Hoo is using HootSuite now?

by Kate LeGresley

It’s been a week since HootSuite launched. Since then, more than 1000 accounts have been created, and more than 1500 followers have joined us on Twitter. We’ve had a great review from Mashable (which you can Digg here), as well as from Killerstartups and some other wonderful blogs.

One of the best things about this week has been communicating with all our new users. We’re really excited to see that a whole host of folks have begun to post their tweets using HootSuite. Here’s a list of some of our new friends. It ranges from big names to no names, from Vancouver to Germany.

Guy Kawasaki – http://twitter.com/guykawasaki
Guy is a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, and the author of nine books. With 33,431 followers at the time of this post, our favourite thought leader, Guy Kawasaki is a massively influential tweeter.

Georgia Straight, Vancouver – http://twitter.com/georgiastraight
The Georgia Straight has been the go-to lifestyle and entertainment weekly in Vancouver for more than 41 years. They have a per issue readership of almost 340,000.

Chris Breikss, Vancouver – http://twitter.com/chrisbreikss
Local Vancouverite, Chris Breikss is the president of 6S Marketing, a Vancouver based Internet marketing company. He’s also responsible for Ideas on Tap, a fantastic event well-attended by many local tweeple.

Foreign Office, UK – http://twitter.com/foreignoffice
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom is on Twitter! (And using HootSuite no less). Their offices provide information on all key roles, from supporting British nationals overseas to promoting British business to ‘legalising’ documents. (That’s the British spelling of ‘legalizing.’)

InStyle.com, USA – http://twitter.com/instyledotcom
InStyle magazine is a monthly women’s fashion publication that was launched in 1991. It has one of the largest circulations of magazines under its category. InStyle uses HootSuite to tweet out promos, articles, photos, and more.

Artists House Music – http://twitter.com/Artistshouse
Artsists House Music’s main goal is helping musicians and music entrepreneurs create sustainable careers. We’ve noticed many music sites sign up for HootSuite. We think this is a perfect use for the service, and are glad the organizations feel the same.

Myxer Tones, Florida – http://twitter.com/MyxerTones
Myxer Tones uses Twitter for business to promote free ringtones through tweets.

Radio 360talk – http://twitter.com/radio360

We’ve also made some friends from around the globe!

Linden Mueller, Giessen Germany – http://twitter.com/xgravity23
Sistory, Atlanta – http://twitter.com/Sistory (They love us, so we love them back.)
Hide Your Arms, Heathrow England – http://twitter.com/hideyourarms
Absara, Toulouse – http://twitter.com/absara

Thank you to all of you! Tweet on.