Hosting a #Hootup: Here’s what you need to know

Hootups – local meetups organized by Hootsuite users – are popping up around the world for folks that want to get together and meet social media enthusiasts in their area to share tips, tactics, tools and experiences using Hootsuite for social media fun and business.

The growing popularity of these Hootups inspired us to develop our Hootup website, a centralized hub filled with information, highlights from past events and how to apply to host your own Hootup!

So what is a #Hootup?

First things first, to host a stellar Hootup, you have to know the basics. Find out everything you need on our Hootup homepage and check out our awesome video.

Our amazing organizers have hosted over 700 Hootups in over 60 countries since we launched the program. Check out past hootup photos in the our Hootup Gallery.

Ready to Hootup?

If you want to host a Hootup, make sure you click the Apply now button on our Hootup Website and fill out the form. Remember, the earlier you apply, the better—applications received less than 6 weeks before the Hootup date will not be accepted.

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