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Proven Strategies for Amplifying Social Content

Marketers are always looking for new ways to extend the reach of their marketing campaigns. Social media, and specifically Social Relationship Platforms (SRPs), can help enable organizations to do just this.

SRPs are also very effective in creating brand consistency and unified messaging by enabling everyone to distribute content that is on-brand.

As organizations become more social, finding new content to share on social channels—and getting the necessary approvals prior to publishing—can be a frustrating task. Hootsuite Enterprise has a Content Library feature that provides organizations with a centralized source of pre-approved content that is on-brand and designed for social engagement. This solution makes it much easier to discover and share content across the organization, as well as publicly.

“Ensuring that we have standardized content is a challenging aspect of social media,” says Matt Gentile, global director of social media at Century 21 Real Estate. “Through the Content Library, we will be able to provide access to professionally designed and approved assets from our agencies directly to more than 100,000 of our affiliated brokers and agents around the globe.”

Empower employees to share on social

Budgets are continuing to move from traditional channels into social media, so now is the time to empower and enable your employees to distribute content via their own social media channels. By using an SRP, you gain the use of an important resource—your employees’ social power. Most of your employees are active on social, so why not take advantage by empowering them to share company content on their personal channels? By making it quick and easy for employees to share, you stand to connect with an expansive network, with more people reading and sharing your content.

“We use the Content Library primarily for sharing content and making it easier / faster for our Marketing Directors to post content on their networks.”

— Kate Gadiyeva, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Morguard

Another benefit of an SRP—and specifically Hootsuite Enterprise—is that it’s easier than ever before to create and share pre-approved message templates and images with the rest of the organization. Built within Hootsuite Enterprise are security features that allow for approval workflow and safety checks to ensure that every message is approved before being published.

Organizations can also set up specific teams (regional content that sales agents in different territories can access and share with their own networks, for example) to ensure the messages going out are on-brand and up-to-date. The power of arming sales agents, PR teams, local branches or offices, and brand enthusiasts with pre-approved content is substantial.

“We find the collaboration features of Hootsuite Enterprise especially useful. For instance, at the State Department’s headquarters in Washington, we often produce content for communications campaigns that is in English only. Through the Hootsuite Content Library, staff in one of our embassies can pick up our content, translate it into another language, and distribute it throughout the State Department for use anywhere in the world.”

— U.S. State Department representative

Centralize content for easy publishing

As organizations scale in size and complexity, it’s vital to have consistent, reliable content available to your entire organization—including executives. The Hootsuite Content Library, which is available to Hootsuite Enterprise clients, extends the reach and accuracy of your content by giving your entire organization (or approved individuals) access to ready-to-publish messages and creative assets. By default, the Content Library increases engagement on social channels because the content is consistent in brand tone and voice, all the while saving your team time they would usually spend searching for content to share.

“Before the Content Library, we had to spend much more time searching for interesting and inspiring content. Now that we have content ready to go, it saves us time and energy. And who doesn’t like to save on those things?”

— Cindy Burton, Marketing Coordinator, Place Rosemere

The Content Library also increases efficiencies within your team’s workflow. It cuts down on steps and streamlines your content workflow by giving others in your organization access to correct brand logos, templates, and images. This way, anyone responsible for creating and distributing content uses the latest assets and always stays on-brand.

“Utilizing the Hootsuite Content Library has been an excellent time-saver and a great way to organize all of my social media content. Our Digital Marketing Coordinator publishes the content on a monthly basis and this allows me to sit down and schedule content for the month and then add in content as the month progresses. The Content Library is an excellent organizational tool!”

— Tracy Leonard, Marketing Director, Cambridge Centre

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