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Are You Driving Business With Twitter? Find Out With Hootsuite’s New Tool, Grade Your Social

You’ve worked hard to develop a social media strategy, but does your Twitter engagement make the grade? Developing great relationships with your Twitter followers has a major impact on driving business success. According to a 2013 study from Twitter and Marketprobe International, 72% of respondents said they are more likely to make a purchase from a business they follow and interact with on Twitter. These results show how growing your Twitter following and engaging with them can increase awareness for your business, attract new customers, and ultimately boost profit.

Another key aspect of managing a Twitter account for your business is establishing social media metrics. But getting into the habit of routinely checking your social media vitals can be time-consuming for many business owners. Hootsuite’s new Grade Your Social tool makes it quick and easy to see what areas you’re performing strongly in on Twitter, and which could use some fine tuning.

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What is Grade Your Social?

Grade Your Social Summary

Just like report cards at school, Grade Your Social offers you a summary of how well you’re doing on Twitter. The summary report is divided into three main categories: reach, engagement and profile branding. Each section of the report visually captures your unique Twitter data and explains how each of these factors (reach, engagement, profile) can benefit your business.

Grade Your Social Active Followers

Some sections of the summary also pull in real-time data to surface valuable knowledge about followers in your network. For example, the engagement section includes links to the Twitter accounts of your most active followers, so you can start engaging them immediately.

For additional insights, you can request a personalized report to be delivered directly to your inbox. This report contains links to resources with detailed steps on what your business can do to increase reach, boost engagement, and drive business through Twitter.

How well is Twitter working for your business? Put your business to the test with Grade Your Social.