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Thanks to votes from many of you wonderful people, we won a Shorty Award for “best app” in January of this year. Now, the team behind the Shorty Awards has collated a comprehensive new research report about Twitter for business.

The Shorty Report provides the latest data through interviews with dozens of companies that are using Twitter to make a big impact with short messages.

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Here are some teaser quotes from some of the corporate Tweeting heavyweights interviewed for the report:

“I’ve always been accessible, but Twitter lowers the psychological hurdle people might have in trying to contact me”
-Tony Hsieh @zappos, CEO of Zappos

“For the most part what you see on Twitter is just me being myself.”
-Frank Eliason @comcastcares, Director of digital care for Comcast

“Not only can fans talk to Marvel, but in many cases they can talk to the editor, the writer, or the artist.”
-Ryan Penagos @marvel, Editor at Marvel online

“I think the overwhelming expectation from customers is that we listen to them.”
-Morgan Johnston @JetBlue, Manager of corporate communications for JetBlue Airways

“I believe there is a place for any business to use Twitter. It allows any person, institution or business to become its own wire service.”
-Veronica McGregor @NASA and @MarsPhoenix of NASA

You can read an excerpt from the report at