The New Look and Feel of Hootsuite: Why We’ve Updated The Dashboard Design

Hootsuite is rolling out a new look and feel. What does that mean? It means a dashboard that is more modern in appearance and easier to use.

Have a look:


Now that you’ve seen the new design, you may be wondering why we made these changes. There are three main reasons we updated the look and feel of the dashboard.

First, the new look and feel means a smoother experience for our users. Users should find buttons are easier to see, which makes them easier to use. More white space around messages means quicker and easier reading. All of these small tweaks should make for a for refined social media experience within the Hootsuite dashboard and sets the stage for some larger design updates we’ve got in the works.

The new look and feel of the Hootsuite publisher screen

Second, we wanted to bring it in line with our new brand, and with social media industry trends. Facebook and Twitter have updated the look of their networks several times in the last few years. As people get accustomed to a specific style of social media tool, we wanted to update Hootsuite’s style to make the transition to our dashboard seamless.

New lightbox
Clicking images in-stream will now bring up a large image viewer window

Third, and most importantly, we updated Hootsuite’s look and feel because you asked us to! In the past few years, countless users have questioned our look, suggested changes and have asked us for an update. We’ve worked hard to meet those expectations with a new look that takes into account countless comments and suggestions provided by you, our users. This refresh is part of an ongoing process of refining our user experience, so keep giving us your feedback and we’ll keep improving the dashboard.

So what did you think about our old look and feel? You were honest, at times brutally so. Inspired by Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets” videos, we had our designers, developers and executives read out some of your harsh, but appreciated feedback. Have a look:

This is the first step of many in our efforts to update our dashboard based on your feedback. Now we want to know what you think. Please, leave your feedback and suggestions on our new look in the comments below, or Tweet at us @hootsuite.