Hootsuite Adds More Awesome to Hootlet with AutoSchedule

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HootSuite adds more awesome to Hootlet with new features including AutoSchedule – a powerful new link share tool that determines the optimal time to schedule social media messaging. Now you can automatically queue messages throughout the day to maintain a consistent social media presence.

Originally released in 2009, Hootlet takes the URL you’re viewing and pops it into a message, ready to share across Twitter, Facebook and our other favorite social networks. No need to leave the web page!

New Hootlet Features:

  • AutoSchedule – Enables smart scheduling to maximize reach and impact of your social messaging
  • Custom Content Sharing (Chrome Only) – Select and share specific text and images found on websites via Hootlet
  • New Personalized Options – Allows you to enable or disable the AutoSchedule drop-down menu

Hootlet is available as a Chrome Extension or Firefox Add-on. If you already have Hootlet installed, these new features will automatically be updated. Try Hootlet today and streamline your sharing:

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Not using Firefox or Chrome? The Hootlet is also available as a Bookmarklet. Open your HootSuite dashboard, select Tools, then drag the “Get the HootSuite Hootlet” icon into your browser toolbar.

Hootlet How-Tos:

Using Hootlet couldn’t be easier! After clicking the Hootlet Icon, the title of the page and a shortened link is added to Hootlet’s Compose Box. Personalize the message then share or schedule for a later time. Quick and convenient!


Unsure when to send your post? Let Hootlet decide for you! AutoSchedule determines optimal posting times for you to efficiently queue up scheduled messages. Maximize reach without swamping your followers.

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Step 1: After composing your message in Hootlet, select the Schedule Icon. A drop down menu will then appear.
Step 2: Toggle the AutoSchedule switch to On. Messages scheduled with AutoSchedule will appear in Publisher with a Clock Icon next to them.

Note: AutoSchedule messages can be rescheduled the same way as regular messages. After rescheduling, the Clock Icon will disappear confirming your new scheduled time.

HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes on AutoSchedule:

“It’s really quite simple – instead of our users manually selecting what time they want to schedule or post their social media messages using our Scheduling feature, they can opt to use our new AutoSchedule technology to optimize and automate the scheduling process. It’s as if we’ve added a little helper owl to our Hootlet. We want our users spending more time finding and sharing content and less time worrying about the best time of day to share it.”

Custom Content Sharing

Need to quickly share a quote or image? Custom Content Sharing can add highlighted text or selected images to Hootlet’s Compose Box with just a few clicks.

Sharing Text: Highlight a portion of text, right-click and select “Share current page via HootSuite Hootlet using selected text”. The text is then pasted into Hootlet’s Compose Box with a shortened link to the website you’re viewing.

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Sharing Images: Right-click an image and select “Share image via HootSuite Hootlet.” The image will then be uploaded to Ow.ly. The text “[image]” and the link to the uploaded image will then be pasted into Hootlet’s Compose Box.

New Personalized Options

Access Hootlet’s settings in your browser menu to customize your Hootlet settings. From there, you can enable or disable the AutoSchedule drop-down menu. Be sure to click Save Options after you’re done.

Automate Authentically

Automation is one of the next steps in social media’s evolution. As social media becomes more widely adopted, brands and enterprises will need tools that can scale to their social presence – focusing on the speed and volume of responses as well as effort and cost reduction.

While the thought of robots sending Tweets seems to take the social out of social media, automating more mundane tasks like scheduling makes sense (Just like ATMs make a lot more sense most of the time than bank tellers). But, as HootSuite VP Marketing Ben Watson warns, social media should never lose the human touch.

Give it a try and see how Hootlet can help you simplify your sharing:

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Not using Firefox or Chrome? The Hootlet is also available as a Bookmarklet. Open your HootSuite dashboard, select Tools, then drag “Get the HootSuite Hootlet” icon into your browser toolbar.