Crowdsource from your Community the Tom Sawyer Way: Community Nugget, Vol. 1

We’re sharing ‘Community Nuggets,’ a video from The Community Manager series, on how HootSuite builds out communities and social media management strategies.

This week’s ‘Community Nuggets’ entitled ‘Crowdsource from your Community the Tom Sawyer Way,’ features the delicate art of crowdsourcing (something that HootSuite’s VP Community, Dave Olson has honed). Watch to discover how to embrace your inner Tom Sawyer and motivate your community to work with you.

Crowdsource from your Community the Tom Sawyer Way – Community Nuggets Vol.1 from HootSuite on Vimeo.

Party at Google’s House

We’re shining a special spotlight on Community this week because January 28th is Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD). While we appreciate everyone, everyday, this initiative begun in 2010 by Jeremiah Owyang and aims to acknowledge the efforts of community managers around the world. Now this begs the question: how are we going to celebrate and appreciate?

Let’s all meet in a Global Google+ Hangout, shall we? On January 28th, join us, co-hosts from around the globe and hundreds of attendees for 12 hours of goodness (and HootSuite giveaways). Every hour on the hour we will discuss different social media and community related topics.

G+ Hangout Details

Stay tuned for all the details to come, but here’s a little tidbit: Community Managers from South Africa, Japan, Italy, Canada, France, Chile and more will meet in a G+ hangout to talk about their role and how it differs around the world. Sign me up! We’ll also chat about various Google communities, content curation and much more.

Get in touch with HootSuite’s Community Wranglers by joining the HootClub Facebook Group or Tweeting @HootClub.

Space is limited (we can’t onboard *everyone* at once) so get ahead of the crowd and apply now (or just click for a top secret surprise).