5 Tips to Creating a Social Media Policy & Governance #HSEntChat

5 Tips to Creating a Social Media Policy & Governance #HSEntChat

These days social media is regarded as a key element for any business to thrive. And at the same time, getting started or leveraging it further is a challenge. From ensuring our efforts really succeed to enabling employees to join in the social discussion to avoiding pitfalls in using social media, it can be daunting!

Starting with a good social media policy, identifying an appropriate escalation plan, and setting up preventing crisis management are key elements to creating positive business impact.

Here are 5 tips to getting started with these efforts and join us for our upcoming #HSEntChat on April 2nd from 9-10am PT. (More details below.)

  1. Identify how the organization will leverage social media and what goals it will address as part of the overall business strategy.
  2. Bring teams across the organization that will participate in social media governance together to construct a solid social media policy and escalation plan. (Make sure to include legal and HR in planning.)
  3. Work with Corporate Communications and legal teams to develop a preventative crisis management plan.
  4. Establish an ongoing listening and monitoring strategy to ensure organization is aware of brand, competitor, customer, partner, and other conversations in the socialsphere.
  5. Create training courses and materials to help educate employees and partners.

#HSEntChat Twitter Chat

Interested in learning more about how to create these plans and getting examples of other successful social media policy strategies? Join us for an upcoming Twitter chat:

  • When: Wednesday, April 2nd
  • Where: over Twitter using hashtag #HSEntChat
  • Who: experts Sharad Mohan, Director of Customer Success at HootSuite and Aneesh Desikan, Social Practice Lead & Manager, Digital Marketing at Accenture
  • What: These experts will share their best practices, examples, and insights around creating a social media policy, an escalation plan, and a crisis management strategy. And we encourage you to share your views and examples in this interactive #HSEntChat Twitter chat.

 In the meantime, share your experiences with issues your organization may be facing regarding social media policies and crisis management strategies. And for other best practices, check out these class offerings through HootSuite University. We look forward to your participation!