What if Classic Movies Were Given Click-Baity Titles?

Love it or hate it, so-called click bait has become part of content marketing. While many people see these types of social messages or headlines as a trick being played on the consumer, the reason that they’ve become the norm is that they work. And they don’t just work once, they work over and over again.

Earlier this summer we took on classic literature, reimagining the titles of famous books as click-baity headlines— headlines that might appeal more to your average high school student bored out of his mind in English class.

Much like these classic books, kids today also ignore some of the best movies ever made in favour of action-packed, run-of-the-mill CGI creations. To bring some of these movies back into the limelight, we thought we would present them in a more current format for the teens of today.

Here are 10 classic movies with click-baity titles:

This kid spent his entire life thinking he knew his parents. You won’t believe who his real father is.

A.K.A. Star Wars

Click-Baity Star Wars

3 Steps To Securing Your Dream Job (Step 1, find a horse…)

A.K.A. The Godfather

Click-Baity The Godfather

The Ultimate First-World Problem? Needing a Bigger Boat

A.K.A. Jaws

Click-Baity Jaws

Is someone cutting onions? A little boy and his best friend make a world of difference

A.K.A. E.T.

Click-Baity ET

10 chocolate flavors that are a perfect metaphor for your 20s

A.K.A. Forrest Gump

Click-Baity Forrest Gump

Is this literally the worst place to work in America?

A.K.A. The Shining

Click-Baity The Shinning

What, and other overused words

A.K.A. Pulp Fiction

Click-Baity Pulp Fiction

This Workout Routine Will Have You Jacked In No Time

A.K.A. Rocky

Click-Baity Rocky

This (new and improved) Workout Routine Will Have You Jacked In No Time

A.K.A. Rocky II

Click-Baity Rocky II

[QUIZ] Do You Know The First Rule of Fight Club?

A.K.A. Fight Club

Click-Baity Fight Club

Have any ideas for other click-baity movie titles? Share your #clickbaitmovietitles.

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