HootSuite is Hiring Developers, Developers, Developers!

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off the International Consumer Electronics Show for the  fourth and final time yesterday in Las Vegas. Earlier this week, Techvibes visitors got a hoot with this developer mashup video, reminiscing on one of Ballmer’s more enthusiastic keynotes.

Read about it in Techvibes: HootSuite needs Developers, Developers, Developers!

Yes, HootSuite is hiring and looking for developers, developers, and developers! Are you one? Apply here. We should mention that we are not looking for J# or VB developers, despite Steve’s enthusiastic pitch to the contrary. We are looking for mobile devs and web devs with PHP and HTML5 experience, and folks with experience on the Lamp stack, preferably Zend.

Join the Nest

HootSuite has also received a variety of creative applications for different positions, like this “HootSuite and Me – Meant to Be” social media campaign by Adriana Lukasik, whose enthusiasm for owls is duly noted. This is a fun example of using social media to win points with potential employers.

HootSuite is always looking to add fresh minds to the mix, whether you’re a seasoned developer or looking for your first internship. View all of HootSuite’s current job listings and apply for them directly from our career page.

If you don’t see a position listed for you but are confident you’d make an awesome addition to the nest, then apply under “Awesome!

We want to know: what are different creative things you’re doing to get hired? Do you have examples of people with innovative resumes? Or presentations that have gotten them noticed in this ever competitive job market? Let us know in the comments below.