HootTrans ~ HootSuite Translation Project News Round-up

translate owlThe HootSuite Translation Project spawned from a desire to offer HootSuite to users in their preferred language. But localization has some challenges!

For example, many of the words in HootSuite are Twitter/socialweb-specific with no “usual” translation, plus translating the words without context is confusing and inaccurate. So, to gather accurate translations quickly, we asked “Who knows HootSuite better than our own fans?”

The obvious answer encouraged us to ask HootSuite users for a hand to localize the social media dashboard on all platforms for their neighbors and colleagues.

Since launching on August 27th , we’ve eagerly watched the amazing progress made and have begun cheering for various countries, not unlike the World Cup or Tour de France.

Throughout the day, we take a look at the leaderboard and watch as Italian and Portuguese pull ahead of Dutch and German But hold on, Spanish is catching up too and where did the and French come from — wow!

We’ll address a few issues of style and clarity in a forthcoming post including tips for working with variable strings and we’ll be adding more language coordinators soon — thanks to all who applied! We’re certainly thrilled with the quality of the credentials and will put you to work very soon.

We aren’t the only ones who are excited about this project either — here are a few posts to share:

The Next Web – Hootsuite needs your lingua franca: Help with crowd-sourced translation of Hootsuite

Prolific tech-journalist Tris Hussey explains the gist of the project to TNW readers:

That doesn’t go far enough in a the Internet today. A huge percentage of people online don’t speak English and really appreciate when apps are in their own language. Hootsuite is already a huge hit in Japan and elsewhere, but they want to branch out. Hootsuite wants to be localized in as many languages as possible, and they are asking for your help to do this. Yep, Hootsuite is turning to crowd-sourced translation.


Hootsuite is turning to its users, just like open-source projects like WordPress do when they need translation help, for their help in translating all the parts of Hootsuite so people around the world can feel the warmth of the owl’s feathery hug. The folks at Hootsuite are even going a set further by letting the community decide which languages get priority for development and launch.

e-Communica – Hootsuite lanza su proyecto colaborativo de traducción (Spanish)

Rallying Spanish speakers, this post “HootSuite launches collaborative translation project” which when auto-translated reads:

Once registered, users have at their disposal a control panel from which you can choose the project you work (web client, Android, Blackberry and iPhone), and language and display the number of suggestions made, reviewed, pending and accepted.

For the web version in Spanish, are pending to translate 6948 words and the time for users interested in the initiative and are working on the 8% of them. Furthermore, to certify the quality of the texts, HootSuite is selecting qualified coordinators to approve the final translations.

Il Giornale di Pozzallo HootSuite chiede aiuto per tradurre la piattaforma (Italian)

Italian news site Il Giornale di Pozzallo spreads the word of localization in Italy in an article (auto-translated) “HootSuite asks for help to translate the platform.” Incidentally, Italian is making great progress:

HootSuite, one of the clients business more attractive to social media, has decided to offer languages other than English. Ryan Holmes (CEO HootSuite) has forwarded an e-mail to members of the newsletter to ask their help. As was the case with Facebook and Twitter, HootSuite prepared interface for localization in crowdsourcing: users will be to translate the panel and mobile applications HootSuite.

Technoblog – HootSuite pede ajuda para fazer tradução (Portuguese)

A push for Portuguese in this auto-translated post “HootSuite asks for help do translation” … and the passionate Hoot-fans in Brazil are rocking out the translations too:

The HootSuite is a very nice web interface for anyone beyond the resources so basic that Twitter offers. Currently available only in English and Japanese, the site is calling people who “speak the language geek in multiple languages to” help the translation service.

Small Words in Welsh:

Well, there are no short words in Welsh but September 3 was “small things day” in Wales where there’s an effort to get more Welsh content on the Internet by individuals chipping in — and this includes a crew working on a Welsh version of HootSuite.
We’re looking forward to learning more about what these folks in Wales are doing to preserve their unique language and are pleased to play a tiny part in bringing the language to the social web. More at: http://pethaubychain.com.

Get Involved:

Want to get involved? Follow these simple steps and let the translations begin!

  1. Sign up for the HootSuite translation project
  2. Choose your languages and projects
  3. Submit appropriate words for approval
  4. Bask in the glow of your good deeds

Help Desk articles are available to help explain this project as well.

Keep Track:

Follow hashtag #HootTrans on Twitter to find more people talking about the project. You can continue to follow HootSuite’s social bookmarks and/or follow @hootwatch to keep track of the news about HootSuite.