your product, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t nurture potential leads on social mead. Consider offering advice or perks to your community and, as the saying goes, “make a friend first, a sale second.” Doing so will help you create brand advocates, who will in turn help all of your online efforts down the line.


Consider using an internal social network to foster collaboration among your employees and across departments. These tools may kickstart new projects or relationships that promote innovation and efficiency.

Better internal collaboration also supports improved external engagement. It helps to ensure that responses to any inquiries or issues are handled quickly, accurately and in a consistent, on-brand voice.


security-150Treat social media like you would treat any other piece of technology at your business. These are channels that should be protected. Create permissions levels to ensure that no erroneous or rogue social messaging is sent out at the risk of damaging your brand. Implement a security system like HootSuite Security Services that will notify you of any abnormalities with your social networks. And train your team on how to respond appropriately to any crises on social media.

Measure ROI

Want to prove the value of social media? Make sure you’re tracking the right metrics. If you’ve linked your social media goals to broader business goals, it will be easier to tie the success of both together. Go beyond likes and mentions and build the capacity for measurement into every social actions. Use URL shorteners like ow.ly links, integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Insights and do everything in your power to track click-throughs and conversions.


Once you find your social media is in a productive place, double down. Take all the data you have and focus in on what works. Invest in paid social messaging to expand your reach and your network. Commit to social media across your entire business and you’ll have a much easier time amplifying every campaign.

You can view each of these tips in more detail in HootSuite’s 8 Tips for Social Business Whitepaper.

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