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How a Global Brand Connects with Customers Using Hyperlocal Social

Any business with dispersed locations and customers faces the same challenge when it comes to using social media:

How can we be relevant and useful on a local level without losing control of our global brand voice?

ClubCorp knows this challenge well, with 208 golf and country clubs, business clubs, sports clubs, and alumni clubs across the United States and beyond.

Each club is unique, offering different amenities and playing different roles in its community. Although local members have different expectations of their clubs, each must also meet the same high level of service expected of all ClubCorp properties from the corporate head office.

In our recent webinar, Erik Johnson, director of digital marketing and social media at ClubCorp, shared how they successfully engage with 430,000 members on social media in ways that matter locally, while maintaining their global brand standards and voice. Here’s a brief outline of what you can expect to learn when you watch the webinar on-demand.

How ClubCorp overcomes these challenges

Establishing Centers of Excellence in each location

The general manager typically chooses up to four people they believe are best suited for executing social media on behalf of each individual club. These Centers of Excellence often have representation from both the membership and private event sales department and the operational areas of the clubs, including the food and beverage department or golf and tennis staff.

Tools, training, and consulting from head office

The primary responsibility of the global ClubCorp head office is to provide each Centre of Excellence with the tools, training, and consulting that will help increase the buy-in and adoption of social media across each club. Since most club staff are not professional marketers, this training and support is crucial to their success.

A social media policy from the top

Each club is required to review and sign a social media policy from head office which covers best practices, etiquette, and more. Through these policies and Hootsuite’s permissions functionality, ClubCorp’s head office also receives access to each club’s social profiles, making it easy for corporate to step in and control a social profile if needed.

Regular auditing and reporting

ClubCorp’s corporate team regularly audits the performance of each club’s social media efforts and creates reports to help measure success and identify areas for improvement.

Go deeper into ClubCorp’s social media strategy

To learn the specifics of how ClubCorp addresses these challenges and empowers their clubs to use social media effectively, watch the webinar on-demand now. You’ll learn exactly how they roll out social media training to 500 employees, how they offer consulting and support for each club, and get a glimpse into how they measure success through analytics.

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Webinar speaker

Erik Johnson

Director of Digital Marketing and Social Media, ClubCorp


Erik is responsible for ClubCorp’s corporate and club digital marketing strategy, including public and member websites, email marketing, and social media for the corporate office and more than 200 golf and business clubs. Prior to ClubCorp, Erik built and launched a private social network platform for organizations, led the consumer marketing team that grew into the 30th most visited website in the world, developed and executed for a local media company the strategy that doubled traffic and launched two hyperlocal social media news sites in less than a year, and managed the product team responsible for one of Bank of America’s first Internet-based banking systems.

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