HootSuite Tips and Commentary for Businesses ~ News Round-up

Keeping the media reports rolling out with another round-up of recent article about HootSuite. This time, the focus is on business users with a batch of tips, rankings, reviews and soliloquies about saving time, keeping an eye on assets and giving a hoot.

Settle in for a read to learn how to save time while increasing results in your social promotion campaigns.

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Financial Post – Keeping tabs on your brand – see also: CBC

Ryan Holmes – (cropped) photo by Lyle Stafford for National Post

Matt Hartley writes: In essence, Hootsuite users can track who’s talking about their company who’s passing around links related to promotions and news and what services they’re using to do so.

“That’s kind of the Holy Grail of what Hootsuite does,” Mr. Holmes said.

“Social media marketing didn’t really exist as a job title prior to the last couple of years, but we’re really building this as a tool for them and also traditional marketers that are looking for tools,” he said.

Mashable – HootSuite Gives Groups More Twitter and Facebook Tools

Jolie O’Dell writes: We’ve noticed that HootSuite has been cranking out major upgrades consistently over the past several months. In terms of team collaboration and CRM social media tools, this company seems to be en fuego. Last week, HootSuite added Facebook support and geolocation features to its iPhone app.

A month ago, HootSuite integrated Foursquare and MySpace capabilities — a surefire path to the hearts of marketers and recording artist promoters. You can use HootSuite from your Android phone and you can use it to update your WordPress blog. Clearly, this team is focused on making a robust and competitive application in a very crowded space.

American Express OPEN Forum – How to Get the Most Out of Social Media Using Hootsuite : Technology

By Zachary Sniderman via Mashable: Managing a million different social media sites is a headache for even the most seasoned social media-ites. But what happens when your business is expected to maintain a Twitter account, a Facebook Page, or a WordPress blog?

Updating all those sites takes time and energy, but social media hubs like Hootsuite can help any small business efficiently manage their social media presence. Hootsuite is a free website that allows users to update, post, monitor, and track a range of popular social media services.

Like other social media hubs, Hootsuite’s hub can be customized to suit your needs. Whether you’re tracking one or multiple accounts across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, Hootsuite might be an efficient, secure way to stay on top of all of them. Below are five quick ways to maximize Hootsuite … Read on …

SUITE101 MEDIA – Suite101.com Releases Its Second Annual Index Of Most Visited Canadian Web Sites

Suite101.com, a global content site that provides trusted and reliable information to consumers today released its second annual readership index of Canadian-owned Web sites, entitled “Where The Online Readers Are.” The second annual index reveals that the top sites remain largely content sites, and social media activity by the top-trafficked sites has increased substantially.

    2   Ow.ly            http://ow.ly/                468   new   URL shortener
    7   HootSuite        www.hootsuite.com            877   new   Marketing

VentureBeat – Foursquare declares platform-dom with launch of App Gallery

Camille Ricketts writes: Mobile location application Foursquare is diversifying itself into a platform of its own today by launching an aggregation of third-party applications built on top of its core service. It’s calling it the App Gallery.


Currently, the featured apps include HootSuite (a service to share your favorite locations with your friends), Kickball (a new interface design), FourFace (a creative interface changer) and Mob Zombies (a game that plays on the zombie apocalypse meme).

The Rise To The Top – Why Entrepreneurs Should Give A Hoot About Hootsuite

David Garland writes: There are streams everywhere. Facebook. Twitter. Plus more. Information coming at you at a crazy pace. Now add in the fact, that many of us entrepreneurs are creating our own valuable content and promoting it. And keeping tabs on when our business pops up in a conversation. And paying attention to our niches. The list goes on and on.

Whew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. So, what is the solution? What is an easy way to make it all manageable from anywhere (your computer, phone, etc.)? Ryan Holmes, founder of Invoke, came up with the solution for us entrepreneurs: Hootsuite.

As CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan has developed a unique platform that makes this quickly changing web easy to understand and manage. I had a chance to sit down (errr Skype down?) with Ryan and discuss Hootsuite for all of us.

Kevin Gilbert’s Weblog – HootSuite

What we hope to accomplish by using HootSuite is a more centralized place for managing our communications. We set up an account, using our company name and proceeded to add each of the company twitter accounts and our own personal accounts. Now, either of us can use the streamlined interface to “tweet” from our personal account or “tweet” from either of the company accounts.


… more importantly, HootSuite can now track how many times a link was clicked. This lets us know which messages generated the most traffic for our websites. The more traffic, the more likely we are to establish ourselves as experts in what we’re doing and hopefully generate more leads for business.

StayOnSearch – Using Hootsuite to Manage Your Twitter Engagement Efforts

Mark Thompson writes: In my personal opinion, I have found Hootsuite to be by far the best Twitter client out there.  I’m sure a lot of people can make an argument for clients like Tweetdeck and Seesmic, but I find Hootsuite to be the most user-friendly, feature-rich, and up-to-date Twitter client available.

The interface is clean, customizable, and includes a wealth of information about your twitter account.  Let’s take a detailed look into how Hootsuite can be used to manage your daily engagements for both personal and business use.

TCMnet.com – Balance social media channels for successful marketing of business

If you’re wanting to save a step, I’d try HootSuite, a free site that will allow you to post to Facebook pages and Twitter accounts at once. It also has a built-in link shortener.

If you have people with social media duties, you can give them different privileges on HootSuite without sharing your log-in information to the site. Also, you can edit access to specific social media accounts you have on Hootsuite. For example, if you have your personal Twitter account added on to HootSuite, you can select just the work account for access privileges.

Cruiter Talk – Hootsuite Riot: #Recruiters need it and will want it #justsayin

Hootsuite for those that don’t know it or use it is about to get downright nasty in this game. Not nasty in a bad way but the app has grown and it’s going to sick.  Forget the discussion internally about ROI and team management, this group has got it for you.

RISMedia – 5 Keys to Integrating Search and Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Key 4: Learn to monitor social media efficiently. Programs like TweetDeck, HootSuite and Seesmic make sharing content and links across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook simpler. To monitor networks for inbound linking opportunities and reputation management, search columns for keywords or hashtags are extremely helpful. Additional monitoring can be done through Twitter Search and TweetBeep, while an overall online presence can be surveyed with tools like Trackur, Google Alerts or SocialMention.

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As always, follow along with HootSuite’s social bookmarks and/or @hootwatch for the full news view as it happens.