Now Share This: Sharing and Creating Content on the Go Made Easy With These Tools

From taking pictures of our holiday crafts, to checking the latest news, to browsing Twitter—we now spend more time on our mobile devices than ever before. In fact, a study released just last month found that the average American adult spends nearly three hours a day on their smartphone—that’s more than watching TV!

Constant access to engaging content in the palm of your hand means you risk getting distracted from finishing the latest news article or writing down that delicious recipe. Here, we recommend some amazing apps to keep great content at your fingertips.


Flipboard app

If you share articles and photos regularly, the Flipboard app can help you save time by organizing online content from your mobile browser or your social networks into beautiful magazines. Flipboard magazines are optimized for mobile, making articles easy to collect and share. This is especially helpful for marketers— the Flipboard app allows you to collect interesting articles by topics of your choosing, highlight the best content by making it the “cover” of your Flipboard magazine, and share your magazines on social networks of your choosing (more on this below!).

Make your first Flipboard magazine!



The Pocket app allows you to save content you find on the web for later—whether it’s a Twitter post from your client, or an article from your favorite news site. Anything can go into your “pocket”.

Start saving things in your Pocket!

You can organize content saved in your Pocket by adding different tags, as well as organize them by different categories, like Articles, Videos or Images. Pocket allows you to select favorites from your list, which you can then share to your social networks or email to a friend.


Sometimes, the best content happens right under our noses. Whether you’re snapping a picture of a developing news story or using your iPhone on a studio shoot, your mobile photo gallery is a trove of compelling images and videos that can drive engagement across your social media profiles. Creating galleries for events or specific themes will help keep your personal media organized, and ensure you have the right shot to include in an article or share with your audience.

Promoting content is easier with Hootsuite’s Share Extension

Using the apps mentioned above are great ways to collect and organize interesting content. Hootsuite can help you bring that content to life by sharing it with all your social media followers.

Hootsuite’s Share Extension for iPhone and iPad connects your everyday apps — including Safari, Photos, Flipboard, Pocket, and many more — with your social media profiles. Copy and pasting links are a thing of the past. The Hootsuite Share Extension makes distributing the best content you discover and create as simple as a few taps.

How to activate and share using the Hootsuite Share Extension

Hootsuite Share Extension - Activate App

In any app that supports sharing (including Photos, Flipboard, and Pocket):

  1. Tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Scroll right to select More.
  3. In the Activities screen, switch on the Hootsuite extension. (ProTip: Drag Hootsuite to the top of Activities for easier access).
  4. Compose your message and select the social networks where you’d like to share the content.
  5. Schedule your message for a future time, or select Send Now, and click Post.

You can share directly from dozens of popular apps by following the same steps as above and simply selecting the Hootsuite Share Extension in the Activities screen. The Hootsuite Share Extension saves you time switching between multiple apps and makes it easy to:

  • Share content to multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles
  • Schedule posts or let Hootsuite decide the best times with AutoSchedule
  • Shorten links automatically with trackable URLs

Download the Hootsuite app

Pro Tip: Share Extension works across iPhone and iPad and from Safari and Chrome browsers